Charles accuses Tim Blair of making death threats

Just when you think Charles can’t sink lower, he does it. We all know his paranoid and thinks there’s a grand conspiracy led by Ron Paul and that he’s a target. Well he thinks everyone on the Right is violent. A commentator claims that Climate Scientists have been getting get threats.

Charles accuses Tim Blair of making these threats.

The Maharaja of Smears really takes it  to a new low here. WIthout any evidence, he accuses Tim Blair of making death threats.  Charles just keeps sinking t new lows.

Charles really is an Icarus!

Buck calls out the Maharaja of LGF for his Weiner obsession

Charles Johnson is either a deranged idiot, or a brave admirable soul. He is the last man defending Anthony Weiner.

The maharaja of LGF  has concocted a plot involving Clarence Thomas and the Tea Party. Day after day he comes to Weiner’s defense, while the rest of the Left have kept their distance. Buck decides to speak the truth to Charles. As always, his minions don’t like it.

 That’s right. If you point out Charles Johnson’s defense of Anthony Weiner is embarrassing,  he threatens to ban you. He’s the last man out there defending Anthony Weinmer. It would be admirable, if it wasn’t so pathetic. Charles, can you pick a legitimate cause to be this stanch  in your defense? Anthony Weiner is a low life and this is what you want to go down in a blaze of glory over?

Rather than deal with reality, the Maharaja touts his invented relevance.

Charles, most of those tweets are people laughing at you. You have become the blog version of The Onion!

Post taking off on Twitter

Charles did the following post.

Charles claims it’s exploding on Twitter.

Charles thinks he’s saving America’s women! Super Charles to the rescue!