LGF Karma Stats 6/17/11-6/23/11

Weekly karma stats for LGF for the week beginning 06/10/2011 thru 6/16/2011 (Friday thru Thursday) [previous week’s stats].

It was a bland, boring week at the swamp last week. The departure of Walter seems to have been the last gasp of independent thinking there.

The average karma for every single comment last week at LGF was +1.70. Newcomer to the bottom ten navi won top spot in average negative karma. Relative oldtimer sattv4u2 took first place in total accumulated negative karma.

  weekly karma average – BAD     weekly karma totals – BAD
  k-avg   nic     k-tot   nic
 -0.444  navi     -38   sattv4u2
 0.045  okiefrommuskogie     -25   buck
 0.522  semper fi     -24   navi
 0.708  boxhead     -23   dark_falcon
 0.724  alexzander     -19   cog
 0.780  sattv4u2     -18   gamark
 0.833  njdhockeyfan     -13   reuven
 0.936  prolifeliberal     -11   boz44122
 0.968  albusteve     -11   wlewisiii
 1.020  commadore183     -8   albusteve

Below are the bottom dozen or so comments of the week in a GIF with a dozen or so second delay. Click GIF for a montage if there’s a long one you want to read:

Here are this week’s good karma stats. As always, Johnson is the per-comment karma leader. Unsurprisingly, since he was the top most active commenter last week, cannadian club akbar lead in total positive karma accumulated:

  weekly karma average – GOOD     weekly karma totals – GOOD
  k-avg   nic     k-tot   nic
 6.033  charles     673   cannadian club akbar
 4.500  shiplord kirel     496   killgore trout
 3.750  curiouslurker     489   albusteve
 3.474  reine.de.tout     474   kragar (proud to be kafir)
 3.405  publicitystunted     468   gus 802
 3.273  radicalmoderate     435   slumbering behemoth
 3.130  lidane     411   darthstar
 3.066  windupbird     368   charles
 3.048  iossarian     359   sanfranciscozionist
 3.018  recusancy     327   decatur deb

Below are the top dozen or so most highly rated comments of the week. Click the GIF image for a montage.

NB – karma stats measure net karma; minimum of 20 comments required for karma-per-comment averages stats.

35 Comments on “LGF Karma Stats 6/17/11-6/23/11”

  1. Whatever says:

    There must be a way to calculate a lame factor, because it keeps creeping upward weekly.

  2. garycooper says:

    How many days is it now, that Dr. Lewd-Merkin has been held hostage? Is anyone trying to do something to effect his release?

    • beed (or is it?) says:

      Nope. Turns out Luddy was cleaning out his attic and came across an old can of integrity.

      • Whatever says:

        And he’s trying to figure out how to use it to get back at all the shuts and whores at LFG who shamed him.

  3. Whatever says:

    The spam filter’s really being a slut.

  4. Lewdpig the slutshamer is investigating that.

    Will mata-hairy have a post up about the Gay Marriage donnybrook?

  5. garycooper says:

    beed (or is it?) :Nope. Turns out Luddy was cleaning out his attic and came across an old can of integrity.

    Maybe he finally got aholt of some unfudged-data, and realized that there has been no global warming in the past decade…that would put him in a place of profound self-examination, wondering what else he was wrong about for so long.

    Or maybe he just got tired of being treated like a redheaded step-manque over there, and found a new place on the ‘net to hang out and wax obtuse. Who will pick up his crooked lance, and don his discarded tin-armor, to take on the Wicked Windmills Of Straw-Mania?

    • doriangrey1 says:

      ROTFLMAO… That presumes that Ludwig would recognize data when he saw it or knows how to analysis date in the first place. Neither of which is their sufficient evidence to conclude he is capable of.

      • garycooper says:

        You’re right, he doesn’t support his apocalyptic doom-rants with any solid evidence, but that doesn’t detract one bit from his charm. He brings the crazy with just the right amount of professorial scorn for his ignint audience. No wonder he and Chunky got along so well, before that bitch Slutweasel moved in and ruined everything.

