They Hate me!

St. Charles of Johnson loves to play the martyr role. He has painted a picture of  being a persecuted victim.  Charles has claimed that people are out to get him and any critical email he calls a death threat or hate mail. In keeping with the “poor me” tradition, Charles today did a post where he publishes a critical email.

To be fair, this was a juvenile rant, but the email has valid points. Charles is a very hateful blogger. He smears Conservatives on a daily basis and equates them with Nazis.  Chunky Dumpty is also a big Obama worshipper and calls any critic racist.

The truth is as much as Charles complains about hate mail, he enjoys it. It garners sympathy from his minions and feeds into his victim mentality.

Charles gets challenged

Every now and then some poster or posters challenge Chunky Dumpty. When it comes to the religion of Global Warming, Charles bans anyone that disagrees. NASA put out a report that we have entered a low sunspot cycle., which results in lower temperatures. Charles denies the NASA report and gets taken to task over it.

Rwmfo took a stand and as predicted got down dinged. He is then joined by MikeySDCA, who posted NASA’s own study on the sun spot cycle.

Charles then replies to rwmofo and Mikey, without actually addressing or refuting any of their points!

Mikey then takes a shot at Al Gore’s denial of the Mini Ice Age. A real climate change event that was historically documented.

The Sage of Culver City still doesn’t get Mikey’s point!

Mikey then mocks Al Gore and takes a shot at the Cult of Charles. Chuck does a “whatever man” and still doesn’t address any of Mikey’s points.

Charles must have been in a good mood. He didn’t ban these users and didn’t get too nasty. The irony is they really smacked Chuck around. As we saw, he had no answers to their points. Charles needs to give it up!