Charles explains the Tweet Counts

The Boiler Room Crew has busted Chuck on his exaggerated Tweet counts. Rather than man up and admit he used a flawed counting method, he plays the victim role again.

It’s revert Chuck’s fault in his world. He is always the permanent victim.

A possible new job for Charles Johnson

Charles Johnson clearly needs a new career. His musician days are over, his web design career is toast and his blog is a joke. It’s a safe bet to assume still has his Jazz guitar playing talents. If so, he’s in luck!  A program has begun in Colombia, where American Jazz musicians are giving lessons to youths in the city of Medellin.

A group of top-notch American jazz musicians are in Colombia to give jazz masterclasses to children from poor neighborhoods in the cities of Medellin and Manizales.

The Americans, all students of the prestigious Julliard School, UMass Amherst, and the University of New Orleans, arrived in Medellin Wednesday where 45 children, aged 15 to 18, are learning the fundamental melodies, rhythms, and improvisation styles of jazz music.

As John “Freddy” Vahos, a director of the camp told Colombia Reports, the program’s objective is to “create more sensible, culturally engaged people, while keeping them off of the streets.” Freddy added that students from low class areas “don’t have to worry about gangs, violence, or drugs” when they are participating in extracurricular music programs or band camps.

The program was made possible by U.S. and Colombian social programs, the Colombo Americano language institute and Medellin’s Music School Network that is internationally recognized for using music to keep children out of gangs.

Charles should seriously consider participating in this program. He can utilize his skills, make some money and do some good. Currently he makes a fool out of himself by peddling conspiracy theories. Chucky Dumpty’s newest theory is that blogger Jim Hoft is the editor of the Fox Nation website!

Charles, go down to Colombia and do some good. You’re really making a fool of yourself. Grow up and do something production. You’re 58, it’s still not too late to be a man.

Killgore Trout’s eloquent words about Victor Davis Hanson

Regardless of one’s opinion of Victor Davis Hanson’s political views, there is no denying he’s great thinker.  Hanson is a historian and backs up his opinions with facts. In fact, he once defended Charles Johnson when many on the Right were noticing his insanity. MikeySDCA put up a page by VDH*, about how Obama appeases the Islamic world. Rather than refute Hanson, Chuck’s court jester and admitted racist, Killgore Trout has a tantrum.

What eloquent worlds from the great thinker Killgore Trout! I am sure Victor Davis Hanson is hurt by these words.

*Update (ChenZhen): I was wondering what Daedalus was talking about, as I couldn’t find this anywhere. Alas, the Mikey/VDH page appears to have been memory-holed:

But we have saved it, while it remained in the Google cache:

For the record, here is the VDH page that was linked to:

LGF Comment Stats 6/17/11-6/23/11

Weekly comment stats for LGF for the week beginning 06/17/2011 thru 06/23/2011 (Friday thru Thursday).

Dee’s NYT article, characterizing LGF as ‘the blog version of Animal Farm’ where a couple of dozen posters are responsible for most of the comments is still accurate. Last week 25 lizards were responsible for 60.8% of all LGF comments for the week. [previous week’s stats]

LGF stats for week beginning 06/17/11
number of commenters (including socks)  214
number of comments  8,248
total net positive karma  14,233
total net negative karma  -229
average karma per comment  1.70
contribution of top 25 lizards  60.8%

Last week cannadian club akbar displaced albusteve as most prolific LGF commenter. Charles wasn’t one of the top 25 commenters last week, and total comments were off about 20% from the week before. Coincidence, or causality? Gus802 is finally back, finishing in third spot. Windupbird‘s contributions have been spotty ever since he came out as a white guy; this week he didn’t even make the top 25.

Lizards with the most total comments for the week:

 weekly total comments
  rank   count   nic % total %
 0  527  cannadian club akbar 6.39% 6.39%
 1  497  albusteve 6.03% 12.42%
 2  372  gus 802 4.51% 16.93%
 3  337  sattv4u2 4.09% 21.01%
 4  247  darthstar 2.99% 24.01%
 5  224  rogueone 2.72% 26.72%
 6  221  killgore trout 2.68% 29.40%
 7  216  slumbering behemoth 2.62% 32.02%
 8  213  fat bastard vegetarian 2.58% 34.60%
 9  181  ggt 2.19% 36.80%
 10  167  dark_falcon 2.02% 38.82%
 11  166  kragar (proud to be kafir) 2.01% 40.83%
 12  150  lazardo 1.82% 42.65%
 13  141  decatur deb 1.71% 44.36%
 14  140  varek raith 1.70% 46.06%
 15  140  prolifeliberal 1.70% 47.76%
 16  137  windsagio 1.66% 49.42%
 17  130  boxhead 1.58% 50.99%
 18  129  jasona 1.56% 52.56%
 19  127  sanfranciscozionist 1.54% 54.10%
 20  125  stanley sea 1.52% 55.61%
 21  121  freetoken 1.47% 57.08%
 22  107  obdicut 1.30% 58.38%
 23  102  researchok 1.24% 59.61%
 24  94  wrenchwench 1.14% 60.75%

Comment statistics for all 214 commenters for week beginning 6/17/11: comm110610.xls

Update: Here are a couple of charts that help visualize where the current LGF is at in terms of weekly comments and commenters [charts current as of January 2011]. The format might be a little confusing – both charts each have two Y-axis scales, so you need to associate the proper Y-axis scale with the proper line in each chart. In both charts, the lefthand Y-axis scale is associated with the red line, and the righthand Y-axis scale is associated with the green line.