        Oh, do you know the merkin man,
        The gherkin man,
        Knee-jerkin’ man,
        Oh, do you know the merkin man,
        Who once was off the chain?

  6. Lord Nazh says:

    I don’t hold out much hope for LVQ; more likely he’s serving a small sentence for doing some ‘social justice’ to deniers 😉

  7. HaikuMan says:

    Ludwig is missing
    Perhaps police finally
    Found heads in his shed

  8. I’m surprised the mata-hairy hasn’t started a brazen prison break to get his BFF out of prison.

  9. Pretzel Logic says:

    Careful Killgore…

    257 Killgore Trout Sun, Jun 26, 2011 8:13:41am
    0 down up report

    re: #254 Dark_Falcon

    The lefties still have a huge problem when it comes to Jews and Israel.

    … you just dumped on Charles. You know, Charles the lefty.

    • garycooper says:

      KT is due for a spanking, over the knee of his master. He’s one of those sad cases who was beaten as a child, and now confuses pain with love. His ass is crying for a caning.

  10. Banshee says:

    News aggregator means something different to Chunk: “keeping track of my personal enemies”…

    No wonder the bloggysphere is beating a path to his door.

  11. garycooper says:

    Could somebody please keep us up to date with announcements of when Chunky is going to be on TV? I always seem to miss his appearances. So frustrating!

  12. No suck-up stats?

    Oh well…somehow CJ got an upding for “testing…”, and two for “Groovy”!

    2 Charles
    Sat, Jun 25, 2011 1:01:50pm

  13. garycooper says:

    Banshee :LOL I just TiVo him.

    I still don’t have Tivo, curse the luck. I usually download the shows I want to see from Pirate Bay or EZTV. For some reason, his name doesn’t show up when you search those sites. Maybe he has it blocked somehow, to avoid being hassled by journalists seeking follow-up comments.

  14. HaikuMan :
    I do not have TiVo
    Am I not to see Chuck’s face?
    Well then, bless the luck

    What if the mata-hairy sees that?

  15. I was referring to CJ

    • garycooper says:

      Meant to add in the previous post, that I didn’t realize Chunky was also an expert Commie-detective. Why, once he pointed out the similarities here, I was appalled, aghast, and taken aback. ACK!

    • Whatever says:

      This is rich:

      Overnight Open Thread
      Charles Johnson
      OPEN • Sat Jun 25, 2011 at 8:53 pm PDT • Views: 4,238

      What can be asserted without proof can be dismissed without proof.

      — Christopher Hitchens

      Like AGW, Chucky?

    • Whatever says:

      That whole thread’s a hoot. Buzzsaw’s been obliterated, but…

      99 Racer X Mon, Sep 14, 2009 9:40:12am

      re: #94 buzzsawmonkey

      Since people are posting pix of folks using the clenched-fist salute, I’m sure it is only a matter of time until someone finds and links to a picture of a poster which was popular in the West Village in the 1970s, of a clenched fist rising out of a can of Crisco.


      Sloppy, Chucky…

    • Whatever says:

      Here’s his flounce from PJ:

      12 Charles Mon, Sep 14, 2009 9:21:29am 11

      Note: I’m removing all links to Pajamas Media from LGF, after they decided to feature a white supremacist’s article as their lead story today.

      Note that this rocket surgeon doesn’t mention who the “white supremacist” is, resulting in all manner of his droids running over there and giving them hits. I think it’s McCain. 🙄

  16. 😆 Chukles the mata-hairy just said that?

  17. Food Lion says:

    Buck really kicks their asses, doesn’t he?

  18. Didn’t Qaddaffi alledgedly give finacial backing to an austrian lefty named Jorg Haider?

    You’d think The mata-hairy and his goonies would appreciate that.