Nominations: June’s “Best” LGF Comment

It’s been an eventful month here at DoD, and we sure have captured more LOL-worthy LGF comments in the last 30 days. In celebration, we figured that it might be fun to have a recap and allow our readers and lurkers to vote on their favorite. So, I went thru and grabbed a bunch of them and pasted them here. We value your input, so feel free to comment on which ones should or shouldn’t be in the poll. The goal get this down to 10 caps for a vote tomorrow…

Or, pick form the June karma leaders (these rotating gifs; click to see the montage):

(keep in mind that some of those in the rotation date back to May, so those would be excluded)

Killgore Trout prophesies yet again

Killgore Trout is a self style political prophet. Alongside Charles, he claimed the GOP would lose big in November of 2010. As it turned it he wrong. It doesn’t matter since no one holds him accountable. Rather than  give up his prophet act, Killgore prognosticates the 2012 election.

Killgore, your last prediction didn’t pan out. Do you really think this one will?

Stick to frog breeding.

Elections have consequences

Charles Johnson is a hardcore Democrat. He has gotten losers with no self-esteem like Hoosier Hoops, to join the left. Chuck was is a  supporter of Jerry Brown and was ecstatic over his victory last November. Well one has to laugh at his complaints about Amazon complying with a new California sales tax law.

Charles, elections have consequences. Don’t complain when this is exactly what you voted for.

Chuck, You know what I think of you?

You couldn’t have said it better yourself.