Two “Interviews”

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While stalking surfing around the internest today I checked on the latest at Innocent Bystanders.  Nice blog that. But my jaw dropped when I saw that Sobek posted an “interview” with Iowahawk! You all remember Iowahawk, the class clown that Charles pissed on? Okay, it’s not really an interview (hence the quotation marks) but it’s clever satire just the same.

And there is a bonus at the bottom of that post: a link to another Sobek “interview” with none other than the King Lizard himself from January 2010. I don’t know how I missed it. Don’t miss the comments sections on either post as there be some funny.


Speaking of funny (well, okay not so funny) I found this laying in a corner of the Boiler Room today, and we might as well toss it out before it gets too moldy:

That’s one of the more honest and innocent statements by OB Dilation & Currretage.
Have at it.

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  1. Internet Septic Tank Engineer says:

    Thanks for the new thread Briareus!

    Navigating through a 354 comment thread was making my brain hurt. (I think I am wearing the wrong size topper.)

    Hey who drank the brandy and ate all the scones? Jeeves!

    • Coldwarrior as Alcibiates says:

      well, i wasnt about to allow the scones to get stale. so i sent them over to the grounds crew building. as for the brandy, well there is a rather nasty damp chill in the air.

  2. GrandJunctionite says:

    After I posted a comment in the thread downstairs about CJ’s obsessive Blowing Smoke, imagine my surprise to find the same old lizard stalkers and dimwitted creeps who follow me everywhere on the Internet posting the same old ugly, moronic comments in seekrit threads at LGF. It’s as predictable as the sunrise; whenever I post something at DOD, or when I’m the subject of an article, these people will invariably start spewing hatred within minutes. They obsessively read everything I write, and they’ve been at this harassment game for years. It’s tribalism in it’s worst form.

    Of course if lizzard can come here and prove that they didn’t post things in seekrit threads about me, I’ll ammend this comment.

  3. kansas says:

    Went to the “art institute”? Who are these people? Who says shit like that?

  4. spaceallah says:

    LMAO I cut and pasted that comment by “obdicut” a while back and called it the singularly most retarded comment I’d read in some time.

  5. GrandJunctionite says:

    What kind of sick bastard uses a nic that is an abbreviation for an abortion procedure? That person has issues.

  6. The Boiler Room has received notice that something from our “Stuff CJ Forgot To Delete” series has since been deleted. Nice throbbin’ memo comin’ up tomorrow.

  7. Daedalus says:

    ChenZhen, as The Minotaur :

    The Boiler Room has received notice that something from our “Stuff CJ Forgot To Delete” series has since been deleted. Nice throbbin’ memo comin’ up tomorrow.

    Oh OH!

  8. King Minos says:

    ChenZhen, as The Minotaur :

    The Boiler Room has received notice that something from our “Stuff CJ Forgot To Delete” series has since been deleted. Nice throbbin’ memo comin’ up tomorrow.

    Like I told one of the admins on the phone today, chuckie can’t take a shit anymore without us knowing about it. ahhah

    • Internet Septic Tank Engineer says:

      Anything Charles does is taken and stored and processed.

      Yep, and we analyze it and do algebra with it, sometimes we draw a graph of it, other times we make a cartoon out of it, when we are bored we Tweet it and yet we always come to the same conclusion, it came from an asshole! 😉

  9. swamprat says:

    I never said st pancake! And you can’t prove I did.’Cause… cause… well just nevermind why you can’t prove it! Oh. Well, I said it once and deleted it.

    That vid showing the pagecount jumping 10 or more per view was faked! Until someone found out it wasn’t. Never mind that I posted a tech comment explaining that I had tweaked the javascript to show every thread on the front page as a “view”!

    No one was ever banned for simply disagreeing with me… except for taxfreekiller and song-and-dance-man and mandymanners and several people who said they liked rush limbaugh on one thread and a guy who unfairly dissed a musican I am fond of and anybody who is a creationist, ’cause I disagree, and anyone who doesn’t believe exactly as I do about global warming, and though I have implied some pretty broad slanders against Christians in general and Catholics in particular I won’t tolerate any broadbrush anti-muslim sentiments and I don’t like specific, provable critiques either.

    So I am completely fair.

    Unless you blog at a blog I have blogged against even when I previously blogged in favor of those blogs. Anyone caught blogging at an abrogated blog will be banned, unless they are on a mission to racism bait, or troll. In that case they will usually get banned, unless I really really like them, and they generally keep within the lines and don’t stray.

    But if you get banned, or flounce, or just leave, everybody knows you are simply a tribalistic racist.

    (with deep and sorrowful appologies to Julie Andrews’ “Supercalafragilisticexpialidocious!”)

    Super Racist Tribalistic Ex L G F Stalkers!

    Even though they’re really just a bunch of laughing mockers!

    If you’re thinking otherwise, you really are quite bonkers!

    Super Racist Tribalistic Ex L G F Stalkers!

    (Feel free to add on!)

  10. HolyRomanStuff says:

    Well, if I were Obdicut (now that I know what it stands for, I am not sure I like actually using that nic any longer), my hope would be that the comment in which I admitted dressing up in a top hat and spats to visit a seedy grind palace would be the deleted comment.

    Who the fuck, at age twenty one, even has spats and a top hat? Who is this guy, W.C. Fields? Actually, I see him prancing in, cane in hand, like the WB Frog. I wonder if someone threw a bottle of beer at his top hatted melon.

