Coincidence? You Be The Judge.

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Iowahawk had a great post (linked on LGF but shrewdly blocked by Charles Johnson) that included a photo of Anthony Weiner. I thought the Hawk was yanking my crank, and had posted a picture of Janis Ian. Sometimes truth is funnier than fiction. Iowahawk has since doubled down with a post by Dan Rather.

Here’s an excerpt:

Right from the beginning of this Weiner caper, I smelled a rat. And that rat was stinking like a rotten fish. And the brand name of that rat-scented blogfish cologne? Eau de Breitbart #5. Before I could act on that suspicion, I knew I had to talk to the one man who knew the filthy underside of L.A.’s blog row better than any man alive – Charlie Johnson.

Johnson was my old nemesis from too many previous mysteries – and was even responsible for me getting unfairly booted from the force. Once a hepcat stringplucking jazzbo pedal-pusher, word on the street was he had cleaned up his act and turned his back against demon blogs. I looked his name up in the L.A. phonebook, and the only listing read:

KLondike 5-5555

“Do you think it’s him?” asked Weiner.

“God works in mysterious ways,” I said, looking west down Santa Monica Boulevard.

Hawk, you’re hilarious.

Charles still defending Weiner

Charles is one of the few people who believes Anthony Weiner. He is now accusing the Tea Party of setting Weiner up.


Charles continues carrying the water for Anthony Weiner. He will soon find some Ron Paul link and blame him for all this. The Sage of Culver City just keeps digging!

Charles claims victory in Anthony Weiner Tweet scandal

The Anthony Weiner Twitter affair has turned into comedy gold. The more explanation he gives, the deeper the hole. Even the Progressive media has thrown Weiner under the bus. However, one man in America still has faith in him. That man is Charles Johnson.

Charles does his Sherlock Holmes impression and came up with a theory that vindicates Anthony Weiner. He claims that obscure website, yfrog’s email features allow one to mimic another individual. He did tests “proving” his theory in defense of Weiner. So far, the media is ignoring Charles and Weiner will not deny these tweets were his actual pictures. This doesn’t matter, the Californian Kojak is convinced he has exonerated Anthony Weiner and has declared victory.

 El Capitan had a role in the Maharaja’s great victory and is assured that people will notice.

 The Californian Kojak is convinced that he has exonerated Anthony Weiner and that soon, others will be flocking to LGF to study their great breakthrough. The reality is no one is buying Weiner’s story and he hasn’t denied it’s his pictures. despite all this, Charles declares victory!

Charles Johnson once again plays the hero role. He’s trying to relive his Rathergate glory days by defending Anthony Weiner. This is a sign of his insanity. Madmen always think they are right and the whole world is wrong. That is what we are seeing here. Charles acts like he won some big victory. The truth is, this episode shows what an irrelevant and delusional fool he is.

Charles, your glory days are over. Your blogging career has gone the way of your music and programming careers. It’s a wrap Chuck, time to find a new gig and it sure isn’t being an online Kojak!