Pro Life Liberal to leave America

Libyan AL-Qaeda and Hizballah supporter, Pro Life Liberal who has converted to the 7th Century Cult shows his true colors. He is now threatening to leave America. The reason is the government is not doing enough to take care of him.

Since Pro Life Liberal is a member of the Ummah, he can always move to Iran or Saudi Arabia. Since he’s such a big backer of the Libyan branch of Al-Qaeda, maybe he can go join his Mujahideen brothers. He will not because he’s to scared to be a Shahid!

Pro Life Liberal, just leave America and go move to an Islamic country already. We here at Diary of Daedalus will buy you the one way ticket.

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The Smurf-Nazi-KKK Conspiracy

I have stumbled upon a very sinister plot! To my shock Charles Johnson, Race Detective hasn’t discovered this! He’s connected the dots in Ron Paul’s evil plots even tied Lord Christopher Monckton to the Norway shootings. Yet this conspiracy not even Charles saw coming. It turns out the Smurfs are a combination of Nazis and the KKK!

I’m disappointed in Charles Johnson not discovering this sinister connection. After all, the Smurfs originated in Belgium. So there has to be a Vlaams Belang connection. The Jazz Guitarist is slipping!

Update: I now have the smoking gun of the Smurf-Nazi connection!

I’m shocked Charles didn’t discover this!

The “Retweet” Braggart is Silenced

If posted a few months ago, @lizardoid would have undoubtedly bragged (both on twitter and in his comment section) about the number of “retweets” this thread received:

But today, we noticed that, nearly 24 hours later…not a peep.  Why? Well, probably because it still hasn’t surpassed Killgore’s riveting page:


P.S. For the stats for that Geller thread, click here.

Very important question for DOD readers

There has been a question on my mind.

Where has the Elusive Quixote been?


Debt Ceiling debate holding back Killgore Trout

Violin repairman and wannabe prophet, Killgore Trout makes another bullcrap statement. He claims the debt ceiling debate is preventing him from spending 25,000 on home improvement.

I highly doubt Killgore has 25,000 to spend on his home. Why would the debt ceiling stop him from repairs?  This claim is just like his fake predications. It’s a load of crap!

Charles Johnson vs. Truth

We seem to be getting quite a bit of traffic from many sites around the globe from new visitors looking for proof of Charles Johnson’s dishonesty in his vicious and unwarranted attacks against Pamela Geller (Atlas Shrugs), Robert Spencer (Jihad Watch), Baron Bodissey & Dymphna (Gates of Vienna), Fjordman, and others.

In fact, Johnson’s vile accusations began even before the casualty count was known.

Johnson attempts to place blame on innocent bloggers for being mentioned in Anders Breivik’s “manifesto,” while completely dismissing the fact that Johnson himself was not only linked to but quoted – many times.

Click the links below to jump to the relevant threads previously posted on Diary of Daedalus.

Little Green Footballs, Anders Breivik and the United States Blog-based Anti-Jihad Movement

Damn Statistics

Rescued from Memory Hole: The Lost LGF “Fjordman” Articles

The Charles Johnson / LGF Connection (UPDATED)

[Updated: Fixed dead links.]

The Jazz Guitarist’s hypocritical accusation

Charles Johnson is having a great old time with the Norwegian shootings. He feels vindicated and is having fun attacking his enemies. The Jazz Guitarist is now attacking the Rightwing blogosphere for defending Pam Geller, Robert Spencer and others from accusations of responsibility. He claims Conservatives are circling the wagon.

Charles, you clearly have a short memory!

Mr. Jazz Guitarist, you circled the wagons around Anthony Weiner. Despite all the evidence he was guilty. The people you arae attacking had nothing to do with the Norwegian shootings. Did Pam, Robert or Fjordman ever call for shooting up camps or government buildings? If they did call for violence, prove it Charles !

On the other hand Charles, you did defend Weiner even after it became clear he was guilty. You even admit, you will defend any Progressive who is accused of misconduct. This makes you a hypocrite in attacking your enemies for circling the wagons.

Give it up Chuck!

Hittin’ Harald with the Clue-By-Four

Ripped from tonight’s riveting discussion at LGF (we couldn’t resist):

Gosh, that’s a great point! No wait…there were “counter-jihad” blogs around 9 years ago, I think. But just who was spreading around the work of folks like Bat Ye’or and tales of apocalyptic clashes of civilizations; popularizing terms like “dhimmitude” way back then?

Was it Gates of Vienna?  Jihad Watch?  Pam Geller? ….Fjordman?

…aw shit!

(Jihad Watch wasn’t formed ’till Sept. ’03,, Fjordman and Pam’s site, Feb ’05, and the GoV archives only go back to Jan. ’03. )

LGF is the O.G….the counter-jihad blogdaddy.

Or, as Mark Steyn said in August ’02:

Or as Charles Johnson, whose excellent “Little Green Footballs” Web site turns up dozens of fascinating Islamic tidbits every day, suggested: “Maybe we should start a betting pool: Which European country will be the first to institute shari’a?”

(Hat tip: Beed.)


Update: OK, Lidane needs a clue-by-four as well:

This is too easy. Johnson has three of these in the archives:

Set your TiVos!

An example of Hate at LGF

Charles Johnson loves to call his enemies, hate mongers. Yet as we have documented here at the Diary of Daedalus, LGF engages in hate against Conservatives and Christians. Here’s a little gem I have found at LGF today.

This poster supports suicides of kids with Conservative parents. Charles, before you accuse others of hate, check your own blog!

