Jim Hoft accurately describes Charles Johnson.

The Sage of Culver City has an obsession with Jim Hoft. He attacks him on a weekly basis. Now Hoft hits back at Charles. In one sentence he accurately describes what Charles Johnson is.


Charles Johnson does act like an alien. He’s not in this world.

(Hat Tip: M)

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  1. brookly red says:

    wow… all I can say is wow.

  2. Banshee's Banned Ghost says:

    Wow. That Hoft, he sure can write.

  3. YankintheEU says:

    These progressive bloggers at Kos, LGF and Pandagon are essentially robots programmed to fight for an ideological cause. No matter how obviously in the wrong their hero is, they keeping hurling smears, insults and accusations. They operate by prejudice first, and second by attacking their opponents personally when, as usual, they have neither facts nor reason on their side. They cannot be shifted off their position despite the startling absurdity of it all to anyone with common sense. That’s OK, CJ, please keep on insisting that everyone else is mistaken about Israel’s 67′ lines, the Weiner “hoax” “nontroversy,” etc. We are much gratified and entertained by the Animal farm lunacy.

  4. MrPaulRevere says:

    YEAH, RIGHT: LizardoidCharles Johnson


    @CalebHowe I do this kind of stuff for a living. You’re very mistaken about the relative ease of guessing passwords.

  5. MrPaulRevere says:

    Repeat after me…ummmm ummmm :

    Charles Wed, Jun 1, 2011 7:16:25pm


    re: #84 Alexzander

    Doesn’t the number of digits increase the amount of time required for a ‘brute force’ attack? The digit system functions essentially the same way as a password, no? Maybe I’ve got this wrong.

    “I’m going to keep saying it until it sinks in.

    Obscurity is not security.”

    • nils says:

      Johnson is so full of carp. The stuff he’s posting on that thread, pretending to be some kind of security maven because he can code PHP and jQuery. LOL.

      Here’s the crucial disclaimer in the Maddow story that Johnson’s thread is all about:

      Also, @roomerholmes had given us a clue about his secret letter combination already so @sarking didn't need a script (a program); she just did it manually.

      So either @sarking sussed out the yfrog algorithm to convert usernames to security tags and computed the security tag manually (riiight – no way). Or, @sarking did a brute force attack after being given a hint, manually. And there’s no getting around that 26^8 is more than 208,000,000,000 possibilities. So, that was one helluva hint @sarking got.

      Johnson is a joke.

      • MrPaulRevere says:

        He’s not even interested in the truth, obviously. Lee Stranahan began expressing doubts about patriotusa76 on Monday, which I actually respect, it shows a keen intellect. Scepticism forces one to hone your rhetoric arguements and evidence.

    • Whatever says:

      We don’t need no stinking math, we have slogans!

  6. Kos Laughs At Chuckles says:

  7. livefreeor die says:

    The Ludster is back!

    Wed, Jun 1, 2011 7:51:45pm replyquote 0downupreport

    I was very busy over the weekend, and then with work related stuff. As always seems to be the case when I have a short hiatus here, the world went yet another bit of insane.

    Let me see if I have this correct.

    A Representative Weiner, had a twitter account. Someone posted a picture of a brief clad penis on the twitter page apparently to a 20 year old college student. The offending member was erased from the page very rapidly, but not before Breitbart et al… get their filthy hands on it and make a stink.


    1. Do real politicians actually have the time to tweet? Isn’t that a staff thing? If it is not twitter but something else like twitter, isn’t that even ore the case?

    2. I would suspect there are any number of ways this could be set up.

    3. Isn’t it odd that Breitbart et al… were right there to get this. I mean I don’t follow every tweet page out there. In fact, I follow none of them.

    Seems a pretty obvious smear on the face of it, from a known smarmy smear merchant, who should be in court right now over the Sherrod slander.

    All of that said…

    OK We have the worst droughts in centuries in China. Texas is a drought, the Mississippi is flooding. Terrible storms are ripping apart America. Already there is a global food crisis that will cause millions to starve.

    And we (as in this nation) are talking about a quickly deleted pic of a medium sized BVD clad penis posted on a site that the politician himself does not completely control.

