Rescued from Memory Hole: “Another Unrepentant Weather Underground Terrorist at the Obama Website”

The Great Strawberry Heist has given The Boiler Room Crew plenty of memory-holed LGF material to sift through, and today we thought it’d be fun to highlight another one of those deleted Obama-bashing threads that were so common in the months and weeks before the ’08 Election.

This one is revealed by a gap in the numerical thread sequence on Oct. 4, 2008…LGF article # 31472:


Before we reveal the screencap, we should add that proof of this thread’s former existence remains on Digg:

As you can see by that snip, the thread wasn’t submitted to Digg until the following day(?). This is important to note when we’re trying to figure out if what we’ve discovered here is another “thread vanishing event“, or if it was deleted a considerable time later. With a little more BSI (blog scene investigation), Engineer No. 2 determined that the thread had tallied ~160 comments, as evidenced by the collection of missing urls “centered” around that article #:

click to enlarge

Both of these factors lead us to believe that this thread wasn’t quickly deleted (like in the frequent and embarrassing cases of CJ posting year-old news), but most likely deleted months -or possibly years– later. But why?

Perhaps our DoD readership can tell us. Thus, we present long-lost LGF article # 31472:

Wait!  We haven’t checked the World’s Greatest Blog Search Engine™! Engineer No. 5 had the keys, and lo and behold:

Whoops, it WAS a thread vanishing event after all! Really… no update, no addendum? Just yank a thread and ~160 comments? We shouldn’t be surprised, I suppose…

In any case…another strawberry is in order (I know y’all were jonesin’ for one):

141 Comments on “Rescued from Memory Hole: “Another Unrepentant Weather Underground Terrorist at the Obama Website””

  1. Banshee says:

    Killgore Trout: too stupid to run a booby-trap made of water.

    My garden and pond attracts a lot of the wildlife in my neighborhood. The frogs have become voracious slug eaters and I’ve been working on solutions to keep the cats, racoons and crows out of my garden. They’re all pretty destructive to plants but they also eat frogs. I started off with a Scarecrow Motion-Activated Sprinkler which works very well but was a little inconvenient with the attached hose and I kept forgetting to turn it off and on as I would come and go from the garden. Getting sprayed with cold water first thing in the morning will sure wake you up but is an unpleasant way to start your morning.

    He had to go high-tech instead!

  2. Lord Nazh says:

    I suspect there are many TVE’s having to do with bad Obama press up to the election. Too bad Chuck didn’t get his pony for converting so heartily.

  3. garycooper says:

    “The frogs have become voracious slug eaters”

    I wonder what his evidence might be, for this assertion. I know frogs will eat slugs when given the opportunity, but has he seen them “on maneuvers” in his garden, tracking and disposing of slugs? Any frogs seen with little bits of slug-flesh around their mouths? Slugs half-eaten and tossed away by satisfied frogs? Kale that is less than 80% slug-holes, like last year’s crop?

    • Banshee says:

      I’m just savoring the image of him getting soaked by his anti-cat system, over and over again. I bet his face and head are bruised and scarred from stepping on rakes and bumping into wind chimes, too.

  4. garycooper says:

    There was never any real confusion about whether it was “the right Naomi Jaffe.” He’s lying about that, which is shocking, that he would lie about anything.

    Here’s a good rant from Jaffe:

  5. nils says:

    Nice job Chen & team!

  6. Mata-hairy to put up a post praising Bill Ayers.

    • Whatever says:

      Don’t criticize Van Jones there if you value your account. And Obama never knew Ayers. Just a guy in the neighborhood…

  7. swamprat says:

    I was worried about the entertainment factor waining at lgf; but charles has come through for us with a climate thread!

    Yay Charles!

    Way better than Survivor or America’s Idle.

  8. swamprat says:

    dingos ate my post

    Global Warming thread up at LaughsGreatlyFound

  9. antilgfwarrior says:

    “Craven Croward” 3)

  10. swamprat says:

    unintended irony alert:

    5 BigPapa
    Sun, Jun 26, 2011 11:06:24am replyquote 1downupreport

    As Potholer summarized nicely, the echo chamber blogs are extrapolating a scientific assessment from actual science (the sun is potentially entering another minimum which could cool the earth).

