It’s Glenn Beck again

Charles Johnson had the opportunity to be a major player in the political scene. Instead he devolved into some paranoid conspiracy kook obsessed with some imaginary global Nazi plot. One of the key players in his conspiracy is Glenn Beck. Chuck launches smears against Beck on a regular basis. He has accused Beck of being a  Nazi and a key player in the plot which Charles claims is led by Ron Paul. What makes Chuck’s latest attack hysterical is that rather than use his own material, he links to a Media Matters audio clip.

Even If someone doesn’t like Glenn Beck, why bother going to LGF? All one has to do is go directly to Media Matters. Charles is jealous of Beck’s success, so he attacks and smears him. Chuck posts on Beck to validate his massive Nazi conspiracy theory. Once again this post shows, he’s link and not a thinker.

101 Comments on “It’s Glenn Beck again”

  1. billhedrick says:

    Glenn is kinda like Hot Sauce, good in it’s place, but not a good idea on everything.

  2. buzzsawmonkey says:

    It’s Beck again—like it was last summer
    Beck again, like it was last year
    When Yertle wants to give the Left a hummer
    He bashes Beck again, and that time is here

    Down and down and all around Yertle goes again
    Flailing at all his imagined foes again

    —dedicated to the Chubbo non-fact-Checker

  3. Bagua says:

    Global Warming made Glenn Beck say those things! Global Warming made Cj become an obsessive stalker of Glenn Beck.

    You can’t prove I’m wrong.

    • Emperor says:

      Hey. Do you know algebra? You’re not allowed to make pronouncements about AGW unless you have a basic understanding of algebra!

  4. Emperor says:

    Yes, Chuck. It’s a conspiracy. Glenn Beck is clearly running a massive conspiracy, operated out of Fascist HQ (located somewhere in Flanders, Belgium).

    The funniest part about that post is that as he complains about Glenn Beck’s “bad craziness”, literally the first comment was from one of Chuck’s top posters (SJ), joking that it wouldn’t be a bad thing if Beck was shot in the head.

  5. sacred ham says:

    So did Chuck ban SpaceJism for posting comment #1 about shooting Beck in the head?

    Yes, that’s another rhetorical question.

    • Bagua says:

      Funny Space Jesus doesn’t get banned for that, or even a time out. Especially after the horrific crime in which Rep. Giffords was shot in the head. Didn’t Charles make much noise over suggestions that the “climate of incivility” had somehow led to that massacre?

      Now here is one of his top commenters openly calling for Glenn Beck to be shot in the head and all it warrants is a deletion. Shocking hypocrisy!

  6. kansas says:

    Click on the links. All to media matters. Coming up tomorrow, Michelle Bachmann is stupid, made a geograhpical error that has been on for 3 days now. You can see the footage. Sarah Palin is an idiot part X, and I still can’t get a date with Pam Gellar.

  7. Bagua says:

    Come to think of it, doesn’t Space Jesus live near Jared Loughner? By Charles’ reasoning everyone in that area wants to shoot public figures in the head. Let’s go Linker, do your stuff!

  8. Charles Johnson's bicycle seat says:

    Fat ass has a man-crush on Glenn Beck.

  9. OldLineTexan says:

    So space jeebus is Media Matters???

  10. OldLineTexan says:

    Charles Johnson’s bicycle seat :Fat ass has a man-crush on Glenn Beck.

    Does that mean he will or won’t allow his commenters to fantasize about raping Beck with a stick??? You know, like the ugly Sarah Palin comments he endorsed by leaving them on his blog.

    • Macker says:

      Well it certainly won’t be the banning stick used, if he allows it. That is the privilege of Saddam and the Toasters!

  11. Bureaucat says:

    There was a time when Charles Johnson could get a response from a national figure if he posted a direct attack against them.

    Not so much now.

    Like that.

  12. ryannon says:

    In other news, hasn’t it dawned on the Chuckles that the surest way to lose it and become bad crazy yourself is by spending your all your time fixated on someone else’s bad craziness?

    Elementary, my dear Wotsum.

  13. Bureaucat says:

    Daedalus :The only reason Charles deleted it is becasue he knows we would publish it here at DOD.

    He can always turn around in a few years and claim he didn’t have control over the blog. “Those eeeeevil, raaaaacist, pooooosters did it; not me!”

  14. doppelganger says:

    The boiling frog theory applies perfectly at LGF.

    Chuckles started turning up the “heat” in his pot by a bit of leftist propoganda here, a bit there. More and more.

    most people jumped out before their brains boiled. the ones left are completely dead frogs and have gone full hard left progressive.

