SpaceJesus gives advice to Michele Bachmann

Chucky Dumpty’s resident idiot SpaceJesus has some advise for Michele Bachmann.

Yeah I’m sure Michele Bachmann will take your advice!

The irony of it all, and Charles notices Palin Derangement Syndrome

How many people now feel the same way about Charles Johnson that Johnson felt about Andrew Sullivan back on April 5, 2008?

hat tip – Mark Humphrys

The 2008 Charles Johnson needs to coordinate with the 2011 Johnson

Killgore Trout: The Frog Whisperer

National Geographic has Cesar Milan, who is known as the Dog Whisperer. LGF has Killgore Trout, the Frog Whisperer. Killgore discusses his Frog breeding activities with Chuck’s pet Mountain Lion.

Killgore has moved up in the world! He went from watching Frog porn to breeding frogs. Hey he has to make a living somehow. I’m sure fixing violins doesn’t generate that much income.