    The problem is that it’s too little too late. The accepted scientific parameters are what Obdicut posted: .3 C of cooling if sun goes into Minimum, but you have to deduct that from 2.5 to 4 C of warming from CO2. The 2.5/4 C projection is the most conservative estimates, 4-8 C may not be out of the realm of possibility.

    In essence, this changes nothing.

    Popcorn for everyone!

  11. While Mata-hairy compares the right to nazis, Mata-hairy must realize that the nazis were socialists and supported nationalizing every thing.

    Hiter also abhorred captialism.

    • Banshee says:

      Behold the idiotic new dogma of the right wing.

      • nils says:

        So what do you think is the most effective criticism of Goldberg’s book?

        (Thinking more in terms of links here vs. your own snark essay, although either would work.)

      • Banshee says:

        “Idiot America: How Stupidity Became a Virtue in the Land of the Free”, by Charles P. Pierce.

      • Whatever says:

        Everything in that book title is wrong. Except maybe the name. That takes work to say three wrongs things in one sentence, that’s not even declarative.

  12. swamprat says:

    And charles quickly bails out by posting a Republicans-are-all-religious-nuts thread at comment 12!

    Yep! When even Killgore notices 2 years of cold nasty weather, it is time to change the subject!

    What’s the over/under for this thread to get deleted?

    • Whatever says:

      Kalegore was just agreeing with BP, that “climate change” covers everything. So Kalegore’s gardening woes are due to CO2.

      Make sense?

  13. Lewdsicko likes to call the right nazis when in actuality hitler worshipped muslims, hitler enacted animals rigts laws went after captialists, and executed stalin like purges of the nazi party.

    Mata-hairy is Lewdwig’s lover.

  14. swamprat says:

    and MikeySDCA post a link to this lttle tidbit from NASA;

    “Early records of sunspots indicate that the Sun went through a period of inactivity in the late 17th century. Very few sunspots were seen on the Sun from about 1645 to 1715 (38 kb JPEG image). Although the observations were not as extensive as in later years, the Sun was in fact well observed during this time and this lack of sunspots is well documented. This period of solar inactivity also corresponds to a climatic period called the “Little Ice Age” when rivers that are normally ice-free froze and snow fields remained year-round at lower altitudes. There is evidence that the Sun has had similar periods of inactivity in the more distant past. The connection between solar activity and terrestrial climate is an area of on-going research.”

    Charles is on record as being a litttle ice age denier I am pretty sure.

    • livefreeor die says:

      And Charles posted this in response to it (Mikey only had a link to what swamprat listed so Charles would have had to actually go and read it.)

      Sun, Jun 26, 2011 12:01:16pm replyquote 0downupreport

      How does that “defy” my “conventional wisdom?” Odd way to put it, since all I’m trying to do is bring some scientific facts into this discussion. I didn’t make up these facts.

      And the NASA page you linked is a good description of the Maunder Minimum and its effects, which nobody is denying.

      But there’s no mention of a “mini-ice age,” which is the entire point of this post.

      Actually, if you did click on it, Charles, you would have found that it did mention the “Little Ice Age”. Way to bring scientific facts into the discussion- don’t bother reading source material.

      • Emperor says:

        Uh oh. Charles wasn’t content to just delete MikeySDCA’s page without a word; now he is actually criticizing him. Mikey is on thin ice.

      • Whatever says:

        What? Read links? That’s too much like work.

    • Whatever says:

      And a MWP denier. In fact, Mann’s got a brand new sea level hockey stick out a week ago. OF course, it also denies the MWP, even though it doesn’t. Chuck should be jamming on that.

  15. and he forced abortions on black people.

  16. swamprat says:

    Charles has denied the little Ice age. I, myself, have been in conversations with him where I pointed out that most Global Warming graphs which show an increase in temperature conveniently start at 1880 which was when the earth was recoving fron the mini ice age. I was told there was no mini ice age and that the total temperatures over all the earth still balanced out equally. I looked into it on my own and discovered that the rationale for the denial of the ice age was that warmer temperatures had to exist in the southern hemipheres even though we lacked the data to prove it! Now charles has acknowledged the solar minimums and, by extension, the little ice age.