    It is at this point I conclude that America is too stupid to survive and we don’t deserve to. All the hard work and sacrifice made by those who were much greater than we are, for this nation were in vain. It meant nothing. Nada. Nil. zip. The people who benefited from that hard work and sacrifice from Yorktown to Gettysburg to Normandy, are not worthy of the inheritance.

    The world is broken and bleeding right now. Our economy is still shaky, though getting better. The calamities of climate are just really starting to get bad. The Mid-East is on the brink of war. Iran is about to build an atomic weapon.

    And we (as in this nation) are talking about a quickly deleted pic of a medium sized BVD clad penis posted on a site that the politician himself does not completely control.

    When the doom comes we had it coming.

    • livefreeor die says:

      Wow-there are just so many potential Ludwig-meltdown triggers in this one post.

    • Whatever says:


    • Whatever says:

      Notice he said medium sized penis twice? Wassup with that?

      • Whatever says:

        I mean you’re the shrink; you tell me what that means.

      • Whatever says:

        (Notice I said “shrink” when talking about PENIS PENIS PENIS LOL?)

      • livefreeor die says:

        Hmmm. I wonder how many comparison points he has for his analysis. It is interesting that he focuses on that-who cares how big the weiner is?

      • sacred ham says:

        Is he saying that if it were ginormous, then he would judge it as being more worthy of all the news coverage?

      • livefreeor die says:

        It’s also interesting that he uses the exact same paragraph twice. Almost poetic.

        Poetic or obsessed with penile size.

      • it’s as if he’s disappointed in the itsy bitsy teeny weeny peeny

    • gizbot7 says:

      I’m surprised my computer isn’t floating from all the gas expended from that rant. Billions will die while the country “dicks” around!!!! Feel better Lood?

    • nils says:

      Gaaah, the more that guy writes, the dumber and weirder he comes across. All the incessant mentions of “medium-sized” – he must be a PhD in dongology as well as in AGW climate change. And the misanthropy – it’s palpable.

    • Whatever says:

      And Loody, this lady doesn’t think the tornadoes have anything to climate change.


      What makes you think so?

      • Philip_Daniel says:

        That’s a logical fallacy, Appeal to Authority — which I am sure Ludwig knows well…

    • sacred ham says:

      Do real politicians actually have the time to tweet?

      Do university profs actually have the time to write long apocalyptic manifestos on obscure, inbred web sites?

      Texas is a drought

      Well, we got eight inches of rain last month, but hey, go ahead and lump all of Texas together for the sake of confirmation bias.

      a quickly deleted pic of a medium sized BVD clad penis posted on a site that the politician himself does not completely control.

      What politician “completely controls” any web site?

      It is at this point I conclude that America is too stupid to survive and we don’t deserve to.

      The more time I spend reading LGF, the more I tend to agree with him, but I’m going to optimistically hope that it’s only representative of a small percentage of the population.

    • Bunk X says:

      The guy has no shame. Defends the Weiner with illogic, attempts to hijack the thread to an AGW rant, and flushes America down the toilet, all in one post. Ludwank is amazing.

    • Kate says:

      “Do real politicians actually have the time to tweet? Isn’t that a staff thing?”

      Since Rep Wiener (D-NY 9″ as Ace calls him) said he was tweeting prior to the incident, yeah politicians do have time to tweet. And yes, as the pic shows, it IS a staff thing. (hehehehe I said “staff”)

    • kansas says:

      Did someone actually read all that?

  8. garycooper says:

    From the comments at Hofts’ site:

    Here’s my wiener prediction …… the lil’ wiener married Huma to coverup her lesbian affair with the Secretary of State and to cover who owns Huma (Saudi royal family). Huma married the lil’ wiener to coverup his somewhat sordid sexual peccadilloes and to ‘turn’ a Jew.

    Their marriage is more of an arrangement. Much like the Clinton’s marriage.

    Works for me! 😆

  9. Banshee's Banned Ghost says:

    Somebody should check Alouette’s Jerusalem page to see if Lood cuts loose there. Hey, Lood – some of your Muzzie friends were over there pissing on the Temple Mount! Go! Read! Fight!

