LGF Suckage & Karma Stats 5/20/11-5/26/11

Weekly suckage-effeciency and karma stats for LGF for the week beginning 05/20/2011 thru 5/26/2011 (Friday thru Thursday) [last week’s stats].

CJ’s 44 most dinged posts were surveyed this week. And for the first time in the entire history of this survey, one suck-eriffic loozard manage to ding over 90% of CJ’s commentary, and it wasn’t publicityStunted. A couple of others broke 50% for the first time. And for the third week in a row, no one dared down ding a CJ comment.

BRC inter-cellar communication (emphasis mine):

This was interesting for a time, but I’m not sure if there’s any point in continuing it. It revealed that there’s a small core of about a dozen major suckups that give CJ half of his up-dings, and a more extended penumbra of about 100 that pepper in the rest.

Top ten suckups:

rank dings suck eff. nic previous ranks
1 41 93.2% SteelPH 2 3 7
2 36 81.8% publicityStunted 1 1 1
3 30 68.2% wrenchwench 3 4 3
4 23 52.3% Surabaya Stew 4 7 7
5 18 40.9% Decatur Deb 16 27 26
6 16 36.4% iceweasel 16 5 5
6 16 36.4% Stanley Sea 13 10 12
8 14 31.8% Ericus58 29 17 49
8 14 31.8% Obdicut 13 12 2
10 12 27.3% jamesfirecat 10 2 18
10 12 27.3% zora 21 6 28

Spreadsheet of all suckage stats: suckage.xls

The Pareto principle is a bit flattened when it comes to modeling the loozards’ updings of Charles:

Karma stats below the fold:

The average karma for every single comment last week at LGF was +2.22. Last week was the week that Walter went on timeout. His karma average was consistently in the bottom ten at the swamp, a condition that’s proven to be a good predictor for banishment from the blogospheric version of the Garden of Eden. In a surprise Buck, a usual bottom ten dweller, didn’t make the list. The schizoid (in a karma sense) LudwigVanQuixote has gone from bottom ten to top ten back down to bottom ten over the last three weeks. Naso tang has last week’s worst karma average per comment, and LvQ accumulated the most net negative karma over the week.

  weekly karma average – BAD     weekly karma totals – BAD
  k-avg   nic     k-tot   nic
 -0.633  naso tang     -128   ludwigvanquixote
 -0.281  ludwigvanquixote     -95   albusteve
 -0.125  walter l. newton     -49   windsagio
 0.713  albusteve     -44   naso tang
 0.732  ozbloke     -26   walter l. newton
 0.741  windsagio     -20   riredinpa
 0.800  njdhockeyfan     -19   rwmofo
 0.844  sattv4u2     -17   sproingie
 1.000  ojoe     -14   sattv4u2
 1.076  b_sharp     -11   max d. reinhardt

Below are the bottom dozen or so comments of the week in a GIF with a ten second delay. Click GIF for a montage if there’s a long one you want to read:

Here’s this week’s good karma stats. As always, Johnson is the per-comment karma leader. Suck up much loozards; or perhaps Charles is easily twice as insightful as the second-most pundtwit on LGF, and four times as insightful as the average loyal lizard? Unsurprisingly, the indefatigable SFZ leads in total positive karma accumulated for the week:

  weekly karma average – GOOD     weekly karma totals – GOOD
  k-avg   nic     k-tot   nic
 8.810  charles     1694   sanfranciscozionist
 4.667  simoom     1173   obdicut
 4.250  zora     1031   kragar (proud to be kafir)
 4.111  spacejesus     804   slumbering behemoth
 3.925  goddamnedfrank     757   killgore trout
 3.906  iceweasel     601   darthstar
 3.884  publicitystunted     570   decatur deb
 3.881  lidane     511   charles
 3.871  obdicut     446   fat bastard vegetarian
 3.826  recusancy     437   albusteve

Below are the top dozen or so most highly rated comments of the week. Click the GIF image for a montage.

NB – karma stats measure net karma; minimum of 20 comments required for karma-per-comment averages stats.

79 Comments on “LGF Suckage & Karma Stats 5/20/11-5/26/11”

  1. Banshee's Banned Ghost says:

    Charles will personally call you out for a downding. He ought to just disable the button, but he’s so thick, he needs it to know who to ban.

  2. ISpeakJive says:

    “Eat a bag of dicks”

    28 updings. Lots of ineffectual rage over yonder.

  3. Whatever says:

    Let’s see…

    Dicks, whores, fundies, racists, racists, racists, racists, racists, racists, racists, racists, racists, racists, racists, racists, racists, racists, racists, racists, racists, racists, racists, racists, racists, racists, AGW tornadoes and Ron Paul.

