Rescued from Memory Hole: “An Insanely Biased Debate Moderator”

The Boiler Room Crew is back with another LGF memory hole excavation!  This one comes from the classic period that was the weeks before the 2008 presidential election.  If you dive back into the LGF daily archives, you might notice a gap in the article chronology on Sept. 30, and that article # 31418 is mysteriously missing.

This one was especially elusive, and it had either been missed or somehow fell out of the bucket during the Great Strawberry Heist.  The engineers checked the pipes and valves and reviewed the log book, and it was discovered that this little bugger had actually been sitting there stuck in the works since last year.  So, we took it out and let it sit in the sun for a bit, and we’re finally ready to unveil it for your viewing pleasure:

Weird, huh?  Take a look at the “views” (20), and we deduce that this thread disappeared after CJ installed the counter last September, and means that it had been live on LGF for (at least) 2 years before it was tossed into the chute.  But…why?  A change of heart vis a vis Gwen Ifill?  A reevaluation of the acceptable conspiracy theories when it comes to presidential politics?  Or, just a Johnsonian test directed at us, the BRC, where a thread was deleted at random to see just how good we are?

If it was the latter, then I guess it goes without saying that….we’re good.

I know everyone was jonesin’ for a strawberry, so…

Charles asks: “Why ppl hate on me?”

Once in a while, Charles Johnson has an intelligent thought . He asks a very good question. Unfortunately, the fact he has to ask this question shows he’s not in reality.

Charles the reason you’re disliked  is because you are a smear merchant. You are a proven liar and a 2 face snake. It’s not even hatred directed at you, it’s mockery. You dish out nothing but hate every day and expect no reaction? The shut in Cult Leader really is blinded to reality.

Charles approved Humor

Since political analysis isn’t Charles Johnson’s strong suite, maybe it’s time for a new genre. Comedy seems to be the path The Californian conspiracy theorist has decided on. Every comment is approved by Charles. The following comment clearly has the house’s blessing.

This really is a lame joke. Comedy might not be LGF’s forte either.

Open Thread

Here’s an open thread to talk about whatever, since no posts are queued up and threads get cumbersome after a couple hundred comments.

~ ~ ~

Update: Nothing like a bit of math in the morning, so … this BRC inter-cellar communication:

Thanks. And I like the lizards v. cumulative suckage chart, but was very distressed (not really) that the distribution diverged so much from a Pareto expectation.

So I cranked all 4 weeks into a distribution, and voila! … much closer to the 80/20 sweet spot. See attached. This would make a good post for the DODMGSIG. (Diary of Daedalus Math Geek Special Interest Group).

Undersampling, the bane of statistics.

And, the chart – cumulative suckage (4 weeks worth) – getting closer to the Pareto expectation

Killgore Trout: Frog Expert

Resident village idiot, Killgore Trout is also a frog expert. WHen he’s not watching Frog porn, he’s answering people’s question on Frogs.


An instrument repairman is now an expert on Frogs because he watches them have sex.  I guess if someone watches porn, they are now experts of human biology! Killgore Trout is just emulating his beloved Maharajah of LGF.  He is a phony expert who really knows nothing.

LGF Suckage & Karma Stats 5/20/11-5/26/11

Weekly suckage-effeciency and karma stats for LGF for the week beginning 05/20/2011 thru 5/26/2011 (Friday thru Thursday) [last week’s stats].

CJ’s 44 most dinged posts were surveyed this week. And for the first time in the entire history of this survey, one suck-eriffic loozard manage to ding over 90% of CJ’s commentary, and it wasn’t publicityStunted. A couple of others broke 50% for the first time. And for the third week in a row, no one dared down ding a CJ comment.

BRC inter-cellar communication (emphasis mine):

This was interesting for a time, but I’m not sure if there’s any point in continuing it. It revealed that there’s a small core of about a dozen major suckups that give CJ half of his up-dings, and a more extended penumbra of about 100 that pepper in the rest.

Top ten suckups:

rank dings suck eff. nic previous ranks
1 41 93.2% SteelPH 2 3 7
2 36 81.8% publicityStunted 1 1 1
3 30 68.2% wrenchwench 3 4 3
4 23 52.3% Surabaya Stew 4 7 7
5 18 40.9% Decatur Deb 16 27 26
6 16 36.4% iceweasel 16 5 5
6 16 36.4% Stanley Sea 13 10 12
8 14 31.8% Ericus58 29 17 49
8 14 31.8% Obdicut 13 12 2
10 12 27.3% jamesfirecat 10 2 18
10 12 27.3% zora 21 6 28

Spreadsheet of all suckage stats: suckage.xls

The Pareto principle is a bit flattened when it comes to modeling the loozards’ updings of Charles:

Karma stats below the fold:
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Walter’s Greatest Dickish Hits

Walter’s still missing from LGF – his choice, since his User Status still shows “timeout”. AFAIK his absence has been mentioned just twice at the swamp – once when DF asked about Walter’s banned status (which Charles claimed was an error, and which he changed to ‘timeout’), and once when there was some chatter and concern at the swamp that Walter would release information embarrassing to LGF. The rest of the time at the swamp, and still today, Walter is an un-person.

