Tech Note: LGF Pages Statistics Explained

Nine short months ago, Johnson put up a thread with this exact same title (  In the interim, however, some things have changed, so The Boiler Room feels it’s appropriate to resurrect it and get our readers and the LGF lurkers back up to speed.

To start, we’re also going to borrow the visual aid from the thread:

1. The member “rating” counter has since moved to the bottom left of each page, and is just as meaningless as a popularity counter as the day these were implemented. Case in point, my Pam Geller page had a +13 rating…before Johnson rudely tossed it into the memory hole.

2. The counter that CJ and the lizards referred to as a “retweet” or “tweet” counter, has been fact-checked and revealed to…not actually count tweets (rather, “clicks”).  In fact, the counter is not connected to twitter at all. In comparison to the tweet counters on virtually every other blog and website (including the one here at DoD), the number displayed here is going to be grossly inflated.

3. The “clicks” counter has been suspected to be FUBAR for quite some time (in fact, even Killgore could see it).  It was recently removed altogether by CJ under the lame guise of being “outdated” and “not meaningful”.  We think it was out of embarrassment (many of the counters displayed “0” clicks, even weeks after being published).

4. The “views” counter was fact-checked by The Boiler Room and also proven to be fraudulent, both by the unique technique of the “front page effect“, as well as  in the way the custom-built counter reacted to visitors’ clicks. In combination, these factors result in what we estimate as an inflation of at least 4x over what a normal view counter would tabulate on a blog like ours.  However, the design is so convoluted and the methodology so disingenuous that we must admit that, after tracking threads, observing traffic patterns and watching these counters, the exact inflation factor is hard to pin down.  In any case, like the “tweets”, the values are worthless in comparison to every other blog.

Looking at it again, the only statistic in that screencap that isn’t a complete joke is the timestamp (although even that is screwed up by a few hours on the pre-’07  main page threads, as we understand it was a side-effect of the big SQL conversion).

And the other “counter” that isn’t visible there is the one that counts the Page’s comments, and that one appears to work (although the grand total counter for the LGF archives is still technically off by 32,531).

I guess the bottom line here is that CJ appears to be pretty awful at counting…anything.  But, hey, maybe the tech support at will be just what the doctor ordered:

The Question!

MikeySDCA must have a death wish. He has really been pushing his luck with St. Charles of Johnson lately. He asks why the Sage of Culver City has removed the click counterfeit for the LGF pages. Well we here at the Diary of Daedalus know why!

Always being Chuck’s boot licker, the resident Mountain Lion roars to the defense of his master!

Charles  lies about the reason the clicks counter was deactivated.

Charles then knocks the legs out of his pet Mountain Lion, claiming “stalkers” had nothing to with his removal of the counters.

Poor Dark Falcon, when coming to his master’s defense, he gets no respect. Then like a good pet, he rolls over for his owner.

Mikey keeps pushing his luck with Charles.

Chuck then gives some convoluted answer

MikeySDCA is a brave soul. He is literally poking the Tiger’s cage. Mikey probably reads Diary of Daedalus and knows why Charles made his changes. Charles has him marked for banning at this point.