    Typical week at LFG.

  4. Whatever says:

    Mr. Spam’s being dickish again.

  5. freetaxeskill says:

    Sorry, little green frog’s stalkers, been busy, slow on your bait postings, and have lots to do today to help with some deals to thank some of the vietnam vet baby killers liberal Democrats like Obamna, Clinton, Carther, Kerry, Gore etal hate spoke to for the last 30 40 years.

    Any how good thing the Seal Team 6 raid was not done under a Republican CIC,cause they would non be included in that line of hate America thinking.

    So, dam strange time in a AWG world for a snow report but what the hell.


    That and more salt for your self inflicked lie cause wounds.


    You missed a chance to be rid of me yesterday, got the old KZ 1000 out road over to I-75 west of here, got on a straight streach, had the 20/30 mph wind out of the Southwest behind me and got it pegged on 160 mph once more, bit of a cross wind just as I let off the gas and bit of a wabble at 150 or so, that will get the old pump pumping still.

    Sorry lot you zits are seems to me, should you ever learn to think for yourselves, there is a real world you could be a part of. Choices. Where’s the honor?

    like that,

  6. Banshee's Banned Ghost says:

    The one time Windfagio says something intelligent, he gets -18 karma for it…

  7. dej says:

    LGF is a mini version of N. Korea. The leader is not capable of making mistakes and errors. Woe be you, if you say the leader did make a mistake or error.

    The official NK web site.


    But ,going to their giftshop though, they don’t have an official NK cookbook. So, I guess N. Korea + LGF aren’t exactly the same.

    • Banshee's Banned Ghost says:

      Remember the whole “Giffords shooter is a far-right loon” dogma over there? Nothing anyone said could convince Chunkles that he was just a garden-variety schizo. Now that the medical report has said he’s just a garden-variety schizo, too sick to stand trial, that meme has been quietly dropped.

      • nils says:

        Wonder if Weiner-gate will rise to the level (lol) that LGF has to declare it a ‘non-troversy’.

        Not that it will if the MFM and the late-nite comics can avoid it.

      • Banshee's Banned Ghost says:

        That is not a “gate” I’ve heard of, but then I never watch the news anymore.

      • Whatever says:

        I was wondering the same thing. Is there a Barney Frank story I’m not aware of?

      • snowcrash says:

        Nils, Ace has had complete coverage of Anthony meat tweet Weiner. Lol including incessant twitters. Very funny story.

      • garycooper says:

        Weinergate is a very amusing little tale, that has legs. The msm is being forced to cover it by Ace and his right-bloggy buddies, like Stacy McCain. It will be difficult for Fatass to spin into a story that puts the blame on the evil GOP, too. 😆

    • Basement Cat says:

      How could North Korea have a cookbook if they don’t even have FOOD?

      Just askin’.

  8. nils says:

    Banshee’s Banned Ghost :
    That is not a “gate” I’ve heard of, but then I never watch the news anymore.

    You won’t see it on the news – not if they can help it. Here’s AoSHQ’s take.

  9. gizbot7 says:

    SteelPH almost never comments. But they don’t bitch because it just goes through and dings up all of the popular kids. They must not even read the comments because they ding it up if someone farts.

  10. nils says:

    Whatever :
    I was wondering the same thing. Is there a Barney Frank story I’m not aware of?

    One of the better lines I saw had Bawney Fwank now following the Twitter feed of Anthony’s Weiner.

  11. nils says:

    Sooper genius KKKillgore Trout weighs in, now that the Weiner story is finally unembargoed at the swamp: “It seems to be a Breitbart/Big Governement scoop so I think it’s a safe bet it’s a bogus story.”

    Yeah, bogus story, just like Gifford’s shooter will be shown to be an Oathkeeper at his trial (another bit of Trout-ish punditry).

    • Banshee's Banned Ghost says:

      Yeah, Kilgore, only GOPers can be dicks. The Dems are always just pussies.

  12. nils says:

    snowcrash :
    Nils, Ace has had complete coverage of Anthony meat tweet Weiner. Lol including incessant twitters. Very funny story.

    Yes, and some great lines in the comments, as usual.

  13. beeduwine says:

    And his name is “Weiner”? Shit practically writes itself these days.

    I wonder what Mr. McCockliness (D-WY) is up to?

    • Whatever says:

      Norm Dicks (D-Wa) had better stay out of this one…

    • Whatever says:

      John Boehner (R-OH) couldn’t be reached for comment.