  10. livefreeor die says:

    Here’s Luddy’s continued rant:

    [blockquote] LudwigVanQuixote
    Wed, Jun 1, 2011 7:56:34pm replyquote 1downupreport

    re: #135 ProLifeLiberal

    A city of over 50,000 is considered significant. The cities that have gotten struck by a tornado this year are, in order-

    Raleigh, NC
    Fayetteville, NC
    Wilson, NC
    Jacksonville, NC
    St. Louis, MO
    Tuscaloosa, AL
    Birmingham, AL
    Minneapolis, MN
    Joplin, MO
    Springfield, OH
    Moore, OK
    Springfield, MA

    Memphis, TN was flooded. This year has been absolutely vicious Natural Disaster-wise, with about $20 Billion in damage and 523+ dead before we get to Hurricane Season.

    Speaking of which, look in the Gulf.

    And a warmer gulf of mexico will feed more and larger tornadoes.

    This has been predicted for some time.

    When we, as in scientists who study this stuff, say that the effects of unmitigated climate change are catastrophic, we are not kidding.

    Of course this is not catastrophic yet on the scale it will become. It is only locally catastrophic until the end of the next news cycle. The average American will not notice until a tornado bops him on the head, or a flood wipes him out or a drought effects him.

    This is because the average American is greedy, selfish and stupid while arrogant and concerned only with what he sees in his own little ignorant day to day. This is not different from many other places. I am not just blaming America or Americans, but since America could be the lead in fixing this mess and is held back by the stupidity of these average Americans, they get a lot of my scorn.

    Ohh hey… Penis pics at 11… much more important.


  11. livefreeor die says:

    Arrggghh-what are the commands for blockquotes again?

  12. nils says:

    Johnson declares Weinergate over (emphasis mine):

    “It was a very serious attempt to destroy the reputation of one of the most effective Democrats in America. I don’t think it’s strange at all — it’s a political dirty trick that could have had enormous consequences.”

    ‘Hack’ is operative, per Weiner (and Johnson), but … … time to move on.

  13. livefreeor die says:

    Uh oh, Luddy- Chuck is disagreeing with you. Better do a 180 pronto:

    174 Charles
    Wed, Jun 1, 2011 8:05:25pm replyquote 3downupreport

    re: #166 LudwigVanQuixote

    Ohh absolutely. LGF did what it does best. It debunked a bit of media idiocy.

    LGF is in general vastly better than average discussion.

    My problem is that average seems to be stuck, on all of the problems in the world, going on and on about a medium sized BVD clad anonymous penis.

    I think this is actually pretty serious. It was an attempt to take down one of the most effective Democrats against the Republican reactionary agenda. Weiner is calling it a “prank,” but it’s much more than that.

    • livefreeor die says:

      Oh, and Luddy is still obsessed with the size of the “anonymous” penis. Not that he’s fixated on that or anything.

    • sacred ham says:

      Yeah, Chuck has done what, 8 or 9 threads on Penisgate in the last three days, and in comes Loody to say that everyone should be discussing AGW-induced disasters instead? Uh oh.

    • OldLineTexan says:

      Lood, what a lie. LGF is not better than the average discussion. Read it, for Pete’s sake.

    • gizbot7 says:

      It must suck to kiss ass that hard and STILL get a smackdown from daddy. See what you made him do Loody?

    • Bunk X says:

      It’s “allegedly” Weiner’s weiner, and it’s “allegedly” attached to him, and vice versa.

      • Bunk X says:

        The logic follows that if the “alleged” weiner is not Weiner’s weiner, that he either has two or none. Discuss.

      • Whatever says:

        Actually, it was allegedly Weiner’s alleged wiener.

      • Bunk X says:

        It’s entirely possible that Weiner’s weiner was not Weiner’s weiner, that Weiner was merely keeping someone else’s weiner on behalf of the true owner of the alleged weiner, who may or may not allegedly own it.

      • Bunk X says:

        One thing is for certain, though. Weiner’s wife owns Weiner’s ass.

    • Whatever says:

      There’s that “medium sized” again. There’s definitely an issue under the surface.

      • gizbot7 says:

        If you type it, it will grow.

      • livefreeor die says:

        Well, Luddy is a scientist. Maybe he has developed the LvQ penile rating scale. There wouldn’t be any other reason for him to obsess on size…
        would there?

