Open Thread

Here’s an open thread until a ‘real’ one goes up.

Steve’s back, at least he’s logged in from his most recent timeout:

St. Charles hates Texas

Texas is out performing the rest of the nation economically. While St. Charles of Johnson’s California is the economic sick man of this country. Alaska Kim bragged about being from Texas. Charles answers as if being a Texan is an insult.

The Sage of Culver City is mad he never decided to move there. Maybe he would have a job and be a productive member of society. Instead he lives off donations from 20 year old sociology majors.

Charles shows envy once again!

Emperor’s exclusive video: St. Charles goes mad over Weinergate

DOD regulare Emperor has discovered an exclusive video of Charles Johnson in his bunker. He rants on his latest defeat in Weinergate.

(Hat Tip: Emperor)