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Anyone else notice that Johnson has changed the title of the 38755 thread?


Government Accountability Office: Breitbart’s ACORN Sting Videos Were Dishonestly Edited



Government Accountability Office Finds No Evidence to Support Breitbart and O’Keefe’s Attack on ACORN


Hmmm, is that a rare LGF retreat?

Here’s an open thread to discuss anything.

[UPDATE:  Filmmaker Lee Stranahan has had just about enough of Chuck. Take a peek at his next project.]

UPDATE2: Next title change for LGF thread #38755?


GAO Finds No Evidence for Deniers’ So-called ‘Medieval Warm Period’


Battle for the LGF Tweet Counter: Episode III

Now Why Would Anyone Think That’s a RETWEET Counter?

How could anyone mistake that thing for a ‘retweet’ counter? I mean, other than because it looks like one, and Charles characterized it that way in one of his Tech Note posts, and the mouse-rollover on the LGF Pages called it a retweet counter, and… I mean, was it something Charles said?

Is Buck defending Charles, or rubbing it in here?

Engineer #1012, using The World's Greatest Blog Search Engine™, has recovered a sample of confusing statements by Charles about his retweet counter. We hasten to add that they’re ‘confusing’ only because none of us are as smart as Charles is about this technical stuff.

Here’s a GIF (ten second delay – click the GIF for a montage) of thirteen different occasions when Charles Johnson mentioned his number of times the short URL has been clicked retweet counter:

How exactly does the number of clicks on the short URL act as a reliable proxy for retweets anyway? [Hint – it doesn’t.] Sounds like a job for timed-out, post-modern, science-guy LudwigVanQuixote.

Original LGF counter

Addendum (ChenZhen): The old tweet counter was used for the first year, as far as we can tell, before it was changed to the current one.

Oh, and I found another one:


Charles uncovers a plot

The Sherlock Holmes of the 21st century has uncovered a terrible plot. Andrew Breitbart is plotting to destroy the poor and minorities!

I wonder is Charles will soon accuse Breitbart of being a stooge of Ron Paul.

Dirty Laundry & The Spin Cycle