Belated Entry Suggestion for the Lost LGF Dictionary: “Creep”

Recently, from the Tweet page of @lizardoid:

When I see this familiar pejorative pop up from the keyboard of CJ, I can’t help but wonder just how many times Johnson has flung it out there. I mean, is there anyone he hasn’t referred to as a “creep”?  hmmm… let’s look at another relatively recent instance:

A definition? Well gee whiz, maybe we should try to narrow this down, and see if we can help everyone out here. To do this, we’re going to use the World’s Greatest Blog Search Engine™ to find every instance that Johnson has used a variation of the word “creep”.  When we’re done, I’m going to ask for our readers’ help on this one, so maybe we’ll have a clearer idea of what it means….


Oh boy, the Engine pulled up 486 instances of “creep, creepy, creepazoid, etc” in Charles’ comments in the 10+ years of LGF archives. It’s obviously one of his favorite words. We should refine the search a bit, so we’re going to stick with just direct references to someone as a “creep”, leaving out a few of CJ’s comments where he “outs” someone (’cause that really IS creepy), as well as all qualifying comments made prior to the 2008 election (as those comments are hidden from view for unregistered visitors, and it’d be nice to have access to some context.  Besides, those folks were a different type of “creep” right?)…



(below the fold. CAUTION: these are direct links to LGF)

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LGF Comment Stats 6/03/11-6/09/11

Weekly comment stats for LGF for the week beginning 06/03/2011 thru 06/09/2011 (Friday thru Thursday).

Comments were way up at the swamp last week – call it the Weinergate effect. (There’s a riff on the rising tide lifts all boats aphorism in there somewhere, but it escapes me.) Windupbird is back in his full, glorious, greyness (he’s black!, he’s white!, he’s grey!), and Charles himself again was a top commenter with 283 comments.

Dee’s NYT article, characterizing LGF as ‘the blog version of Animal Farm’ where a couple of dozen posters are responsible for most of the comments is still accurate, though for one of the first times in memory the contribution of the top two dozen didn’t exceed 50%. Last week 25 lizards were responsible for 50.2% of all LGF comments for the week.

Also of note is that there were 297 unique nics commenting at LGF for the week, still far below LGF’s glory days, when LGF had roughly 2,000 unique commenters at LGF in its heyday, around 2008. [last week’s stats]

LGF stats for week beginning 05/27/11
number of commenters (including socks)  297
number of comments  13,109
total net positive karma  26,464
total net negative karma  -1150
average karma per comment  1.93
contribution of top 25 lizards  50.2%

Loyal lizard albusteve again led the field in posting comments at LGF. Albusteve is one of the special group of LGF-timeout survivors who found the re-education of the timeout both instructive and invigorating. So, hats off again (he’s a repeat winner) to this week’s Face of LGF, the new, Mr. Consistent-Five-Percenter Albusteve – LGF poster boy for “timeouts work, because I value my LGF account”.

Lizards with the most total comments for the week:

 weekly total comments
  rank   count   nic % total %
 0  623  albusteve 4.75% 4.75%
 1  393  obdicut 3.00% 7.75%
 2  362  cannadian club akbar 2.76% 10.51%
 3  338  slumbering behemoth 2.58% 13.09%
 4  334  darthstar 2.55% 15.64%
 5  317  sanfranciscozionist 2.42% 18.06%
 6  310  sattv4u2 2.36% 20.42%
 7  300  b_sharp 2.29% 22.71%
 8  295  varek raith 2.25% 24.96%
 9  285  decatur deb 2.17% 27.13%
 10  283  charles 2.16% 29.29%
 11  279  windupbird 2.13% 31.42%
 12  251  windsagio 1.91% 33.34%
 13  224  dark_falcon 1.71% 35.04%
 14  222  researchok 1.69% 36.74%
 15  206  killgore trout 1.57% 38.31%
 16  191  kragar (proud to be kafir) 1.46% 39.77%
 17  187  freetoken 1.43% 41.19%
 18  181  ralphieboy 1.38% 42.57%
 19  176  floral giraffe 1.34% 43.92%
 20  172  alexzander 1.31% 45.23%
 21  167  mr pancakes 1.27% 46.50%
 22  163  elcapitanamerica 1.24% 47.75%
 23  162  wrenchwench 1.24% 48.98%
 24  160  ohcrapihaveacrushonsarahpalin 1.22% 50.20%

Below is a chart showing the cumulative contribution of all 297 lizards to total comments at LGF for the week beginning 06/03/11. Note again the relative accuracy of the Pareto principle.

Comment statistics for all 297 commenters for week beginning 6/03/11: comm110603.xls

Rescued from Memory Hole: “Islamists and Leftists Converge in Washington: ‘Who Hates Americans?'”

First off, we’d like to congratulate CJ for all the supposed “views” he’s been getting lately, even if it was due to a lame and speculative article about a wiki page edit (and of course the high-profile and completely embarrassing episode with Weinergate). After all, the effect has rubbed off on DoD, too, ’cause we’ve had our most active 72-hour period since we busted him on “Saint Pancake”. Needless to say, we’ve been handed a lot of stuff to mock lately, and we’ve noticed some new names and increased traffic, but we don’t want to forget that we’ve got this obligation to expose all of these gems that are in our possession due to the Great Strawberry Heist from a while back.

So, without further ado, The Boiler Room is happy to resurrect LGF article #27524:

This one dates back to October 2007, in an era when CJ was firmly entrenched in the right-wing.  Like, bunkers and gun turrets style:

Using the World’s Greatest Blog Search Engine™, we discovered the discussion on the “thread vanishing event” that took place in the subsequent “Monday Afternoon Open”, once Charles discovered that this FrontPageMag article was actually satire on their part.  In those days, CJ was presumably so sauced on the wingnut kool aid that he couldn’t tell the difference, and he certainly wasn’t pleased to be duped in this way:

Heh!  The “Leftist-Islamist Axis”?  Does that still exist, CJ?