Charles Johnson hits it big

Despite once again crashing Icarus style, Charles thinks he still a player. He gets excited that Rachael Maddow showed the LGF Wikipedia entry on TV.

Wow Charles, you hit the big time!

(Hat Tip: Mr. Paul Revere)

Update: Charles is bragging about this mention by Rachael Maddow. The shot of LGF is at 1:50 minutes in.

This is another story of his that was debunked. he really doesn’t give up.

Another defeat for Charles Johnson: Anthony Weiner comes clean

Charles Johnson defended Weiner even as the rest of the Left abandoned him. Today Andrew Breitbart said he had more photos and a 2nd Woman came forward. Anthony Weiner scheduled a press conference today at 4:00 PM. Charles did a thread and thought he would be vindicated.

Well Anthony Weiner comes clean and admits that the stories are true and he did send photos of his private parts.

Brooklyn-Queens Congressman Anthony Weiner admitted this afternoon to sending inappropriate online messages to six women over the last three years, but the representative said he will not resign.

A conservative website today posted photos that appear to show the Brooklyn-Queens congressman with his shirt off. Another site,, says a young woman has come forward with 200 sexually explicit messages she says were sent from Weiner.

Weiner’s office just announced the representative will hold a press conference at 4 p.m.

NY1 has not independently confirmed the authenticity of the new photos or the messages published today.

Rather than admit he was wrong, Charles acts like Weiner’s confession was no big deal.

Charles, the game has been over for you a long time. You went out of your way to defend Anthony Weiner and he admitted those were his tweets and photos. Once again you have egg on your face and you refuse to be a man and apologize. Give it up Chuck, LGF is the Onion of the Blogosphere!

Update (ChenZhen): Expect CJ to get pretty snippy; naturally, he’s getting his butt handed to him both on twitter and his own blog:

And after approx. 1 minute….you guessed it:


Saved from the memory hole!


CJ Wants Friends?

Well, this is fairly new:

First off, this isn’t an LGF “fan” page; this is CJ’s personal profile, and I don’t know who in their right mind would want to share their real-life personal updates and events with Johnson (and, yes, that’s what would happen if you “friend” him with your personal Facebook account).  It’s not like he’s returning the gesture, since his wall has been programmed to be nothing more than a feed of the LGF front page.  So, you get to see LGF updates, while Johnson gets to look up your dates.  Seems like kind of a raw deal.  A little spooky, even.

Apparently -and this is quite humorous- at least one of the loyal lizards feels the same way, even if she didn’t specifically say so (because, “ingeniously”, she made a nice, safe, dedicated FaceBook profile  specifically for “friending” Johnson.):



…hold on…



Anyway…what is unclear is why Johnson decided at this point to invite folks to his FB profile.  Contrary to what CJ posted in that thread, his profile isn’t new.  In fact, looking at his wall, it looks like he didn’t see the point in the FB thing either, as just one post sat on there for the first 6 months of his profile’s existence.   It almost looks like, initially, Johnson created a FB profile for himself for the sole purpose of promoting…wait for it…

The Pamela Geller Rant Generator:

(interestingly, you can see that it links to the Digg entry, which was in and of itself an epic FAIL, as many DoD readers will recall)

But, sometime within the last week (or so), a little green light bulb illuminated and Johnson suddenly thought this (invitation) was a good idea.  Perhaps he’s convinced that his herd is finally so thin and so idiotic that he feels he can pull this off and have some fun peepin’ on folks for a bit?  What the heck, right?

The Maharajah’s latest conspiracy

Charles has been hounding Sarah Palin for her statement on Paul Revere. He’s trying to distract to his failure in Weinergate. As always, he concocts a conspiracy. He claims that Palin fans are editing a Wikipedia entry on Paul Revere.


El Capitan points out that it was just one person trying to edit Wikipedia.

Charles however sticks to his claims.

So the Sage of Culver City says he doesn’t know that there are multiple Palin fans editing the Revere page. But thyere’s a reason and his theory is valid.

Clearly Charles has decided political speculation is the way to go on LGF. After his failed defense of Anthony Weiner, he still hasn’t learned!