Generic Open Thread Is Generic

In order to remedy the pressure from the boiler downstairs, here’s a relief valve. Purge away, me bloogs. Purge away.

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  1. Internet Septic Tank Engineer says:


  2. Briareus says:

    You know I could make you second if I wanted to, but since you’re the only one around here that actually pays attention, I’ll make you pre-first as well.

  3. Briareus says:

    BTW, for all the 1.0 stalkers, the Registration Door never closes here, and you can comment both here and at The Village. Just wipe the eggshells off your feet on the mat at the door.

    • Internet Septic Tank Engineer says:

      Proxy servers help and try not to be a cute animal or bird. The real men will just laugh at you. (You got that Mountain Lion? Rawrrrrr LMAO)

  4. Internet Septic Tank Engineer says:

    Breaking News!

    The Iceweasel is in first place over the other two Iceweasels.

    Because Jimmah shamelessly pimped his wife two weeks ago and pointed us all at The Urban Dictionary, I am pleased to announce Iceweasel is nearly at 1000. Yea!

    61 Jimmah
    Sat, Feb 12, 2011 2:24:46am
    re: #35 Floral Giraffe

    And a *smooch*
    Some of the banned are still OK in my book.

    Bagua is the most hideously twisted and malevolent character over there. He harassed iceweasel for months here before getting banned (for calling her a “lying whore” and a “sociopath”) . Last time I looked over there (just after BB flounced) he was obsessively linking to a sick page on urban dictionary (that he no doubt posted himself) which describes ice as:

    A smarmy prostitute from New York.
    A whiny pathetic lizard on Little Green Footballs with the wit of a cadaver.
    A failed porn actress with HIV.
    An animal with a cold heart, a self hating bitch.
    A mindless provocateur.
    An animal that only has legs to keep from leaving a trail like a snail, an iceweasel

    That’s your ‘prince’ Bagua, Floral.

    Seriously Floral, you need to stop reading over there, and I would advise against having anything whatsoever to do with anyone who is posting there.

    Jimmah pimped your vote!

    (fingers crossed I got the blockquotes right)

    • Internet Septic Tank Engineer says:

      Fucking A, I did it!

    • Briareus says:

      Hey, Jimmah. Didn’t happen to catch the nic of the lizard in good standing who posted that Urban Dickery, didja? Betcha didn’t do anything to try and get it removed, didja? Betcha get banned if you ID your fellow lizard who posted it, too, because *heh* he out ranks you.

    • Bagua says:

      Poor jimmah, can’t make a point without lying. As was documented here, I was blocked for saying “Bad enough to be a whore, but a lying whore who slanders opponents in intolerable”. The subject was a political commentator, not your vile iceweasel.

      CJ chose to pretend it was an allusion to iceweasel, as we had argued some 5 threads back, and you jimmah, smear merchant that you are, repeated the same foolishness.

      I most certainly called iceweasel a sociopath, as she most evidently is. I think that is well established.

      The dispute by the way was my objecting to you and your nasty weasel falsely accusing Walter of calling iceweasel a whore.

      Strange how every time the word “whore” is mentioned on LGF, iceweasel and you insist it must be her being indirectly referred to. Why does iceweasel self-identify as a prostitute?

      That is something she can work out with her psychiatrist as she works to overcome her writers block and poor choice in husbands.

      But yes, the Urban dictionary parody for iceweasel is hillarious, and I agree it should be promoted. Kind of ironic as you two have used that site to attack others, now it is used to mock you. Funny that!

    • Bagua says:

      Ha! Great subject… let’s examine. 🙂

    • Food Lion says:

      “Attacked” Ice? As if that wretched whore isn’t the blog version of Josef Mengele.

      Fuck you Jimmah, ya poofter-sniffing, pommy cunt.

    • Walter von Dichische says:

      Really, Floral. You gotta stop reading that blog pr0n. It’ll make hair grow on your palms.

  5. tunnelrat says:

    Love the DoD logo at the top of this column. The subtle depiction of a fat man riding a bicycle down an incline is very clever.

    • garycooper says:

      It’s an awesome rendering, whoever rendered it. I laugh everytime I see it. 🙂

      My personal title for it is “Sperm Whale Rides The Decline,” but that’s just me.

      Just returned from a heavenly week in southern Florida, and had to shovel a couple feet of hardened, plowed-in AGW from bottom of drive before I could pull in. I wish I had the power to conscript True Believers like Lewd-Boy and Spermy to do these little snow-jobs.

    • Basement Cat says:

      I love it too.

      The only thing I would add is a caption below it, saying “Ride The Decline!”

  6. iceweasel's strap on dildo says:

    Hey jimmah is my man although he is not nearly as potent as he used to be.

  7. 1389AD says:

    German Breakdance Championship 2010


    Basement Cat made me do it!

  8. Charles Johnson's bicycle seat says:

    iceweasel’s strap on dildo :
    Hey jimmah is my man although he is not nearly as potent as he used to be.

    Are you greased up before you satisfy him?

  9. Bagua says:

    Briareus :
    Where did Jimmah and Ice use Urban Dickanery to attack others?