      • Bunk X says:

        Luddy measures his manhood in metric. Daily.

      • Whatever says:

        Iceweasel probably has that all figured out already. A logarithmic scale, cuz I’m sure she’s seen some extra large ones as well as some teeny weenies.

      • Bunk X says:

        It ain’t the meat, it’s the motion. Or in Lud’s case, the lotion.

    • Basement Cat says:

      Those penises (peni?) are probably all SOCKS anyway.


  14. Emperor says:

    What does Chuck do for a living? Guess passwords? He’s a blogger, and a web designer. That has nothing to do with security.

    • Whatever says:

      Oh, Lord Gawd. Now that’s frakking hilarious.

    • St. Pancake says:

      “What does Chuck do for a living? ”
      Eating cheetos, mindless inane posts, and playing games on a Playstation.

      • Arachne says:

        I believe “for a living” means that someone actually pays you to do it. I assist lawyers “for a living.” NO ONE is paying Charles to do anything – monthlies from sycophants and hitting the hit jar for running an online cult does not translate into “[doing] this kind of stuff for a living.”

    • swamprat says:

      charles sez;

      You’re very mistaken about the relative ease of guessing passwords.

      I see this as a disturbing admission.
      I do not view this as a good thing.
      Perhaps everyone who has ever sent this man an email should consider what he has said here.

      • Basement Cat says:

        He spends a good part of his time trying to guess other people’s passwords. And probably he uses various script-kiddy tools to make it happen.

        I would suggest having no contact with this dude whatsoever.

      • Bunk X says:

        As far as guessing passwords, we’re talking stalking, or factorials.

        I say n!
        I say n!o
        O-i-c-u-r-a Grade A S-O
        (doodlyoot DAH da dada)

  15. livefreeor die says:

    Wed, Jun 1, 2011 8:33:15pm replyquote 0downupreport

    There’s an amazing number of loons ranting at me tonight on Twitter. Never seen it so bad.

    Heh. Wait until Weiner resigns.

  16. OldLineTexan says:

    The only problem is Ludwig despises all Americans as “average”, since he’s soooooo smart, and everyone else (except Stalker Charles, kiss kiss) is soooooo stoopid!

    Loodie, no one’s recruited to your side by your nasty attitude and constant smears of everyone you don’t like (i.e., everyone but Stalker Charles).

    • livefreeor die says:

      Actually, if Luddy finds America so objectionable and dangerous, he could move to India or China and see what contempt for the environment is really like.

  17. OldLineTexan says:

    nils :Johnson declares Weinergate over (emphasis mine):
    “It was a very serious attempt to destroy the reputation of one of the most effective Democrats in America. I don’t think it’s strange at all — it’s a political dirty trick that could have had enormous consequences.”
    ‘Hack’ is operative, per Weiner (and Johnson), but … … time to move on.

    So why won’t he involve law enforcement, Stalker Charles?

    Isn’t that his DUTY as a ctizen? What happens when these horrible, conspiratorial right-wing TeaPartyNazis go after the next innocent penis-bearing Democrat???

    • livefreeor die says:

      Here’s a question for Chuck:

      If it’s so easy to do this type of hacking, why weren’t more members of Congress targeted that night?

      • gizbot7 says:

        Because it’s only Weiner that poses such a huge threat. (I really can’t help myself tonight)

      • livefreeor die says:

        Medium threat. According to Luddy, it’s medium sized.

      • sacred ham says:

        g7, Loody says it only looks like a medium-sized threat to him.

      • Internet Septic Tank Engineer says:

        You need an actual, real penis photograph of a member of congress to be able to do this hack.

        No penis photograph, no chance of it being exposed.

      • Whatever says:

        Members of congress? There aren’t that many. There’s Weiner, and Boehner, and Dicks…

      • Whatever says:

        And several Johnsons…

      • gizbot7 says:

        livefreeor die :Medium threat. According to Luddy, it’s medium sized.

        sacred ham :g7, Loody says it only looks like a medium-sized threat to him.

        Still, Chunk thinks Weiner is “most effective.”

