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And – a request from me for information. It appears that from the facts Charles is providing, LGF gets at most about 12% of its traffic as hits on its home page. I.e. if he reports 100,000 views in a day, then it appears that 88,000+ of them have to be ‘deep links’, i.e. hits to pages other than the LGF home page.

Does this seem reasonable? If that 12% number is true, shouldn’t the referer [sic] logs that he publishes reflect that?

TIA for any input.

LGF Suckage & Karma Stats 6/03/11-6/09/11

Weekly suckage-efficiency and karma stats for LGF for the week beginning 06/03/2011 thru 6/09/2011 (Friday thru Thursday) [last week’s stats].

The top two suckage-efficacy leaders for the week remained unchanged. SteelPH and publicityStunted were top two suckups again, 2 & 1 respectively. No one other than one of those two nics has ever led the suckage-efficiency stat since we’ve been compiling it. The unfortunate budfox was banned by Charles after last week’s appearance here at DoD as a top three suckup, the appearance on last week’s list being the only discernible offense, all the more mysterious since the Lizardoid never reads here. CJ got 4 down dings this week: 2 from Buck, and 2 from Girl With A Pearl Earring.

Top ten suckups:

rank dings suck eff. nic previous ranks
1 167 86.5% publicityStunted 2 2 1 1 1
2 103 53.4% SteelPH 1 1 2 3 7
3 88 45.6% jamesfirecat 5 10 10 2 18
4 66 34.2% wrenchwench 7 3 3 4 3
5 62 32.1% Floral Giraffe 4 14 8 31 62
6 59 30.6% budfox 3
7 55 28.5% mdey 11 51 29 27 49
8 54 28.0% Decatur Deb 20 5 16 27 26
9 50 25.9% Obdicut 13 8 13 12 2
9 50 25.9% Stanley Sea 25 6 13 10 12

Spreadsheet of all suckage stats: suckage110609.xls

Interesting BRC inter-cellar communique:

And another math factoid. I did a cumulative distribution of all 6 weeks of updings to check out if the 80:20 Pareto Principle was in evidence… and for whatever reason, it’s more of a 70:20, or 80:25 — just like you observed a few weeks ago.

Now, mapping that back to what it means behaviorally…

Let’s assume that each registered LGF’er has 2 base drives in life:
1. commenting at LGF
2. praising Charles’s insightful commentary.

The strength of these compulsions will vary by lizard, the highly compelled to comment will comment more than those less compelled. The fact that your commenting plots nail the 80:20 point week in and week out seems to confirm that the commenting behavior of Lizardom conforms to oft observed norms.

But the 70:20 flattening of the suck-curve implies that there is less variance of the suckup-urge amongst the lizards. (If they all dinged equally, it would be a 50:50 diagonal line.)

The inescapable conclusion is that the desire within Lizardom to praise CJ is more widespread than the desire to actually engage in the conversation.

Or maybe not, but it sounds plausible.

Karma stats below the fold:
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