Chuck The bobblehead

A friend of mine from the Blogmocracy, pointed out some interesting facts about this Charles “Icarus” Johnson performance with AL Jarreau.

He would make a good Bobblehead doll – not having one made of him, but he would make a good Bobblehead doll himself.

Look at this video at around :10 (30 seconds or so)
and then 4:56 (30 or 40 seconds)
and then 5:49 (15 or so seconds).

Then he waves goodbye and says thank you to his fans for his Bobblehead performance at the very end of the video.

I always laughed at Chuck in this video, but I never noticed the possibility of a booblehead until this observations!

I believe the time has come to make Charles Johnson Bobblehead dolls! What do you all think of this?

36 Comments on “Chuck The bobblehead”

  1. The Osprey says:

    Is this the chicken head bob video?

    • The Osprey says:

      Sort of, but not the one I am thinking of. There’s another vid where he is wearing the same hawaiian looking shirt in a different performance and doing this head bob thing that needs to be animated with barnyard chicken cluck sounds/music from a Warner Brothers cartoon.

  2. Grand Junctionite says:

    Eric Clapton, He’s not.

  3. William Standish Knowels says:

    Looks like he pops a misty one at 2:18.

  4. Daedalus says:

    We are going to have a series of Charles movies. I am not joking.

  5. beed says:

    Al Jarreau is a scientologist, is he not? How’s that for degree of separation, Chuck?

  6. Mandingo Warrior says:

    He should’ve stuck to teh Jazzin’. Those smooth sounds playing in the background might soothe his achey breaky heart.

  7. Grand Junctionite says:

    Why is Chuck a former Jazz musician? Why isn’t he still a Jazz Musician? Did all the band leaders run out of used Volkswagons to buy him?

    Was Chuck blackballed in the musical community? Did he have a substance abuse problem? Inquiring minds want to know why he left the music industry. Or did the music industry leave him?

  8. doriangrey1 says:

    Wow, what a spectacularly underwhelming performance, oh wait, that what his whole career was predicated on, underwhelming performances that would never under any circumstance cut into the “star” he was backing ups limelight.

  9. Grand Junctionite says:

    I want Chuck to write an essay on “Why I parted ways with the Jazz Industry.”

    I am truly interested in this story.

    • Iron Fist says:

      It is a good question. One thing is certain: he was never a cracker-jack programmer. He is semi-adept at taking code other people wrote and using it, but only semi-adept even there. LGF is a pig of a site, a real bandwidth beast. And that was before all the popups and shit. I can only imagine what it is like now… 🙄

      • sacred ham says:

        Only Chuck knows, but my impression is that he started getting into Atari ST coding (search for “Codehead Software”) around the same time that he tried to make it on his own musically, and when the latter went nowhere, he stuck with software, eventually getting into web programming.

        For all of Chuck’s political and ethical psychosis and personality issues, I have to say that if he used to be a whiz at 68000 assembly language programming, he’s got at least a few working brain cells. On the other hand, LGF is not exactly a well-coded site, so who knows what happened to those brain cells?

      • garycooper says:

        It’s gotten worse, if that’s possible. I haven’t tried to log in for a month or so, but the last time I did, it took about ten minutes to fully load. It got hung up the first time, and I had to refresh the page to get the hamsters running again.

        Nice code, Chunks! 😆

    • garycooper says:

      “Why I parted ways with the Jazz Industry”

      –European fans affiliated with racist neo-Nazi groups, namely soccer hooligans
      –Fingers got too fat to play guitar
      –Wife left me, taking old VW and record collection
      –Can’t find good Cheetos in Europe or Japan
      –Too much repression from Da Man
      –Jarreau sobered up
      –Garbage-picked a still-functional Atari computer from neighbor’s trash-bin, and…THE REST IS HISTORY!!

      Something like that.

  10. garycooper says:

    sacred ham :– Zappa said that “jazz smells funny”

    Frank had a helluva nose on him. 🙂

    Apologies to any jazz-affishunados here, but I have always hated jazz. I hated my Mom’s Ramsey Lewis records, my much-older brother’s Miles Davis and Coltrane records, and I hated all of the jazz-rock fusion stuff of the ’70’s, some of my friends were into. I know this makes me an ignint, shallow punk, but I guess that’s why I like punky rock music so much.