  15. Voltaires Crack says:

    Beck referred to Chuk once, saying “he’s a jazz guitarist” in a Randall-the-honey-badger-guy voice.

    Chuk’s still pissed about that, obviously.

    Prove me wrong.

  16. Food Lion says:

    Charles is so desperate.

    Now that all of the posters who helped him gain moderate notoriety are long banned, he has to try and pick fights with people way out of his league in hopes of a little face time.

    What a loser. An appropriate end for a narcissist asshole.

    But hey, Dork Falcon would like to thank him for giving him the tools to spot bad craziness in his republican party. Right dork?

    • doriangrey1 says:

      Yup, and if Glen Beck isnt careful Charles will give him a black-eye on his kneecap.

    • Malachi Mulligan says:

      Breitbart responded to Chuck’s fight-picking with an offer of debate. Which had Chuck running for the nearest fallout shelter. He couldn’t sustain a fight with anyone of any caliber for five seconds. Just snipe, snipe, snipe on his blog and Twitter.

      • beed says:

        Bullshit. Charles is willing to debate anyone, anytime, anywhere. His rider is even straight forward too:

        Three carrots (ripe)
        Sparkeling water (French)
        Nintendo Wii (Mario Cart)
        Cheetos (ripe)
        Light beer (Dahls)
        Banhammer (golden)

    • William Standish Knowels says:

      Thanks to Chunk, Dork has gone from a raptor eating small rodents and other birds to a Mountain Lion on the prowl for any one going after lizards. Falcons, Lions and Hares. Oh my.

  17. Malachi Mulligan says:

    So what happened to all the left-wing smear campaigns that Charles used to join Rush Limbaugh in mocking?

    Thursday Night Mission Statement
    Charles Johnson
    Thu Oct 18, 2007 at 6:42 pm PDT • Views: 80

    Rush Limbaugh was on the Hannity and Colmes show tonight, and made a great point: the best way to handle dishonest left-wing smear campaigns is to refuse to engage on their terms, and instead mercilessly mock them.

    That’s what we’ve been doing at LGF for years, with lots of help from the wittiest, smartest user community on the web. I’ve been called Hitler, Eva Braun, Heinrich Himmler, Stalin, and Groucho Marx (didn’t mind that one), but I’m not tired, and the lizard army is stronger than ever.

    Keep attacking, lefties. With each attack, we eat a little bit more of your souls.

    I guess all the smear campaigns went from left to right immediately after Obama took office. And Rush, who never, ever poked fun at wiminz, whiny black people, or libruls before, suddenly became a raaacist hater and a douchebag. Because if he had ever done anything like that in the past, Perceptive Chuckie would have noticed and called him on it. Right?

    Either that, or he finally got tired of having the wittiest, smartest user community on the web, and got himself a new, smaller, dumber bunch of people who never seem to get the joke.

    Basically, he just got old.

    • doppelganger says:

      another one for the memory hole

      ….too late. we need the screen shot of that

      • Malachi Mulligan says:

        It appeared on the last thread. Ask whoever posted it there. (I just stole it secondhand.)

      • sacred ham says:

        Too late? No, it’s still there.

      • Roger says:

        This is a perfect snapshot completely debunking anything he says about LGF comments in our time being beyond his power to administrate until he had all the ‘tools’

      • Malachi Mulligan says:

        Indeed. Either that, or he has to admit that he was too stupid to notice that Rush has been mocking, say, the women’s movement (“Feminazis”) for a good two decades or more.

        Chuck, you ignored it, tacitly agreed with it, or were too dumb to see it. Your bullshit about “I haven’t changed” is bullshit.

      • sacred ham says:

        Chuck’s too-loose moderation of Rush Limbaugh, that was the problem!

  18. sacred ham says:

    Has Pamela Geller ever appeared on Beck’s show? It would be fantastic: Chuck would go totally apoplectic and crap himself with fauxtrage, even if Beck and Geller only talked about puppies.

  19. Walter von Dichische says:

    Tell me, Chuck. What exactly is going on in Japan? Is there a conspiracy? Are the Rushdoonys covering up the MeLtDoWn of the NuClEaR rEaCtOrZxZx!!!!!!??????? 11ty??? Is is another ChErNoByL?????????!!!!!

    • Voltaires Crack says:

      Did you notice Austin Blue telling the peanut gallery that as the friendly neighborhood geology expert, he/she could assure the cult members that ‘everyone should just take a chill pill’ as the earthquake was essentially a yawner.

      I’m awaiting his/her commentary as the friendly neighborhood nuclear engineer.