    I hope they don’t remember any whiplash inducing past discussions.

  17. Charles sounds a lot like hitler.

  18. Mandingo Warrior says:

  19. Noam Chumpsky ,Hitler,Two sides of the same coin IMO.

  20. Mandingo Warrior says:

  21. well alright then but both had a hatred of jews.

    Referring to Hitler and Noam Chumpsky.

  22. Lalala says:

    At least Hitler had the decency not to pose as an “Anarchist” while facilitating brutal oppression and rampant antisemitism and racism.

    Chomsky is way worse than Hitler because he’s also an enormous hypocrite.

  23. swamprat says:

    If you accept the Maunder Minimum, then AlGore’s hockeystick is denied, most Global Warming graphs showing “alarming” increases from 1880 are debunked… the whole thing is shown to be a fraud. Better to deny the Maunder Minimum, then you can explain away the cold before 1880 as being “balanced out” by supposedly warmer temps in the southern hemisphere where the data is “just missing”. You could then utilize the icecore temps from antartica but then you would have to try to corelate the hypothesis for the future with the events of the past based on similar CO2 and temp levels to whichwe are supposed to be heading . We have had elevated CO2 levels and temperatures in the past without the trauma and drama that is now predicted. In order to validate Global Warming, (not the event, rather the consequences) it would be neccessary to explain why different and greater results are expected from less CO2 and temperature gain that we have had in our geological past.
    It doesn’t add up.

    And Charles acknowledging the Maunder Minimum invalidates many of his past Global Warming/ClimateChange apologies..

  24. Banshee says:

    Mikey keeps posting VDH links. I don’t think he really values his account…

    • Claytonia Sibirica says:

      Its probalby some kind of a test or he’s doing the ‘I’m just so pissed I’m not thinking’ thing.

  25. Banshee :
    Behold the idiotic new dogma of the right wing.

    Truth hurts doesn’t it.

  26. You seem to have graduated to insulting people who dare to mock a guy who hates you.

  27. Claytonia Sibirica :
    Hi, Mr. Angry!
    You hating the right guy doesn’t make you any less of a retard!

    …………………………………………..That is rich you call someone retarded and then 5 minutes later you will probably whine about lack of civility,

  28. mrpaulrevere says:

    Hmm, he probably went to a sane blog:

    imp_62 Sun, Jun 26, 2011 2:12:11pm


    Hello again, all
    I had asked this morning, but nobody answered… What happened to Bob Levin? He used to post pages with reasonable regularity and make comments, but seems to have dropped off the face of the earth since mid-May.

    • swamprat says:

      Levine? Maybe he left for more pro-Israel pastures. Didn’t lgf have some anti Israel comments a while back? (Not anti-semetic, but against the country of israel?)

      Or he might have bought a bass boat.

  29. nils says:

    Banshee :
    “Idiot America: How Stupidity Became a Virtue in the Land of the Free”, by Charles P. Pierce.

    Very weak sauce.

    Pierce, in the entire book, addresses three paragraphs of clever ad hominems at Goldberg, one appeal to authority (Pierce asserts that Mussolini would have, on some points, disagreed with Goldberg), and one historical fact (the Progressive anit-war filibuster in 1917 of admittedly Progressive Wilson’s plan to involve the U.S in WWI), liberally sprinkled with more ad hominems, in order to dismiss Goldberg’s book.

    Goldberg’s thesis refuted, QED? Who are the idiots here exactly?

    And, to top it all off, Pierce claims Goldberg’s book was “written with a paint roller”. Lol – mmm-kay.

  30. Wy do the left use retarded as a slur but decry lack of civility?

  31. Why*

    Cue the loser to mock my typos in 4….3….2….1….

  32. swamprat says:

    Charles jumped from GorbalWarming to two Michele Bachmann threads.

    Keep posting charles! You’ll push that thread off the facepage in no time!

  33. Claytonia Sibirica says:

    Mr Angry, I don’t think I’ve ever decried the lack of civility on here.

    Its an insult blog, civility isn’t even on the map (and I’m comfortable with that)

  34. I like how you idiots mock em for saying the nazis were lefty would you dare mock daedalus for saying the same thing?