  18. sacred ham says:

    I stand corrected – he’s up to his eleventh thread on Penisgate in the last three days. When Loody implied that it wasn’t worthy of discussion, JasonA said that at least LGF has moved on to a discussion of Internet security. In relation to Penisgate, of course. Give him credit, Chuck, at least he was trying to fluff you.

  19. OldLineTexan says:

    livefreeor die :Actually, if Luddy finds America so objectionable and dangerous, he could move to India or China and see what contempt for the environment is really like.

    I can help him find some great areas in China. And there, the Government tells everybody what to do about everything … it’s a Democrat’s wet dream, an utter police/nanny state.

  20. Internet Septic Tank Engineer says:

    My emphasis,

    133 Charles
    Wed, Jun 1, 2011 7:44:22pm

    Not to brag, but I’ve been running LGF for close to ten years now, and we’ve never been hacked. It could still happen, but the reason why we’ve been secure is because I take these issues extremely seriously.

    Yfrog obviously doesn’t.

    Not to brag Charles but you didn’t have to be “hacked” everything you worked so hard to hide wasn’t actually hidden now was it?

    Security expert my ass!


    • Whatever says:

      Bullshit. The BRC has ur strawberries.


    • Emperor says:

      Charles didn’t want people to break into LGF to steal his secrets, so instead, he left the door wide open!

      • ISTE says:

        You don’t realise how right you are. We only made it look hard to impress the chicks.

      • calo says:

        Chicks are impressed ISTE

      • Bunk X says:

        That’s the funniest part about the BRC sleuthing — there was no hacking involved, except for the fur balls that resulted from reading the tripe.

    • Internet Septic Tank Engineer says:


      I’ve been running LGF for close to ten years now

      Perhaps Nils could help me with the math,

      First entry in Greymatter
      Charles Johnson
      Feb 7, 2001 at 8:04 pm PST

      Still looking for alternatives to blogger, I’ve discovered Greymatter, a self-contained weblog system written in Perl. This is my first entry in the Greymatter weblog.

      Who was running LGF on Feb 7th 2001 then Charles?

    • Bunk X says:

      You found a crack, for sure. More than one, too, as I recall, because Chuck has more than one backdoor. He speaks through the biggest one, though.

  21. garycooper says:

    He’s basically calling Chunky out for stupidly obsessing over a medium-sized boner, when he should have been obsessing over tornados. Oh, and he hates Americans very, very much.

    Lewd-Wank, we’ve missed you. Welcome home! 🙂

  22. Bunk X says:

    “Well I tried shoving a wiener in the warp drive…”

  23. OldLineTexan says:

    Whatever :Members of congress? There aren’t that many. There’s Weiner, and Boehner, and Dicks…

    There’s Barney’s Frank …

  24. MrPaulRevere says:

    Why doesn’t Weiner involve law enforcement? It’s a 2 word answer and it’s a mans name. Any takers?

  25. garycooper says:

    If Fatass really took security that seriously, he’d have fired himself long ago. It’s a veritable Strawberry Festival every day. Good thing we all loves our strawberries!

  26. sacred ham says:

    Chuck announces:

    Woot. Just went over 1900 followers on Twitter. The more the loons attack, the more followers I get.

    (fl)Oral Giraffe innocently says:

    I hope you have a way to monetize that!

    Phase 1 – Twitter
    Phase 2 – ???
    Phase 3 – profit!

    And do people still say “woot?”

    • gizbot7 says:

      Eek! Just him saying he has “followers” gives me the heebie-jeebies.

    • Arachne says:

      1900 followers? Are you kidding? Hey Chuck – how many followers does Pam or Andy have? Bet it’s in 6 digits at the least.

      Oh, and Chunky, the real question is WHY are they following you?

  27. poteen says:

    Just looked at Alouette’s circumcision page mentioned prior.
    243 comments. Is that a record for a page?
    11 posts about a weiner and a page about foreskin.
    From a bicycle blog to a political blog to a cock blog. Way too funny.

  28. MrPaulRevere says:

    MrPaulRevere :
    Why doesn’t Weiner involve law enforcement? It’s a 2 word answer and it’s a mans name. Any takers?

    I was sure someone would have guessed it by now, I’m slightly disappointed.