      • Food Lion says:

        Pseudo-intellect is the norm at BVoAF.

        Can you imagine these clowns at LGF in 2005?

      • Walter von Dichische says:

        Not too smart, since Chuck said that Beck said that Soros said that there’s some sort of coverup.

        Chuck’s inching closer and closer to trutherism every day.

    • buzzsawmonkey says:

      Walter: thanks for the comment on ad-hom in teh ghey thread. The “You’re an ass” comment of mine below was directed at Nodrog, which I assume was clear to you, but wanted to remove any possible doubt.

  20. Village Idiot's Apprentice says:


    About Beck……
    He’s under your bed!


    Sleep tight.

  21. sacred ham says:

    Let me guess, Ojoe teaches high school math in Wisconsin?

    49 Ojoe
    Mon, Mar 14, 2011 3:16:30pm

    Well Pi is an ugly, non-repeating decimal.

    I think that it gives us a clue that nature does not in fact contain any perfect circle.

    If I had three hands, I’d be doing a triple facepalm on that one.

    • Roger says:

      I’ll say! Best it stays away from Euler’s identity

    • DEZ says:

      What hell is that idiot shooting up? Drain-O?

    • Walter von Dichische says:

      Where’s Ludwig when the hour of need is so great?

    • beed says:

      They may know their algebra, but they sure know shit about geometry.

      Hey, Ojoe, is it possible to divide a 100 cm long rod into three pieces with the exact same length?

      Yes or no?

    • wolfie says:

      Ojoe is an architect and no doubt knows his geometry well enough.
      I think he is making the philosophical point that the material world does not conform to our neat abstractions…and that our abstractions, even in themselves, are not as neat as we think.

      The fact that pi is not a rational number is “ugly” to mathematical idealists.
      It is also a magnum mysterium.

  22. beed says:

    Let me present to you this little presentation of present day LFG:

    108 dragonfire1981  
    Mon, Mar 14, 2011 2:11:17pm 2downupreport

    I think we should work harder at giving Muslims more reasons to NOT blow us up.

    • sacred ham says:

      111 Naso Tang
      Mon, Mar 14, 2011 3:25:35pm

      re: #108 dragonfire1981

      I think we should work harder at giving Muslims more reasons to NOT blow us up.

      Which reasons have we given any “Muslims” to blow us up? If you think this asshole in the OP is a reason, I question your sanity.

    • Voltaires Crack says:

      I’ll bite.

      Reason 1-99: The main reason for them not blowing us up is fear of what will happen to them if they do. Is that a good enough reason?

      (Unfortunately, that reason/option doesn’t seem to be on the table)

    • DEZ says:

      Ah, another fool ready to lay his head on the chopping block.

    • snowcrash says:

      Dragonfire, do you remember what happened in Sweden? It doesn’t work.

    • Malachi Mulligan says:

      Dear Lord. This kind of thing would have been hooted off the blog only two and a half years ago.

    • sacred ham says:

      And as of 2 1/2 hours later, Naso Tang’s comment appears to have been a thread-killer.

  23. RoboMonkey says:

    Malachi Mulligan :
    Breitbart responded to Chuck’s fight-picking with an offer of debate. Which had Chuck running for the nearest fallout shelter. He couldn’t sustain a fight with anyone of any caliber for five seconds. Just snipe, snipe, snipe on his blog and Twitter.

    Chuck’s debating skills

  24. Malachi Mulligan says:

    Meanwhile, one of the Pages authors is very upset at the way Americans, especially those horrible wingnuts, misunderstand and misrepresent the [non-sarcastic] Religion of Peace:

    Pew – By a 66%-21% margin, conservative Republicans believe Islam is ‘more likely than other religions to encourage violence’
    Islam • Mar 14, 2011 at 1:08 pm PDT • Clicks: 2 • Views: 63

    A higher percentage of teabaggers agrees. The numbers are also high for evangelicals.

    This should come as no surprise. As Pamela Geller, Robert Spencer, Frank Gaffney and their ilk fear monger over Islam, and as certain enablers in the conservative media – Sean Hannity chief among them – give them a platform from which to do it, right wingers are eating right out of their hand.

    Dear “Commodore”:

    You might want to check back in the LGF archives and see who else was “fear mongering” over your beloved ROP back in the day. I do believe you’ll be surprised. And aside from just gradually changing his tone, and banning anyone who continued to agree with the things he used to say, Charles has never actually issued an apology to the Mahometans. If you’re brave, you’ll check this out and ask him about all of that. While you’re at it, inquire into his support for the IDF, the war in Iraq, Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, and the rest. You’ll be surprised. Shocked. Awed.