    The only jazz musician I like to listen to now is Louis Armstrong. His music makes me happy on the odd occasions when I hear it. I don’t seek it out, it just comes to me… 😉

    To me, the crap Chunky played in these Youtube vids is the worst sort of rubbish imaginable, masquerading as some kind of holier-than-thou “improvement” of the rock music of that time. No wonder the musicians had to shoot heroin all the time, to endure the jazzy improvisation. Oh, and I hate the Grateful Dead, too. 😈

    • Basement Cat says:

      My favorite music is church music. Just love it. I (try to) sing in the choir but my voice isn’t anything to brag about. Even so, the point is to worship the Lord as best we can, not to win the Grammy Awards.

  11. garycooper says:

    Recent alternatives I’ve found for listening to jazz:

    –Drive-By Truckers have a fine new album called “Go-Go Boots,” I just downloaded yesterday. Their stuff always gets better with a couple of listens, like most good music. Here’s an oldie but goodie from them:

    –The kids listen to a ton of hip-hop and other new music, and eventually you hear something you like through the walls. I’ve just gotten into “Girl Talk,” which is the professional name of a DJ who mixes old rock tunes with, well, everything, but mostly hip-hop. I’ve been using his latest, “All Day,” as music to run by. Running is not something I recommend, unless you have good music to listen to over the sound of your own heart doing flip-flops while you gasp for air. This might be the best workout-mix I’ve ever had. Here’s track 1:

    • poteen says:

      As the offspring of a true jazz musician and someone with a fight record, I wholeheartedly disagree on 2 points.
      First, CJ and Jarreau aren’t playing ‘jazz’. It’s a ‘fusion’ at best. This particular tune is more of a blues funk fusion..type ..thingy.
      Second, there is very little ‘new music’. There are remixes, samples and outright thefts of music from people who actually could make some. Who could sing or play. The only thing I’ll give CJ credit for is he can play a little guitar. Doesn’t make him a better person. Just a better musician than some idiot who thinks ‘Back off, bitch’, ‘I kick yo’ ass’ or ‘Can I get a fuck you’, set to someone else’s melody, is lyrical genius.
      Music SHOULD have an emotional effect. Tickling my testosterone is an effect they should avoid. Punks.

      /Rant off. Back to Racer X on (very loud) speakers.

      • garycooper says:

        I knew somebody would take offense to the anti-jazz sentiment, which is why I offered up the DBT and Girl Talk admissions. 😉

        Music is one of the most subjective tastes there is, and I have very eclectic tastes. I don’t like jazz, and you don’t like rip-off remixes and rap-rock mash-ups. Doesn’t nean we can’t both like Racer X. Except…I don’t like Racer X, either. 😦

  12. snowcrash says:

    I’ll pass on viewing it. I have no desire to see Charles, bobbing or otherwise. I’m happy we no longer have a sidebar picture of his face. I hated that.

  13. Kos Laughs At Chuckles says:

    Chuck Bobbleheads? Probably sell better than his cookbooks and calendars combined

    • Arachne says:

      I imagine the Boiler Room Boys have sold more coffee cups that Clueless and the gang have sold cookbooks!

  14. garycooper says:

    beed :I don’t know his heart, only his chiseled features.

    Chiseled out of soft green cheese…ew. Not a good look.

  15. The Osprey says:

    I think we need to bring back the Chunckles as Chairman Mao or Kim Jong-Il sidebar pic. It captures the essence of what his blog has become perfectly. A totalitarian leftist personality cult.

    • Arachne says:

      Hasn’t it been over a year since the big NYT interview and the revelation of the un-Mata Hari fiancee (and Sharm’s subsequent departure from the Swamp).

      So….when are he and the blow-up doll getting married, anyway?

  16. The Osprey says:

    And we need to put together a “Little Green Book” with quotations from Chairman Chunck.

  17. dakman says:

    Why does Johnson have such bad dentition?

  18. anonymous says:

    Chuckie looks like an overweight version of Doug Henning, especially in the Stanley Clarke video.

    The difference being Doug Henning was actually likable and had talent.