Laughing at St. Charles Of Johnson

Charles continues his obsession with Andrew Breitbart. Here are 2 comments for us to laugh at.

Wow, you are really making a difference Chuck!

Charles, do you have credibility? Andrew Breitbart hasn’t been proven wrong in Weinergate, it was you. Give it up Charles, you’re done.

Update: Here we see the Sage of Culver City’s deep thinking skills.

Wow, Charles puts Socrates to shame!

Blogmocracy Live! Diary of Daedalus Edition!

Let’s talk about Chuck babee!

You can listen from the blogtalkradio page or from the thread at Blogmocracy .com

Charles doesn’t see the irony

Whatever credibility Charles Johnson had, is clearly gone with his defeat in Weinergate. That’s why this post’s title is ironic.

Charles, how is your credibility these days?

Charles Johnson Posts Last Year’s News…Again

Charles Johnson is a wounded animal. Weinergate blew up in his face. He is now more vicious than ever. Expect nastier smears from the Sage of Culver City.

Wanting to redeem himself, Charles thought he had a gem. It turned out to be a porcupine. He posted a one year old debunked story on an alleged affair that John Boehner was having. He updated his thread and admitted it was an old story.  Chuck says he got it by email, but he gave no hat tip!

(before & after the “oops” – CZ)

Charles admits to linking without thinking. It’s unreal that people look up to him as a great Sage. In reality, he’s the Maharajah of fools.

Charles will be smearing wildly and hoping something sticks. He feels that he has to redeem himself after the Weinergate fiasco. He should have had the decency to at least give a hat tip out. He’s Jazzy Noclassy!

Addendum (ChenZhen): The old Johnson would have thrown this thread down the chute and into the memory hole; The Boiler Room has uncovered at least four “thread vanishing events” in the LGF archives that were due to CJ recklessly featuring stories that were very old news (but fit an attractive narrative, presumably).  See:

As for the new Johnson, well, he’s not going to volunteer the above facts, and would rather have everyone believe that he’s left this latest one up purely out of integrity. We suspect know, however, that CJ is well aware that we basically own the LGF memory hole, and can make sure that news of the idiocy (and hypocritical disappearance) makes it well beyond the walls of the lizardoid kingdom. Not only that, but those predictable and funny comments from albusteve or Fat Bastard Vegetarian trying to convince their fellow cult members to pretend that it didn’t happen get screencapped and mocked over here. Add it up, and Johnson now has little choice but to blame someone else and let the embarrassing carcass of a thread stand for all time.

Oh, and for the record, 53 comments were posted in that thread before a lizard actually noticed that the news was from Sept. 2010. In addition, 20 minutes passed until CJ updated it, and as you can see from our thobbing screencap above, it gathered a few dozen tweets as well (as I type, the tweet counter sits at 136!).  Most hilariously, here is the list that Engineer #2 compiled of “the 25 dumbasses at the swamp who fell all over themselves to rage on Boehner until someone actually RTFA (read the fuckin’ article) Johnson linked to“:

Amory Blaine
Bubblehead II
Decatur Deb
Floral Giraffe
Kragar (Proud to be Kafir)
Targetpractice, Worst of Both Worlds
engineer dog
funky chicken

Finally, to add insult to already debilitating injury to these fools, we have to mention that the first netizen to point this out was our own DoD reader “Keeper of the Books”, who allowed us to bust a gut for 10 minutes in an unrelated thread before the sound of a couple dozen foreheads being slapped echoed across the interwebs.

The Transformation of the Ethically Confused

Guest Post by MrPaulRevere

In the last week we have seen enough lies, ethical confusion, moral posturing and misdirection to last a lifetime during the Weinergate scandal. And leading the pack of the the ethically confused was a certain Little Green blogger we all know well.

After the election of Barack Obama the Little Green blogger has attempted to ressurect his career by reinventing himself as Saint Charles of Johnson the great defender of the poor and oppressed, a fearless protector of minorities and the elderly and a valiant warrior against the wingnut hordes who are hell bent on returning America to the 1840’s.

While this act may be gaining traction with some, many of us have long memories. While St. Charles postures as a champion of the gay community, in the not so distant past he was quite willing to pass along slanderous rumors that hinted at a lesbian relationship between Hillary Clinton and Rep. Weiners wife:

My message to St. Charles’s new secular parish is to beware: You follow a man with a long history of ethical confusion who is quite willing to pass along homophobic rumors about whomever he dislikes at the moment. You can’t say you weren’t warned.

~ ~ ~

Update by nils: The link in the LGF thread was to an article by the infamous Luke Ford. Charles has no problem with this – “guilt by association” applies only to people Charles smears, not to Charles himself:

Update (ChenZhen): Not surprisingly, like many other lizards who were politely objecting to Johnson’s decision to run with this story, “GreenFootballFan” is among the 4000+ now banned from LGF.