    • Voltaires Crack says:

      Somebody needs to give recusancy a nudge.

    • sacred ham says:

      21% of Republicans don’t believe that Islam is more likely than other religions to encourage violence? And presumably 13% said “don’t know” or “not sure?” There are that many Republicans who are clueless about Islam, or in PC denial? That’s not a good sign.

      • Malachi Mulligan says:

        Even worse: “By more than two-to-one (61% to 29%), liberal Democrats say that Islam is not more likely than other religions to promote violence. Conservative and moderate Democrats, by a smaller margin (48% to 31%), agree.”

        On a related note, I wonder what Chuck would now have to say about Cindy Sheehan?

      • Malachi Mulligan says:

        I know LibDems hate Christianity, at least the kind that doesn’t support Sharia law courts in Britain, but do they really believe Islam is no more warlike than their beloved Tibetan Buddhism?

        Actually I bet they really didn’t think about that one. Surprise.

    • doppelganger says:

      I’m disappointed 100% of people don’t believe Islam is more likely to encourage violence than any other religion.

      I mean, come on. They do 99% of the violence

      • sacred ham says:

        Come on, everyone knows that the Mormons incite more violence than any other religion. Glenn Beck11ty!!

    • snowcrash says:

      Did he really put teabaggers and evangelicals in italics? He had to emphasize the important words. Lol

      • Malachi Mulligan says:

        No, I did that, to show where he’s come from. Just fellating Charles and tickling his obsession chakras.

  25. snowcrash says:

    The spam filter is eating my comments, I think. Or I hit delete instead of post. Could go either way most times.

  26. Voltaires Crack says:

    Re nuke reactors in Japan, a cover-up angle is germinating. I’m willing to bet the left will want to run hard with this, if they aren’t already.

    Just so happens that Chuk’s buddy Alex Jones is pushing it hard.

    So if Chuk’s minions push the angle (led by Lewd perhaps?), will Chuk go along with them (and Alex Jones)?

    Decisions, decisions.

    • beed says:

      Interesting fact: There seems to be no looting in Japan.

      • Voltaires Crack says:

        Asked someone this question the other day.

        Q. What’s the difference between a 9.0 earthquake in Japan and the Lakers winning the NBA championship?

  27. calo says:

    Voltaires Crack :
    Asked someone this question the other day.
    Q. What’s the difference between a 9.0 earthquake in Japan and the Lakers winning the NBA championship?

    Japan doesn’t have t-shirts with World Champions stamped on them.

  28. Palandine says:

    I agree with the OP. If you want to see people hating on Glenn Beck and fellating George Soros, go straight to Media Matters and not to one of Charles’s content-free posts.

    Poor man’s still butthurt over the fact that he got pwned by Beck slaughtering a plastic frog on live tv.

    Charles, you have to be an actual writer to get a job at Media Matters, not a failed blogger. Soros doesn’t throw good money after bad.

    • Malachi Mulligan says:

      Hell, even TPM hasn’t invited Chuck back. Nor al-Guardian. He’s finished, except on the platform he pays for.

  29. Food Lion says:

    sacred ham :
    Come on, everyone knows that the Mormons incite more violence than any other religion. Glenn Beck11ty!!

    Actually, they used to get their share in. I think there are some similarities between the 2.

  30. Malachi Mulligan says:

    Hey, is Caroline Glick still persona grata on LGF? Reader “Samson” posted this as a Page:

    So far no comments, but two updings. Are today’s loozards afraid to go “too far” in supporting Israel?

  31. Speranza says:

    Malachi Mulligan :
    Hey, is Caroline Glick still persona grata on LGF? Reader “Samson” posted this as a Page:
    So far no comments, but two updings. Are today’s loozards afraid to go “too far” in supporting Israel?

    Yes she is personna non grata over there and I had a thaead on this in draft.

  32. Malachi Mulligan says:

    Charles, having noticed that his threads never seem to get more than low three-figure comment numbers, has opened registration again in a desperate bid for new socks.

    Don’t tell anyone, though.

    • yes, and it’s been a while since I’ve seen any bragging about how many “hatchlings” arrived in a 30 min. time span. Must not be beating down the door.

      • snowcrash says:


      • Palandine says:

        I have a new IP address since I moved. I’ve been toying with the idea of making a new account, but I really don’t see the point. One can pretend to be a mindless sycophant. One can be a conservative and be a punching bag for those idiots, or one can do a little research and get caught by the head lizard. Don’t know. It may still have some purpose…I do like my idea of posting nothing but unattributed comments by Charles and then get banned as a bigot.

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