Arabic, for Lizards

Recently, the very active (and allegedly Muslim) lizard “CuriousLurker” penned a rather interesting LGF Page:

(or, for our tweet addicts):

Now, I say interesting because, as a netizen familiar with the history of LGF, I seem to remember the Grand @Lizardoid himself “using and abusing” these terms not so long ago. Of course, none of the remaining lizards are brave enough to point this out, so we feel obligated to step in.

First though, we should note that the LGF Page in question links to a Salon article which cites Georgetown professor John Esposito as the expert on these terms. It is noteworthy because Esposito has been featured on the swamp’s front page as well (15 times in total*, by Boiler Room’s count):

Hey, that’s a link to FrontPageMag! Classic.

Anyway, the point is that, reading the LGF archives, one gets the impression that it isn’t Esposito who should be considered to be an expert on these Arabic terms, but rather Charles Johnson. After all, every one of those terms appear in the LGF tag storm (in one form or another):

Add those up, and there are 1,024 front page articles for just those tags. Or, just use Google:

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Update: I forgot at least one tag from the cloud: Sudden Jihad Syndrome

Charles tries to deflect from the Tweet Wars

Charles has been busted for inflating his tweet counts. Rather than own up to it, he deflects. He takes Republican retweets mocking the Democrats and turns it into an outrage.

Charles Johnson is trying to create a scandal where none exists. The fake Brahman is acting as if he still has relevance to influence events.  Charles is no one to point fingers over anything related to twitter.

The Sage of Culver City projects

Charles loves to project his thoughts. Here he describes his opinion on Internet Explorer.

Are you describing yourself Charles?