So, as a reprise of some of that erstwhile dickishness, here’s a GIF (10 second delay) of some of Walter’s greatest hits. Click the GIF image for a montage of all fifteen or so comments.

LGF Comment Stats 5/20/11-5/26/11

Weekly comment stats for LGF for the week beginning 05/20/2011 thru 05/26/2011 (Friday thru Thursday).

Dee’s NYT article, characterizing LGF as ‘the blog version of Animal Farm’ where a couple of dozen posters are responsible for most of the comments is still accurate: last week 25 lizards were responsible for 55.7% of all LGF comments for the week.

Also of note is that there were 255 unique nics commenting at LGF for the week, far below LGF’s glory days, when LGF had roughly 2,000 unique commenters at LGF in its heyday, around 2008. [last week’s stats]

LGF stats for week beginning 05/20/11
number of commenters (including socks)  255
number of comments  9,997
total net positive karma  22,745
total net negative karma  -468
average karma per comment  2.23
contribution of top 25 lizards  55.7%

This week SanFranciscoZionist led the field in posting comments at LGF. Gus802 returned from self-declared LGF-exile but posted just 48 comments (many if not all from his Kindle, so kudos for that effort), and erstwhile posting powerhouse Windupbird posted just 39 times this week.

Lizards with the most total comments for the week:

 weekly total comments
  rank   count   nic % total %
 0  491  sanfranciscozionist 4.91% 4.91%
 1  480  albusteve 4.80% 9.71%
 2  357  slumbering behemoth 3.57% 13.28%
 3  343  kragar (proud to be kafir) 3.43% 16.72%
 4  303  obdicut 3.03% 19.75%
 5  290  fat bastard vegetarian 2.90% 22.65%
 6  279  decatur deb 2.79% 25.44%
 7  265  cannadian club akbar 2.65% 28.09%
 8  257  darthstar 2.57% 30.66%
 9  241  killgore trout 2.41% 33.07%
 10  220  windsagio 2.20% 35.27%
 11  198  ralphieboy 1.98% 37.25%
 12  186  sattv4u2 1.86% 39.11%
 13  186  dark_falcon 1.86% 40.97%
 14  159  stanley sea 1.59% 42.56%
 15  158  targetpractice, etc 1.58% 44.14%
 16  153  ozbloke 1.53% 45.67%
 17  145  ggt 1.45% 47.12%
 18  145  b_sharp 1.45% 48.57%
 19  139  guanxi88 1.39% 49.96%
 20  124  wrenchwench 1.24% 51.21%
 21  121  marjoriemoon 1.21% 52.42%
 22  119  makeitstop 1.19% 53.61%
 23  107  austin_blue 1.07% 54.68%
 24  106  prolifeliberal 1.06% 55.74%

Below is a chart showing the cumulative contribution of all 255 lizards to total comments at LGF for the week beginning 05/20/11. Note again the spooky accuracy of the Pareto principle.

Comment statistics for all 255 commenters for week beginning 5/20/11: comm110520.xls

Blog Shuts Down – Disappears All Previous Comments

Interesting story on WUWT: Climate Progress blog shuts down – disappears all previous comments

It appears the mendacious Joe Romm has been given new marching orders by Center for American Progress Big Brother Blog: “Think Progress”. From what I make of it, it seems the management realized that CP just wasn’t holding much readership, as it looks like the same 30 commenters or so frequent the place. Sooo…the spin is on. Joe’s doing his best to make his forced merger under Think Progress look like a win.

[emphasis mine]

The Climate Progress blog, of course, has been a major source for much of LGF’s AGW climate change alarmism. The WUWT story is interesting in that, except for the shutting down part, it’s so analogous to Johnson’s disappearance of 7M+ comments at LGF. Seems like DoD isn’t the only group of people who think deleting old, inconvenient comments is wrong and mockable, and that a blog where, consistently, a couple of dozen posters are responsible for most of the comments isn’t particularly compelling.

Some of the remarks on the CP comment deletion at WUWT:

    • You gotta love a guy like that that treats his user community like they don’t exist anymore.


    • I guess there’s always the Wayback Machine, should we wish to relive these heady days.


    • Airbrush the pictures. Stalinist. Burn the books. [snip] Delete the comments. Progressive.


    • Hmm, I wonder if all the comments are deleted, and the blog is moving, if all the bans Joe has issued to posters over the years will disappear as well? Maybe Joe’s PTB (Powers that Be) realized his readership was down because Joe had banned almost everyone from commenting.

And the punchline is – the CP comment disappearance may truly be just temporary due to technical reasons (vs. Johnson’s Stalin-esque motivations for his 7M+ comment disappearance):

  • Well, they are switching over to a new comment system. Sometimes wholesale database migrations are tricky. Check back on Tuesday when the new site is up.

Memorial Day Weekend Friday Night Afro Cuban Jazz

It’s Memorial day weekend Friday! To celebrate this holiday and in honor of Charles, let’s enjoy some Afro-Cuban Jazz!

I wonder if Charles can do Afro-Cuban Jazz. Clearly he needs a new gig, this could be his calling! Then again, I doubt he would perform live anymore. The Sage of Culver City is hiding from Ron Paul’s elite Nazi snipers. Plus, this is musically out of his league.  Charles is not talented enough to do Afro-Cuban Jazz.