  11. HolyRomanStuff says:

    Arg! I say things twice. I say things twice.

    [Fixed– Ed.]
    [Fixed– Ed.]

  12. King Minos says:

    spaceallah :

    Gonna go get the paper. The paper.

  13. garycooper says:

    Unless you’re Fred Astaire, and you’re being paid to dance, you don’t wear spats and a top hat out in public. You just don’t. But if you do, becsuse you’re young and dumber than a rock, then maybe you shouldn’t post about it on a dying blog that is the mockery of the entire blogosphere. Just sayin’.

  14. Charles wants a new gig says:

    I’m pretty sure Obdicut took that nick because back in the day a fetus done him wrong. Like in a song. It done him wrong, and he’s still mad. That fetus, guys, was really bad. And he’s still sad. And mad. And glad. No fetus can beat us, that’s his motto now.

    • Briareus says:

      Can there be any other meaning to that nic? Heheheh. GO.

    • Internet Septic Tank Engineer says:

      I can only think that he is a twin.

      The other twin got the brains, the teeth, the good looks, and the unusually large penis.

      All Obdicut got was sticky out ears and bad breath.

      Evil twins can be evil.

    • Whatever says:

      Maybe it’s hard to make child support payments on a burger flipper’s wages.

      Naah. He couldn’t have gotten anyone preggers.

  15. King Minos says:

    Internet Septic Tank Engineer :

    I can only think that he is a twin.

    The other twin got the brains, the teeth, the good looks, and the unusually large penis.

    All Obdicut got was sticky out ears and bad breath.

    Evil twins can be evil.

    Like the Perry twins, Holland and Niles

  16. The Osprey says:

    Briareus :
    Can there be any other meaning to that nic? Heheheh. GO.

    Yes. It’s a Shakespeare reference. King Lear, IIRC. I posted about it here on DoD once before. He’s an artsy fartsy type I don’t think he meant it as a abbreviation of an abortion procedure.

    The Osprey
    August 3, 2010 at 10:01 pm | #9 Quote
    I think I found out who “Obdicut” is. And I all I was trying to do was find a definition for “Obdicut”.
    He likes online chess. Defends Gay Marriage on “Next Right”. He likes music too. And pr0n. LOLZ.
    And I found out the origin of the name. From “The Life of Shakespeare: An Origin into the Originality of his Dramatic Plots and Characters” comes this tidbit:

    “Shakspeare, therefore, gave himself little more trouble than what reference occasioned him to Harsnet’s ” Declaration of Egregious Popish Impostures to withdraw Her Majesty’s Subjects from their Allegiance ;” a work written to expose the craft of the Jesuits, whose pretended cures of feigned demoniacs were used as a means for the seduction of converts to the Catholic religion. It was from this work that he extracted the names of all the fiends and devils with which Edgar displays such extreme familiarity. ” Frateretto, Hopdance, Obdicut, prince of lust”

    • Internet Septic Tank Engineer says:

      Hey, you trying to get my job?

      (Note to the LGF Stalkers, we fact check our asses over here)

      Confirmed, Obdicut is a Shakespearean reference.

      Prince of lust.

      The reason I was slow was I got caught up on a lust site.

      obdicut obdicut is offline
      Last Activity: 18-06-08 03:32

      General Information

      * Last Activity: 18-06-08 03:32
      * Join Date: 14-06-08

      Mini Statistics

      Date of Birth
      September 3, 1976 (34)
      Join Date
      Total Posts

      Obdicut is such a common Shakespearean name it can’t possibly be the same one.

    • Briareus says:

      Prove that he’s not an abortion doctor! 😀

  17. Internet Septic Tank Engineer says:

    Page 82
    Fire fiends have been in poor Tom at once ; of lust, as Obdicut ; Hobbididcn,
    prince of dumbness ; Mahn, of stealing ; Mohu, of murder ; and Flibbertigibbet

    “prince of dumbness” now that one got me laughing!

  18. The Osprey says:

    Obdicut, “Prince of Lust”, prancing about in his top hat and spats. LOL.

    On “NextRight” he is complaining that the not enough Democrats stand up for Gay Marriage because they are afraid of opposing the minority groups who are the “SoCons” in the Democrat party, at least on the gay issue…

    Civil unions
    Submitted by Obdicut on Wed, 10/22/2008 – 17:31.
    Civil unions are not functionally equivalent to marriage.

    Other than that, a very interesting post. I moved from being a Republican to being an Independent largely becuase of the social conservatism of the Republicans. It has pissed me off to no end that very few people in the Democratic party have the balls to say “Gay marriage: it’s fine.”, and instead equivocate. I think that part of it is the taboo of challenging the social conservatives inside the Democratic party– and who do tend to be minority to a greater extent. Whether or not the Democrats’ social conservatives cause the same problems for the Democrats that they have caused for the Republicans, in terms of party unity and direction.

  19. Princess Natasha says:

    I think obdicu(n)ts nickname stems from the fact that he himself is a failed abortion that survived, and crawled out of the biohazard waste pile to be raised by sewer rats.

    • poteen says:

      I’m seeing a self hating gay who can’t accept that women CAN give birth.
      The more abortions for women the more ‘equal’ the world is for gay men it would seem.
      In any case, he’s second only to Weazy in cattiness and bitchitude at the puddle.

      • Doppelganger says:

        ding ding ding


        who else wears a top hat to a tittie bar, then slinks off to the museum in shame.

        I think had there been some dudes on stage, he would have stayed