Weekly Stats 4/01/11 – Hot Karma

Weekly Hot Karma stats for the week beginning 04/01/2100

Stats are from 04/01/11 0:00PST +168 hours. Average stats are based on a minimum of 20 comments for the week (e.g. stats for commenters with fewer than 20 comments aren’t considered in the karma average rankings). Karma shown is net karma, i.e. it’s calculated based on net karma of comments vs. the individual updings and downdings for each comment.

Average karma per comment for the week was 2.216. Full weekly comment stats are here.

Below, the list of top ten lizards based on the metric of most accumulated positive karma for the week. This metric is an unequal mashup of verbosity, popularity, and group-think, conformist perspicacity. SFZ leads the pack in the accumulation of the precious updings:

  weekly total positive karma
  rank   count   nic
 0  1384  sanfranciscozionist
 1  1081  obdicut
 2  1038  kragar (proud to be kafir)
 3  970  killgore trout
 4  807  fozzie bear
 5  753  gus 802
 6  719  charles
 7  548  varek raith
 8  516  targetpractice, worst of both worlds
 9  473  stanley sea

Top comment of the week goes to kragar:

Below, the list of top ten highest average karma per comment for the week. This metric is a dual, unequal measure of popularity and group-think, conformist perspicacity. As usual the wildly popular pundtwit blooger Charles ‘booger‘ Johnson leads the field:

  weekly karma average – highest
  rank   k-avg   nic   comm-cnt
 0  7.490  charles   96
 1  5.400  shiplord kirel   45
 2  4.620  obdicut   234
 3  4.410  fozzie bear   183
 4  4.264  curiouslurker   72
 5  3.985  celticdragon   67
 6  3.862  spacejesus   29
 7  3.839  reine.de.tout   56
 8  3.698  webevintage   43
 9  3.530  recusancy   115

Johnson’s top comment of the week:

Stats for LGF as collected by the BRC. Any resemblance to official LGF stats, either extant or deleted, is purely coincidental; but, all BRC stats are guaranteed to be within 32,531 of the actual metric. No strawberries were harmed in the procurement of these stats. All stats were developed by trained BRC professionals via Venezuela (the happiest country) and environs; do not attempt this from home.

7 Comments on “Weekly Stats 4/01/11 – Hot Karma”

  1. Doppelganger says:

    updings are like boogers.

  2. Roger says:



  3. kansas says:

    Looks like even the Cheeto Booger admits that Terry Jones proved what Muslims are.

  4. William Standish Knowels says:

    It is so funny to see a term like “bitch slap” used by one of the loozards. Looks like the mountain lion™’s demon has slipped its bonds and the infection will soon be running rife through the swamp.