Little Green Footballs, Anders Breivik and the United States Blog-based Anti-Jihad Movement

A lot of bits and bytes has been spilled on various blogs and internet news sites over the contents of Norwegian mass killer Anders Breivik’s manifesto. The political left has been gleeful poring over the many references to certain anti-Islamist blog personalities mentioned in the document, and these sites have been diligently mining the 1500 plus page manuscript for juicy references to their favorite adversaries on the conservative right.

Unfortunately, most of these leftist bloggers and news sources are either myopic in their journalistic skills, or worst, just plain dishonest actors. Over and over they have pounced on every reference in the manifesto to persons such as Bat Ye’or, Pamela Geller, Robert Spencer, the mysterious writer “Fjordman,” Daniel Pipes and MEMRI, while at the same time, almost totally ignoring the former leader of this “movement” of anti-Islamic sentiment, the blog Little Green Footballs and it’s founder Charles Johnson.

It’s a known fact that since 2007, Charles Johnson has very publicly stepped away from this circle of concerned writers and scholars of the world of radical Islam. While there is nothing wrong with changing political positions or forming new opinions, during this process Charles Johnson has also made a concerted effort to convince people that he was never the person imagined on LGF, pre-2007, that he was always “fair and balanced” and that he never harbored any animosities toward any aspect of Islam or the political left. In short, he never agreed with any of the rhetoric of his fellow travelers.

But this is simply not true. And a casual perusal of Anders Breivik’s manifesto will afford any honest person a very clear view of Charles Johnsons eager participation and importance in the early anti-Islamist movement. Here are some of the highlights…

(Breivik quoting “Fjordman”) “Dr. Chanan Naveh, who used to edit the Israel Broadcasting Authority radio’s news desk, mentioned, with no regrets, examples in which he and his colleagues made a concerted effort to change public opinion: “Three broadcasters – Carmela Menashe, Shelly Yechimovich [later a Labour party Knesset Member], and I – pushed in every way possible the withdrawal from Lebanon towards 2000… I have no doubt that we promoted an agenda of withdrawal that was a matter of public dispute. “As Charles Johnson of American anti-Jihad blog Little Green Footballs[4] commented: “Journalists are no longer in the business of simply reporting facts and events; increasingly, they see their job as ‘activism,’ and the points of view they promote are invariably leftist and Tran-nationalist. Honest journalists will admit this outright, and we see the pernicious effects of this information manipulation and filtering everywhere.”

(Breivik quoting “Fjordman”) “DP111, an articulate British commentator at such websites as Jihad Watch, Little Green Footballs and Fjordman blog, points out that as Muslim families are very large, a single wage earner will find it hard to support all. They will need to supplement this by getting considerable benefits from the state.”

(Breivik quoting “Fjordman”) “As Charles Johnson[32] of blog Little Green Footballs dryly commented, ‘this is an interesting viewpoint: Only by receiving special treatment and instituting a medieval religious legal code can Muslims be treated “equally.’”

(Breivik quoting “Fjordman”) “If the United States wants to maintain what it sees as its moral leadership, it can begin by challenging Islamic censorship and intimidation. China doesn’t care, nor does Russia, while India has a huge Islamic fifth column to worry about. Europe is controlled by a Eurabian elite that is both unwilling and incapable of protecting free speech from Muslim intimidation, which is why many Europeans have become free speech refugees on American websites such as Robert Spencer’s and Charles Johnson’s Little Green Footballs[130].

But as we know, Charles left the anti-Jihad movement. But the mark he left on it was striking. One of the most damming entries in Anders Breivik’s manifesto occurs AFTER Charles Johnson decided to “leave the right” and try to become a cheerleader for the progressive movement.

(Breivik quoting “Fjordman”) “What has Little Green Footballs, which never misses an opportunity to denounce “Fascists,” written about this? So far, absolutely nothing. There are indeed people who behave like Fascists in Europe, and they receive tacit support from LGF while their victims are denounced as “Fascists.””

Yes Anders Breivik developed many of his positions, opinions and mental state as a “free speech refugee” visiting American websites such as Charles Johnson’s Little Green Footballs. In his manifesto, he diligently annotates and footnotes his entries, guiding the reader to the sources of his fears and concerns. He includes 20 links to Charles Johnsons Little Green Footballs.

There is no doubt from the above list that Anders Breivik’s found enough material hosted and linked to at Little Green Footballs to support his positions before and after Charles Johnson went from anti-Jihad crusader to a multicultural-embracing progressive.

No, Charles Johnson didn’t make Anders Breivik’s what he is today, anymore than Bat Ye’or, Pamela Geller, Robert Spencer, the mysterious writer “Fjordman,” Daniel Pipes or MEMRI helped him pull the trigger of his automatic weapon for an hour and a half. But it is disingenuous (and downright dishonest) on the part of websites such as Think Progress, CNN, Slate, The New York Times, Spiegel…,1518,776413,00.html

… and many others to ignore the obvious connections between ALL of the personalities and websites mentioned in the manifesto and their influence, positive or negative, on Anders Breivik’s. A person is the sum of their whole and like the individual parts that made up the Frankenstein monster, Charles Johnson was part and parcel of what shaped this monster. And no amount of ignoring these references in Anders Breivik’s manifesto will help one iota in erasing the truth.

Maybe “He who scoffs at danger,” a commenter at the blog “Let Freedom Rain” sums it up best…

“The things Johnson says in the quotes selected by Fjordman are as objectionable as anything Fjordman or Breivik have written in their own pens.”