Jim Hoft accurately describes Charles Johnson.

The Sage of Culver City has an obsession with Jim Hoft. He attacks him on a weekly basis. Now Hoft hits back at Charles. In one sentence he accurately describes what Charles Johnson is.


Charles Johnson does act like an alien. He’s not in this world.

(Hat Tip: M)

Charles puts words in Michele Bachmann’s mouth

The Californian Cult Leader has gone beyond smearing people. He is now putting words in the mouths of people. The False Philosopher claims that Michele Bachmann said she would vote to destroy the US economy.

Nowhere on what he posted did she say what he’s attributing to her. I followed the link and nowhere in the tweet does Bachmann mention voting to destroy the US economy.

Charles Johnson lied about what Bachmann said. She said she was voting against the debt ceiling. She never said she’s voting to destroy the US economy. This is an outright lie and shows the Sage of Culver City’s intellectual dishonesty.

Charles continues to be a linker and not a thinker. You can add liar to that list as well.

(Hat Tip: Sacred Ham)

A Study in Red and Green

While perusing the vapid wisdom of the intrepid commenters at the Blog of Renown, these side-by-side posts stood out. No. 15 certainly has shades of snark, given that it was posted in The Swamp, yet the message is a positive one. Rwmofo summarizes the achievements of a successful woman, Sarah Palin, and gets 15 downdings for stating the truth.

Contrast rwmofo’s comment (top) with Mr. Green’s subsequent pithy analysis (ass). Charles’s post, while not in reference to No.15 directly above it, gets 12 updings for a negative assessment of Sarah Palin: She doesn’t know how to promote herself.

Let’s give Charles (aka Mr. Successful Self-Promoter) a break on this.  I’ll help.

1. Sarah Palin has never programmed for Atari, and has never invented any computer software even remotely comparable to Mouse-Ka-Mania;

2. Sarah Palin has never been a session musician, and has no gold records;

3. Sarah Palin has never filed for a trademark for a news aggregator blog;

4. Sarah Palin has never been interviewed by The Young Turks;

5. Sarah Palin has never sold a single cookbook, let alone a calendar;

6. Sarah Palin has never started a blog consortium and fucked over her partners and supporters while simultaneously sending her own once successful blog into an unrecoverable downward spiral of failure.

The fact that Charles Foster Johnson is a self-promoted-wild-beyond-dreams success story is intuitively obvious to the casual observer. Sarah Palin should wake up and smell the kale before it’s too late.