The Facial expressions of Charles “Icarus” Johnson playing a guitar

I discovered another video of Charles Johnson’s Jazz guitar days. This one if from the same Montruex Jazz festival in 1980 as the other 2 that were circulating. What makes this video different is the focus on the expression on Chuck’s face.

This is the mean who thinks he’s an intellectual giant. Charles is nothing more than an entertainer. He has no original thoughts and is just a washed up musician.

Here are the other 2 videos that have been circulating form that concert.

37 Comments on “The Facial expressions of Charles “Icarus” Johnson playing a guitar”

  1. garycooper says:

    He makes those faces now when he’s playing online war-games with the Indonesian kids. He’s so “Sasha Fierce,” isn’t he?

  2. Minnow says:

    Chunk shoulda’ kept up with his guitar… Much as I don’t like the Stanley Clarke “sound”, Chunk was there doing it live…

    Too bad he has let his ego get the better of him.

  3. ISpeakJive says:

    Porn faces, lol.

  4. Bunk X says:

    Look, he had enough talent to get into the industry, rabid beaverface or not. As for blogging, meh, nobody wants to see a rabid beaverface there.

  5. Bunk X says:

    “Does anyone still remember when blogs were supposed to be about *cough* … fact-checking?”
    Charles Johnson 6 September 2011

    Yep. We do, Chuck. Reposted from downstairs, by KosLaughsAtChuckles.

    This is the same Charles who refused to admit that MSNBC intentionally cropped that footage in 2009 of the black guy with the rifle at a town hall.

    This is the same Charles who refused to condemn Ed Schultz for what he did a few weeks ago.

    This is the same Charles who refused to correct himself when he jumped on Gwen Ifill’s (mistaken) mockery of Sarah Palin and 1773.

    This is the same Charles who selectively edits posts and then memory holes them when caught.

    This is the same Charles who blamed Sarah Palin’s map for Tucson, and still refuses to correct the record.

    This is the same Charles who refused to condemn Newsweek for their Bachmann cover.

    This is the same Charles who found it OK (by not deleting/banning) for KKKilgore to make racist comments at another site.

    This is the same Charles who found it OK (by not deleting/banning) for Dork_Falcon to fantasize about killing the daughter of a B-Mocracy member.

    This is the same Charles who endorsed (by not deleting/banning the offenders) threats of violence made by WuB, Loodie, Gus, and so forth, against other bloggers/commenters.

    This is the same Charles who posted the job information of a Prosecutor (down to which division he worked in) because the Prosecutor punked him on the internet.

    This is the same Charles who refused to admit he was wrong when he mistook a menu board for a laptop screen.

    And this is the same Charles who will ban people & delete comments when his mistakes are pointed out.

  6. King Minos says:

    Well this girl has 10,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 times the talent of that washed up Culver City dopehead

  7. doppelganger says:

    It’s like watching the kid from deliverance……..all growed up, with a pony tail

  8. doppelganger says:

    sorry but watching this band it really does appear as band of retarded children

  9. King Minos says:

    Bunk X :
    So what. She plays better than you, too.

    I never pretended to be a jazzman.

    • Bunk X says:

      Chuck didn’t pretend at all. He did play jazz git, and he was fairly successful. It’s blogging that he fails at.

  10. danrudy says:

    Charles was playing a pretty mean guitar there. Kudos.

    However, I was wondering why he was dressed like a bag of cheetos…foreshadowing?

    • Bunk X says:

      That’s my point exactly. He could/can play guitar, but dressing up like a bag of Cheetos is another thing, and I’ll even give him a pass on that. Most of us have some embarrassing hairstyles & wardrobe choices in our past with photos to prove it.

      On the other hand, being a two-faced hypocritical dickhead is a different matter entirely.

  11. William Standish Knowels says:

    Hey Chunk.
    There is a difference between doing a lot of work and getting a lot of work done.
    The bass and drums were working together, and the keys. You. Not so much. One could drop thousands of youtube kids on your track and not notice any difference (unless it was to improve it). Just another missed opportunity on your part. Sucks to be you.
    Blog on!

  12. garycooper says:

    Ca-a-a-areful, Icarus. It’s a warm one out there today.

  13. ElSuerte says:

    1 ggt 9/06/2011 9:28:58 pm PDT 0
    Can you say:

    F . U . C . K . – . U . P .?

    What about all the revenue coming from employment taxes and income taxes from the high employment rate in Texas?


    Saw this post over at LGF, and couldn’t help but laugh at the ignorance. (Post was re: cuts to fire dept budget)

    • Archonix says:

      As a resident of the People’s Republica of Englandistanivaskovostikov can you explain the joke? I’m assuming it’s either that the fire departments aren’t paid for out of taxes or that Texas doesn’t have income tax. Or some variation or combination of that. I am but a poor proletarian, I know nothing.

      • ElSuerte says:

        Texas is famous as one of the few states that has no personal income tax.

        The only employment taxes Texas has are unemployment. UE tax doesn’t go into the general fund, as is true of most employment taxes. They go to fund specific programs, like disibility, FICA, and in the case of my state, CA, a training fund.

  14. beed says:

    Charles is an awesome jazzman. I wish he would spend more time touring.

  15. Pakimon says:

    After much research, I’ve discovered that Charles was very much influenced by the late, great Kyle “Jellymouth” Williams. At the end of the following documentary, you can see Charles in an rare, early clip.

    Fascinating stuff.

  16. Speranza says:

    Those orange overalls – I can’t get passed them!

  17. Bottle E. Fluid says:

    Uh-oh. That looks like a Gibson guitar.

    Rain forest rapist.

  18. Equable says:

    Here’s some raw guitar talent. This guy… girl… whatever, makes his/her guitar sing. Check it out if you can get past the somewhat bizarre intro.

  19. Kate says:

    Those overall deserved 20 downdings – even in 1980!

  20. Equable says:

    gizbot7 :
    or not. Holy crap batman.

    Amazing performer though, isn’t he/she?

    I can’t get over A: how pretty he is, and B: how he can manage to play like that while wearing a dress like that and not dripping with perspiration.