  35. me*

    Banshee-You fail at life you racist tool!!!Eleventyone!!!

    • Banshee says:

      How much are you paying for those remedial humor lessons? I think you’re getting robbed.

  36. Claytonia Sibirica :
    Mr. Angry, I’d look back a few pages, not exactly to insult that guy.
    Wait… I like the implication that it’s DANGEROUS to insult him, this is the place where people make fun of LGF for banning dissent all the time isn’t it?

    Um did I say you should get banned Mr.Cato………….i did not.

  37. Banshee :
    On that subject, he’s one of the idiots. So yes.


  38. Banshee :
    He was being kind. Anyone can see it was written with a spray can.

    Anyone who speaks the truth about you scum will be destroyed.

  39. swamprat :
    I have pointed out my disagreements many times. They haven’t banned me or even given me a timeout.

    I was referring to Banshee AKA Jimmeh and his enchmen Clayton Losertanica AKA Cato te elder.

  40. swamprat says:

    This is fun but it doesn’t have the lasting appeal of my shiny new air compressor.

    Life calls.

  41. Banshee :
    How much are you paying for those remedial humor lessons? I think you’re getting robbed.

    You called me an idiot.

    Man i laugh at cocksuckers like you.

  42. Banshee :
    How much are you paying for those remedial humor lessons? I think you’re getting robbed.

    How mucj\h are your handlers paying for you to post on here?

  43. mrpaulrevere says:

    You’re an idiot….no you are really an idiot and you failed 2nd grade…all of this makes for boring reading folks, just saying…

  44. garycooper says:

    You know what kind of funny never gets old, and appeals to the greatest number of people?

    When you make fun of yourself.

    Not saying you have to make it your Main Schtick, like a Rodney Dangerfield, but it’s worth dipping into that pool from time to time. If you’ve never tried it, you might be surprised how good it feels to take off your armor and allow yourself to be the joke.

  45. Banshee :
    I think that’s what CIAJ is doing…

    No i’m not

    and i’m sorry for my 5 posts feel free to delete the remaining 4 daedalus.

    BTW Banshee momma mat-hairy called and she wants you to come back to LGF.

  46. mata*

    Feel free to mock my typos if you get your jollies from it.

    • Claytonia Sibirica says:

      Poor Banshee, he’s getting to mock-fatigue before he even gets to your spelling and grammar 😦

  47. New Sekrit thread thread at the swamp.

    CJ usually does this when he’s bent out of shape about something. ( My guess is the tweet counter bust.)

    Anyway, it’s a prime sock filter, so those who have ’em, enter at your own risk.

    • Banshee says:

      That has to be the most freakishly self-enamoured places on the net. Do any other sites feature “private threads”?

    • mrpaulrevere says:

      I would reccomend actually not joining the thread with a sock and just look at CJ’s comments. Sekrit threads are really sock hunts.

    • ElSuerte says:

      I’m afraid I’m no match for the correlator tool. Funny thing though. I had a few minutes to run around the swamp before I got blocked. I wonder why he just doesn’t have his IP black list coded into his registration thingy, instead of monitoring it manually.

      Second question, do all blocked posters merit the blacklist? Alaska Kim didn’t… And she was trolling for days even weeks. I was only active for 36 hours or so. I didn’t even flounce or post far out stuff.

      • ElSuerte says:

        My sock didn’t even penetrate the super secret bunker thread.

        Hat’s off to you Chuck, all your base are belong to you.

  48. 🙄 Does it involve Ron Paul and the flemish menace?

  49. Banshee :
    That has to be the most freakishly self-enamoured places on the net. Do any other sites feature “private threads”?

    Wow I agree with you.

  50. swamprat says:

    Be vewy,vewy quiet, they’re meeting in the bunker.

  51. Whatever :
    How many threads were there a couple weeks ago about Anthony Weiner’s public private?

    I dunno but i bet it was the flemish menace which caused him to reveal his cootchie.

  52. ElSuerte says:

    Did anyone see the caption contest that Patterico is running?

    Surely there is some CJ related buffonery we can work into there.

  53. Mr Caps says:

    Super sekkrit thread!!11 And I don’t have my decoder ring 😦

    BTW stop picking on Banshee!

