Sir Charles, 1st Knight of the Apple

Charles Johnson loves to play hero. LGF commenter, Buck, did a thread today about Apple planning to develop a way to turn off I-phones at live events. Sir Charles, 1st Knight of the Apple, comes to defend the honor of his favorite company.

Charles kept on denying even when presented with facts. This was very reminiscent of his defense of Anthony Weiner. He views himself as a knight in shining armor for Apple. In reality he’s a fool dressed up in a rusty garbage can on a broken bicycle.

(Hat Tip: a-naughty-mouse)

The Race Detective deciphers a Poll result!

The Race Detective is back! Charles has uncovered the real reason why a new poll shows Conservatives have turned against Nation building and unlimited wars. It has nothing to do with us being broke. Seeing that America has gained little from these wars has nothing to do with it. Realizing that you can’t impose Democracy at the point of a gun isn’t the cause for a reassessment on the part of Conservatives. This change is due to racism!

The amazing Race Detective knows the reasons for the change in results better than the Pew Reasearch Center. Well Charles left out some important details out. A majority of Democrats also oppose interventionist policies!

As we see Charles can’t handle the truth. Rather than explain why racism is the reason for this shift among Republicans, he attacks LRonHoover.

 Another “whatever man”  moment. Rather than address the finding of the polls, Charles attacks the messenger.

The Race Detective can never reveal his methods of uncovering racism. No explanation is given how he draws theses conclusions. It seems  to oppose unlimited wars and interventionism is now racist! Thank you Charles! How would we ever find racism without you!

Charles Johnson, the Race Detective strikes again!

Battle for the LGF Tweet Counter: Episode II

Last night, we posted a pretty entertaining thread to, um, remind everyone (including CJ) that the tweet counter adorning the top of every LGF article actually counts the number of “clicks” on the shortened url, and not the real tweets (big, huge difference).

Now, I imagine that Johnson is trying to come up with the best explanation for all this, and we think that he’s going to stick with the “I originally said it was clicks” (which he did, back in ’09), and ignore the fact that he’s recently been referring to the figure as “retweets” for his boasts on twitter and in his own comment section. That’s fine.

And to be fair, even though any casual visitor to LGF would look at the counter at the top and assume that it was counting tweets, if you roll your mouse over the figure, it does tell you the truth:

At least, it does for the front page articles.

You see, to illustrate just how confused CJ apparently is on this very simple issue, we’ll show you what appears when you roll the mouse over the counter on one of the LGF Pages (articles in the member-authored section of LGF):

Yea…might want to fix that.

(Hat tip: ISTE)

Update: Hopefully, we may just be the antidote to the poisonous LGF koolaid:

Update: No wonder all the lizards are confused:

(Hat tip: antilgfwarrior)