  29. MrPaulRevere says:

    MrPaulRevere :
    And the answer is…SCOOTER LIBBY

    To clarify, it is a felony to lie to law enforcement authorities, also see Martha Stewart. Weiner is desperate to avoid ‘hard’ questions.

  30. sacred ham says:

    Do I detect a hint of dickishness? “You’re getting famous?” Chuck is famous, he’s the man who took down Dan Rather and Glenn Beck!

    Wed, Jun 1, 2011 9:23:27pm

    re: #150 Charles

    Saw your comment about the followers. Your getting famous.

    Move to Kuncinich’s district and unseat him.

  31. MrPaulRevere says:

    gizbot7 :
    Dang! I thought it was Martha Stewart.

    You get a cyber cigar for being close.

  32. MrPaulRevere says:

    “Yfrog Disables Posting Pics Via Email or MMS” : Proof the great pinko hero was set up. Or something.

    • sacred ham says:

      I’m sure that if it were a Republican in the same situation, Chuck would just as readily accept that as proof that he was framed. Nothing to see here, move along.

    • gizbot7 says:

      Or, proof that the amount of new dic pics almost blew their server.

      • poteen says:

        gizbot7 :
        Or, proof that the amount of new dic pics almost blew their server.

        It’s an LGF and MMFA conspiracy. They’re all sending in dick pics.
        A variation of an old strategy nicknamed ‘Operation “I am Spartacus” Cock.’

      • gizbot7 says:

        Well, since none of them actually have a dick except IceSleazle, it does narrow down the list of suspects.

      • Bunk X says:

        We’re still discussing “alleged” dicks here.

  33. MrPaulRevere says:

    gizbot7 :
    I tried to hold off, I really did. But the 14 year old boy in me finally won the battle. This shit is hysterical!!!

    Ann Coulter said the whole matter needs to be settled in small claims court. Heh.

  34. Kos Laughs At Chuckles says:

    Chuck brags he has 1900 followers (once again, he openly admits he baits people like Breitbart to gain that negative attention referenced earlier), yet ace’s personal twitter (not his RSS feed for his site) has ~6500.

    Just sayin’

  35. gizbot7 says:

    Lood has been spotted again!!

  36. ISpeakJive says:

    Yeah, Weiner shoulda just fallen on his sword (tee hee) the first day and said, ya know, I had a life before marriage and I think I know who is doing this, and I’d like you all to respect my privacy, thanks.

    But. No.

  37. Kos Laughs At Chuckles says:

  38. sacred ham says:

  39. Kos Laughs At Chuckles says:

  40. Kos Laughs At Chuckles says:

  41. MrPaulRevere says:

    The bottom line on all of this? If Weiner does not involve law enforcement it is prima facia evidence of guilt. And its not the ‘wingnuts’ who will make hay out of it, its his enemies in the Democrat party, who are legion.

  42. Kos Laughs At Chuckles says:

    Chuck’s 1900 followers reminds me: who is more foolish: the fool, or the people following the fool?

    • garycooper says:

      Kos Laughs At Chuckles :Chuck’s 1900 followers reminds me: who is more foolish: the fool, or the people following the fool?

      Who on Earth would waste their time following the Fatass on Twitter? I mean, really. I think 1900 is an inflated-figure, like with a penis-pump. And it’s still small, not medium-sized at all.

    • gizbot7 says:

      IMHO, it’s the fools following the fool, especially since they know he’s a fool and fool themselves into believing he’s not. Shit, now I just confused myself.

  43. sacred ham says:

    Interesting how Chuck is totally playing up the “I’m an Internet security expert” angle. It’s intended to distract from the messy Weiner questions that he can’t answer, and create an overall impression of authority which he’s hoping will transfer over to the stuff he’s merely asserting without proof. The minions are puffing him up, so he’s convinced that if he keeps plugging away at it, important people outside of LGF (and DoD) are going to pay attention to his “findings.”

  44. sacred ham says:

  45. Internet Septic Tank Engineer says:

    My personal opinion? The best thing Charles Johnson could have done is totally ignore this story.

    But no, he was trying to make a name for himself. As soon as he came out as a Weiner supporter (yeah, I was 14 once too Giz) then that was the end of Anthony Weiner’s political career.