    • Whatever says:

      Henry Johnson (D-GA) doesn’t tweet, because it may make an island tip over.

    • Whatever says:

      Barney Frank (D-MA) wants to investigate the evidence.

    • Basement Cat says:

      Remember, this Weiner dude married Hillary’s “longtime assistant” (ahem).

      All of this makes me suspect that Weiner’s wife has been cheating on him with Hillary. Or maybe it wasn’t cheating, in that Weiner may have married Hillary’s lover with the agreement that she could continue to do Hillary (and whomever else) while he gets to do any women who don’t move faster than he does.

      Just askin’. And not jokin’.

      • John Difool says:

        Interesting. I wonder if Huma is away with Hillary on her recent junket and Horshack decided he was gonna play while the cat was away?

  14. beeduwine says:

    Well, if someone covered Weiner in the first place, this would not have become an issue.

    (Get it? Get it?)

    (Now you got it!)

  15. Whatever says:

    Well I suppose that if Chuck can “hit the wrong button” and accidentally ban Walter, Weiner can “hit the wrong button” and tweet his weenie across the country.

    • nils says:

      Start a tweet with ‘d’ and it’s private.

      Start a tweet with ‘@’ and it’s public.

      That’s the way I understand it.

      Or, someone hacked several of Weiner’s online accounts.

      Tough guess.

  16. Banshee's Banned Ghost says:

    So this Weiner wank appeared on a Breitbart site?

    Sorry, as ready as I am to believe that any given testosterone-rich politidick can get all stiff and stupid after sighting a pair of puffy funbags, Breitbart is to be considered guilty of fraud until proven innocent. The Shirley Sherrod number has tainted him forever.

    • nils says:

      Yeah, Breibart’s the one who hacked all of Weiner’s online accounts.

      I’ll take some of that action.

    • Whatever says:

      Yeah, Sherrod sure turned out to be a victim, huh?

    • Banshee's Banned Ghost says:

      I wouldn’t be on Breitbart or his stable of phony pimps. Of course even a blind chicken can find a corn, but he’s a proven liar.

  17. Whatever says:

    Here’s a good one from Ace:

    226 I did not have text with that woman, Ms. Cordova
    Posted by: Anthony “Little Tony” Weiner at May 29, 2011 08:05 AM (1fanL)

  18. beed says:

    Banshee’s Banned Ghost :
    I wouldn’t be on Breitbart or his stable of phony pimps. Of course even a blind chicken can find a corn, but he’s a proven liar.

    “You said something once that turned out to not be true, so you are a PROVEN LIAR!!! I will NEVER trust ANYTHING you say EVER again!! AAAARGH I’M SO ANGRY! Look at me! LOOK AT MEEEE! AAARGH!!! LIAR LIAR sitting by the fire pants BURNING because of LYING!!! Ahhh, Rightous ORGASM coming NOW!! Sweet MARY JOSEPH ahhh ahhh LIAR ahhhh AHHH!”

    • Banshee's Banned Ghost says:

      You can trust anyone you like, Beed.

      • beed says:

        With the exception of a Mr. BunkStrutts and a chavy dogger from Leeds, I trust none. That is the general starting point. Then I review the evidence on a case by case basis, meaning even our beloved Charles Johnson will find a corn every now and then. I ain’t into that purity shit.

      • Bunk X says:


    • garycooper says:

      Wasn’t it determined that Breitbart “fell for” the edited-version of the Sherrod-story, rather than being the lying-liar who cooked the whole thing up? I kind of lost interest in that story, after a few days.

      Anyway, I still watch Dan Rather’s news reports religiously. I trust the guy implicitly.

      • Whatever says:

        He didn’t have the unedited video, but despite the donkey talking points, there’s nothing in the unedited video that changes anything in the edited video.

        Which is kind of obvious, if you stop and think about it.

      • Banshee's Banned Ghost says:

        Not really.

      • Whatever says:

        Yeah huh. Eleventy.

  19. beed says:

    Weiner is going viral…

  20. Whatever says:

    And btw,

    @RepWeiner Tivo shot. FB hacked. Is my blender gonna attack me next? #TheToasterIsVeryLoyal

    sounds a lot like something Chuck would say. No?

    • garycooper says:

      Ginger Lee’s tweet said: You know it’s a good day when you wake up to a DM from @RepWeiner. (I’m a fangirl, y’all, he’s my trifecta of win.)


  21. ISpeakJive says:

    What does DM mean? Dick massage?

  22. Ludwig Van Quixote says:

    You’ll notice I did much less sucking last week.

    Being a scientist, I respect those with expertize. So I let iceweasel do the sucking. She’s a professional!