Johnson is not sane

The Cheetos King likes to determine who’s sane or not. He claims Former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson is not sane! This coming from a man who thinks Ron Paul’s 4th Reich is on the verge of power.

Charles, Gary Johnson is more sane than you!

@lizardoid Ups #LGF Front Page Thread Count to 20

Rather interesting title, isn’t it? I mean, who cares, right? After all, the amount of articles a blogger chooses to display on their front page is one of those trivial, purely cosmetic decisions. Every blogger, that is, except the one who runs the green football blog.

To elaborate, I think all I need to do is paste in a series of screencaps and graphics, and I think it will be obvious why this move is particularly significant, and why we can feel free to point and mock one more time.

Per Johnson, from last year (note that CJ mentions 10 front page articles):

Here’s what happened when we watched the “views” counter for a thread over time, after the front page articles were upped to 12 earlier this year:

click to enlarge

And now, from just the other day:

Of course CJ didn’t explain it this way, but you don’t have to get into advanced mathematics to realize that, because of this “app”, the “views” for any given thread will increase exponentially as you add articles on the front page (all other things equal).

It’s kind of a simple, quiet and clever way to artificially bump those counters, especially since the explanation is buried in the comment section of some thread from last year, and for those who know about it, it’s difficult to explain in a single tweet.  In fact, if it wasn’t for The Boiler Room Crew, everyone would believe @lizardoid and his 217,000 claim as representative of -and comparable to- the way the “views” statistics are calculated on every other blog in the ‘sphere.  But as you can see from Johnson’s own explanation, it isn’t, and they aren’t.  It’s been a cheat since he implemented it, and by going to 20, he just turned up the dial (a lot).

Charles uncovers more proof for his conspiracy

Charles Johnson has concocted some plot led by Ron Paul to establish a global version of the 4th Reich. Well he is nor bragging of proving elements of his conspiracy theory. He calls it a moronic conversion and proof that there’s a plot involving Global Warming skeptics, Creationists and anti-Jihad groups. His proof, is one conference that had these groups.

So a political conference is proof of some diabolic plot. Charles is giving Alex Johns a run from the money.

As we know, Charles sees Fascist led plots everywhere!

Update (ChenZhen): On a related note, those of us who are familiar with LGF history will tell you that the term “moronic convergence” appears throughout the archives. Many, many sign-holding activists have been mocked over the years.  Apparently, it continues to be one of CJ’s favorite, but in the old days, it was flung about to describe a protest by, say Islamists, Lefties, Raging Grannies, “moonbats”, Code Pinkers, etc. So, if you take the “old” CJ’s version with the “new”, an argument can be made that, in totality, Johnson views any political rally as moronic, and thus anyone who would show up to one and hold up some hastily constructed sign is…a moron:

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Overnight Tweet

A dehumanizing nickname?

Like, say… “Shrieking Harpy”?

See the “Mad King Chuckie Production”

Or, how about “Saint Pancake“?

(Hat tip: ISpeakJive)