    Charles Johnson is the modern day Typhoid Mary. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Typhoid_Mary

    • sacred ham says:

      Three full days of Chuck self-righteously goose-stepping on his own dick. This makes the “1967 lines” episode look like a toy trainwreck in comparison.

      My gf once suggested that maybe LGF had turned into a false flag op designed to make libs look like idiots. I said no way, but lately I’m almost ready to reconsider.

  46. garycooper says:

    This gem from Ace’s comments must be shared:

    This is the most fiendish set-up since Mary Jo Kopechne implicated Ted Kennedy in her suicide. Posted by: nickless

    You know who else framed an innocent man? Nicole Simpson and the waiter, Goldman.

    You know who else? Six million Jews in the Forties.

    Another one was Mary Mapes, but she had assistance.

    • Internet Septic Tank Engineer says:

      75 goddamnedfrank
      Wed, Jun 1, 2011 10:40:56pm

      re: #73 Slumbering Behemoth

      It seems unlikely, but not at all impossible. Strangers take pictures of other people’s junk all the time without their knowledge. Another fact of life I wish weren’t true.

      No, trust me, it’s pretty much impossible. There’s not enough to go on in that photograph for an image based identification. All metadata can be re-written. Unless an original physical uncropped film based color slide or negative exists showing his face the whole notion is a non starter. What’s also unrealistic is the idea that if it is proven that it’s him and he was photographed without his permission that people wouldn’t have sympathy for him as the victim of a crime.

      I think in the military they call this “target fixation” and to the rest of us we call it “can’t see the wood for the trees”

      Notice how these two experts are discussing meta data and strangers taking pictures of other peoples junk.

      Well, take another look at the actual picture in question, not some mythical “picture”

      You looking at it? Notice the camera angle? get any clues yet?

      The photographer had to either be Weiner himself or a very close friend.


      • gizbot7 says:

        It is astounding the lengths (that was not intentional) they are going to trying to not just say it’s no big deal (there I go again) but that it’s not his unit — which he himself won’t even deny. And you are 100% right, the angle of the picture says who took the damn thing. Sheesh! PS. You said “wood”

      • ISTE says:

        I tried to slip a little wood in there hoping nobody would notice.

      • gizbot7 says:

        Isn’t that what started all this in the first place?

      • 300 says:

        I hope these two are never on any juries that matter.

      • ISTE says:

        300 :
        I hope these two are never on any juries that matter.

        Who? Me and Giz?

        Every time they call me for jury duty I get there early pushing a shopping cart full of old newspaper, blankets and pop cans and ask the sheriff’s deputy to park it for me.

        Never been called for duty yet!

  47. Internet Septic Tank Engineer says:

    Off Topic…

    LGF hashtag team, be careful out there. Don’t follow her and no “nice rack” comments please. She is 17.

    I checked.. 🙂

  48. ISTE says:

    I just analyzed all available data.

    Anthony Weiner is a closet homosexual.


    5 mins onwards “A photograph that was dropped into an account from somewhere else”

    He doesn’t know whose dick it was but he had seen it before.

    Pathetic, and a national security risk. Not because of his sexuality but because he can’t keep his mouth shut.

    Case closed.

  49. Wonder if the Johnson is frantically spinning the ‘Weiner’s account was hacked!’ narrative because he knows that its only a matter of time before those pics of his own junk that he forwarded to Pam Gellar will see the light of day.

    • ISTE says:

      As I said before, the basis of #Weinergate was the fact there WERE real photos of his “junk” in the public domain.

      That pic of Johnson with the deer in the headlights look as he stood next to Pamela Geller is a picture that is worth a thousand words, tweets, dollars,


      (at this time of night I can’t find it, but you all know which picture I am talking about.)

  50. ISTE says:

    Now that is a funny tweet!


  51. Philip_Daniel says:

    Bunk X :
    “Penoids” is the proper term.

    No, it’s “penes”


    • beed says:

      A penis – more peni – windfull of cocks.

      The proper term is ‘cocks’ if we’re talking about a windfull.

  52. garycooper says:

    I thought it was “A page full of cocks,” when you’re referring to a grouping of congressman-cocks. You know, because they use the intern-pages as cock-holsters on the Hill.