    Euro trash girl /on

  54. swamprat says:

    They could make them ALL “private threads”. It would solve a lot of problems…

  55. Hey chuckie your ass is fat.

  56. Emperor says:

    I hereby deliver to you… The secret info discussed on the private thread regarding the Tweet counters. Chuck has removed the counters from the LGF Pages, and claims that he always claimed that they show the number of times the link has been clicked. (That’s a lie, obviously)

    Charles Sun, Jun 26, 2011 3:14:54pm 3

    This is as good a place as any to mention that I removed the “Clicks” counters from the LGF Pages, because they weren’t really showing anything meaningful.

    They were originally intended to count the number of outgoing clicks to external sites, but since LGF Pages developed, those links now go to the LGF Page itself, instead of directly to the external site. The numbers bordered on being random, i.e. 22, 29234, etc. So it just didn’t make sense to keep those antiquated counters around. Saves code and loading time to get rid of them.

    The tweet counters, as always, show the number of incoming links from the shortened URLs that are posted on Twitter when you use our retweet buttons — in other words, the Twitter traffic. There’s apparently been some confusion about this, but the fact is that doesn’t track the number of times a particular link is “retweeted”; the only meaningful statistic you can access through their REST API is the number of clicks on links that go through their service.

    • Whatever says:

      Hamada hamada hamada…

    • ChenZhen says:

      Actually CJ was talking about the “clicks” counters (that were next to the “views” counters) that were unique to the member-authored LGF Pages. Those were supposed to track how many times say, Killgore’s kale link, got clicked. The DoD dashboard keeps a similar statistic, incidentally. It shows how many times any links on the main page or in the comments have been clicked on, and ranks them for us.

      Anyway, we’ve suspected that those were broke too, but the other way. As in, they couldn’t have been showing enough clicks.

      But here’s the juicy part of CJ’s comment:

      ..There’s apparently been some confusion about this, but the fact is that doesn’t track the number of times a particular link is “retweeted”; the only meaningful statistic you can access through their REST API is the number of clicks on links that go through their service.


      “Apparently”? LOL

      What a dweeb CJ is. HE’S the one who’s been calling them “retweets” this whole time!

      Ya know, for such a super-duper web designer, he can’t seem to get ANY of that stuff right. Every single one of his counters is busted. He should just give it up.

    • Mandingo Warrior says:

      What a maroon. He tried to keep THAT information privilege to the sycophants?

      • Whatever says:

        Wouldn’t want that to get out into DoD, now would you? I’m sure Chuck’s glad it didn’t. That would be a real problem if it did, now wouldn’t it?

    • Whatever says:

      The tweet counters, as always, show the number of incoming links from the shortened URLs that are posted on Twitter when you use our retweet buttons — in other words, the Twitter traffic.

      Chucky, that’s not what a “retweet” is.

      • Mr Caps says:

        He is caught up in a web of lies and deceit.

      • snowcrash says:

        Charles’ definition of what the tweet counter counts is different from everyone elses. I can’t believe he is re-doubling down on the stupid.

      • Whatever says:

        In the secret thread, nobody will challenge him. And since it’s secret, none of those stalker creeps at DoD will ever know that he came clean. Only the cool kids will know, cuz those dumb stalkers don’t know, cuz they’re dumb and stupid cuz Charlie sez so, cuz Charlie’s so smart cuz he’s always right, cuz he’s my hero cuz he’s so smart cuz he’s always right, and none of the stalkers are ever gonna know that Charlie lied to all of us.

        /Mountain lyin’

  57. Mandingo Warrior says:

    “What a dweeb CJ is. HE’S the one who’s been calling them “retweets” this whole time!
    Ya know, for such a super-duper web designer, he can’t seem to get ANY of that stuff right. Every single one of his counters is busted. He should just give it up.”

    I know right his very own roll overs call them retweets.

  58. snowcrash says:

    Charles will tell the lizards what is a meaningful statistic, right after he creates it.

  59. tunnelrat says:

    The kids at the swamp are having another Sooper Sekrit thread right now. Would go and check it out with one of my socks, but I just don’t give a shit what they have to say anymore.

  60. ChenZhen says:

    One fresh thread comin’ up…