Clueless McDumdum’s favorite blogger smacks him down – again

That would be R.S. McCain aka The Other McCain


The Other McCain

Covered in Shame

Posted on | June 7, 2011 | 50 Comments and 4 Reactions

Completely and utterly disgraced, an object of contempt to his peers, humiliated in sight of the entire world.

Anthony Weiner? No. Charles Johnson:

William Jacobson at Legal Insurrection enjoyed a healthy chuckle at the expense of The Disgraced One who, like the congressman he so stoutly defended. is “devoid of honor.”

Read the rest and enjoy the comments – Covered in shame

Taking Credit, LGF Style

Recently, an LGF article about the alleged edits on the Wikipedia entry for Paul Revere has received a lot of attention, and has given the Grand Lizardoid quite a bit of traffic.  For now, we’re going to put aside the fact that the headline doesn’t necessarily reflect reality, and is more like speculation (which is par for the LGF course).  Instead, I thought I’d feature this interesting tweet:

(CJ links to the story on the ABC site)

I’m pretty sure that it’s true that this story about those Wiki page edits originated from LGF*.  Looking at that article on the front page, one would also assume that it was Johnson himself who spotted it.  But in congruence with what has become an increasingly prominent trend at the “Blog Version of Animal Farm“, Charles had failed to credit one of his own commenters with this find.  As anyone can see from the thread prior, it was actually the lizard “BigPapa” who had noticed:

And then a little further down the thread, BigPapa begins to speculate on it:

Then, a whole 12 minutes later (according to the timestamps), the aforementioned article “Palin Fans Trying to Edit Wikipedia Paul Revere Page” appears on LGF, with no mention of BigPapa or his keen eye “hat tipped” or otherwise credited.  Johnson sits back as the traffic rolls in.


Is Johnson really in a position to whine about the lack of credit (and therefore, traffic and income) coming from the MSM, when he isn’t even decent enough to credit his own readers who did the work (again)?

*Update: Upon further review, the wiki edits may have been noticed elsewhere (independently) before the LGF article went live:

Kudos to Andrew Breitbart For Multiple Smackdowns

“As soon as I heard about the “scandal” involving Rep. Anthony Weiner, and saw it being pushed like crazy by fraudster Andrew Breitbart, I knew it would turn out to be yet another phony story. And that’s exactly what happened.”

Charles Johnson 30 May 2011

Woot. The Clown Posse Rides again. Charles Johnson jumped on the left running board of 1930s smear liberalism, honking the horn all the way, and rode it right into the ditch. Although Breitbart hasn’t been wrong yet,  Andrew’s learned about dealing with the left-wing media hounds who were loosed on him regarding PENIS PENIS PENIS LOLgate.

To be fair, Charles The Consistent was merely echoing the talking points distributed by the leftist media in defense of a slimeball who sent images of his privates to the public… some of whom were apparently underage.

Charles only forwarded the fabricated memetrope and declared Weinergate to be a fraud. His Lizard Army picked up the ball and ran with it. They deduced that it was Andrew Breitbart who set up a clever sting operation in which his spies tracked NY Dem Rep Anthony Weiner into a mens’ locker room. Breitbart’s spies waited until Weiner had a woody, then sidled up next to him and took a picture from a cellphone camera while pretending to check email, and all without Weiner taking notice.

Once they cropped and enhanced the images, they hacked into Weiner’s yfrog account to post the embarrassing pictures to young girls and a porn actress so that Breitbart could claim credit (for busting a married democrat for lewd and lascivious behavior) and eventually rule the world. Fucking brilliant.

Charles, you owe Breitbart an apology, because once again, you’ve pwnd yourself.

Don’t be a Dick

Charles Johnson has the audacity to tel be people to not be “a dick.” He claims if you are civilized, he will not ban you.

Well, some one takes him up on his offer.

Instead of trying to refute Capitalist Tool, the Maharaja of LGF does a “what ever man” answer.

Really Charles? Is that why Anthony Weiner apologized?

Stop being a dick Charles!

We got mail!

From our inbox comes this letter…

Name: budfox
Email: redacted by King Minos for security reasons…
Message: Daedalus,

Keep up the good work!

Somebody at LGF paid attention to my reappearance based on your blog as I am now officially blocked for doing nothing more than updinging the lizard king.

So sad. I found your blog from a recent google search for “lgf banned” and as you can see from my registration, I was not a big contributor, but followed that blog daily as Chuck fought the good fight.

I found the weekly suck up ratings to be more than comical, so as I made your list this past week, somebody must have been concerned about a dissenting voice possibly returning to “troll” the echo chamber.

Funny how back in the day, I didn’t even find debating on lgf to be enough and took the discussion to digg, where I go by buddarien.

From the looks of the current few that post, lgf has fallen and it can’t get up, literally and figuratively.

LGF has become the trainwreck that you just know you shouldn’t sit and stare at, yet you can’t resist taking that look. He cannot even defend his moronic opinions, so agree with him or piss off.

He has become “screw them” kos, the very guy that he ridiculed and couldn’t handle criticism.

Please add my nic to the banned list, although I would have liked to have gone out with a fight.

Now I will have to return there as a sock.

To be continued……

Well, we are happy to have you on board, budfox. Nice to hear real life stories about life behind enemy lines.

Welcome aboard!