No Points for Front Page Suck-ups at LGF: Episode III

A while back, we chronicled the fates of two of the most vigorous lizard blogger defenders of LGF: Defenseman and Irish Rose. Both of these netizens were given front page recognition and praise from Johnson for their efforts in fighting the “stalkers” on their own sites, and both were later banned and/or memory-holed.

Today, The Boiler Room Crew is proud to present the discovery of a third such netizen: Nihilist aka QuickRob

From the LGF archives:

The link to QuickRob’s post no longer works, and it appears that his entire blog has gone down the memory hole (we’re working on rescuing it, of course). But there you have it; another impassioned post about how righteous our beloved LGF and CJ are (note that the “stalkers” in question were apparently from the “Left”) .

In that thread, we get the hint that the blogger QuickRob went by the LGF nic “nihilist” (courtesy of the Great Strawberry Heist, as LGF comments pre-’08 election are still blocked from guests):

Indeed, “quickrob” didn’t appear in the LGF comment section until the next year, when an open registration thread (article 30455) emerged and the sock was born:

(As it turned out, the “quickrob” sock only penned a handful of comments, the last one came about a month after puppet birth.)

Anyway, fast forward another year to 2009, and an interesting exchange takes place on #34279 (post-election “birther” thread, so these comments are visible):

Nihilist’s comment [deleted], but thanks to CJ’s sloppiness (and reine’s thoroughness), we can see it preserved:

..and from our “Get off my website” collection, we see CJ in his full-on wrath mode:

And that was that. From “My hat’s off” to “bite me” a little over 2 years later. Today, both “nihilist” and the “quickrob” sock are toast, as both appear in our list of 4000+ confirmed banned nics.

The lesson for our remaining LGF lurkers would seem to be that, sure, a lathery batch of love for CJ might give you a nod on the front page, but even afterwards, a little constructive criticism in the comments will get your ass banned with extreme prejudice.  What’s not to love about that?

Charles jealous of Newt Gingrich

I am no fan of Newt Gingrich. Like Charles, he’s washed up and a relic of another age. His campaign is falling apart and I am pleased with that. Despite that, I have to laugh at this post by The Sage of Culver City.

Charles is jealous that he has no line of credit at Tiffany or any other major luxury store. All he has is a blog where he lives off 20-year-old sociology majors.

The Sage of Culver City claims why Gingrich had 2 lines of credit at Tiffany.

Charles is now a pre-nupt specialist.  He knows what’s in a contract without reading it! The amazing maharaja strikes again!