Billions will die!

LudwigVanQuixote delivers his best routine in months. He joke that civilization will soon collapse.

Bravo Ludwig, I’m glad you are doing your best comic routine! This rant is so hysterical that it’s insanity, speaks for itself.

(Hat Tip: Emperor)


Carl Rove

In LudwigVanQuixote’s latest comic routine, he refers to a Carl Rove.

There’s a Karl Rove at Fox News, but no Carl Rove. I did a Google search and found no prominent American political figure named Carl Rove. Who is this man Ludwig is talking about?

(Hat Tip: Gary Cooper)

More Stand Up Comedy by Ludwig

Our old pal LudwigVanQuixote is back! He does a comedy routine where he compares Conservatives to Nazis.

This had me rolling on the floor. The mad professor will lead the resistance to the evil Conservatives from his bunker in upstate New York! Together him and Charles have both coasts covered!

After recovering from my laugh, Ludwig serves up another joke.

Bravo Ludwig, great joke!

Crazy people need to be laughed at. Ludwig is not a serious character and we should just sit back and laugh!


Gary Cooper made a great observation. Ludwig rants about a Carl Rove. There is no major figure in politics by that name.

The time when such questions would have been appropriate – or capable of doing anything were the days before Carl Rove and Fox News.

Who is Carl Rove?

(Update Hat Tip: Gary Cooper)

Dark Falcon not an Obama fan

Dark Falcon is the resident crypto-conservative whipping boy at the LGF cult. He has become the straw man who Chuck an his minions use to prove they allow conservative views. Dark Falcon has thrown many on the Right, under the bus to win acceptance. The resident self-described Mountain Lion made a statement that will mark him as a target. He admitted being no fan of Obama!

The  Chihuahua has committed the biggest sin in the cult of Chuck, he said he don’t like Obama. This is a non no, since Charles has demanded an oath of loyalty towards the President a requirement at LGF. Gus tries to subliminally warn the barking small dog, that dislike of Obama is unacceptable at LGF.

Realizing he might be in trouble with the cult of Chuck, the cowardly Chihuahua clarifies that Obama isn’t the reason he’s not  watching the Oscars.

You better watch out Dark Falcon. You are allowed on LGF becasue you are their straw man. The day will come that licking Chuck’s boots will not be enough. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Generic Open Thread Is Generic

In order to remedy the pressure from the boiler downstairs, here’s a relief valve. Purge away, me bloogs. Purge away.

The Power of the Pathetically Penitent

First, I thought I’d revisit the highlight of the week:

In light of this recent banishment/reinstatement/”so there!” episode of legend, the Boiler Room crew decided that it was worth taking The World’s Greatest Blog Search Engine™ out again and see if we can get a handle on just how many out of the thousands of banned lizards over the last decade have actually earned a second chance after sending some grovelingly apologetic email to the Grand Lizardoid.

Before we get to that, however, congrats to the minority who called it for the hockey fan (for the record, I guessed right; it’s why its first when I made the poll, I suppose):

OK, so how many others have earned a ticket back in?

Now, assuming that CJ takes the time to mention it most every time it happens (we get the feeling that CJ likes to report when someone has kissed his butt in some manner or another, and make the point that he can be compassionate), and after redlining the Engine with several search parameters, we’ve discovered that the answer is…not many.  This is an elite club.

Here they are (and as a bonus, we’re including the ones where “whining” does the trick), displayed rather randomly:

There ya go, lizards.  When you finally get sport-banned for something completely innocuous and silly, you can always try sucking up and begging for forgiveness.  It’s only e-dignity, after all.

And one last thing, as there would be no bookend better than this one:

Chuck thinks of Nazis when he eats

Online cult leader Charles “Icarus” Johnson has a huge Nazi obsession. Chuck describes eating Thai food and mentions Hitler!

So the Jazz Man thinks of Hitler while he eats? This is clearly a sick obsession on his part. He really thinks he’s back in the 1930’s combating the rise of Nazism. Charles probably grew up watching WWII movies.  This is probably his way of  living out a childhood fantasy.

Nazis are on his mind all day!

The Friday Night Chuck: Afro Cuban Edition

This is an appreciation thread for the readers of the Diary of Daedalus! There is only so much a person can deal with posting on the lies of online cultist, Charles “Icarus” Johnson. I wonder how it would sound seeing Chuck play Faro Cuban Jazz?

Thankfully, we are spared that fate.

I don’t think he would make it!

Charles Johnson the 2005 Model is sighted

A blast from the past was seen last night on the once great but now just a cult blog known as LGF. There was a sighting of the 2005 model year of Charles “Icarus” Johnson.

Wow, it was great seeing the 2005 Charles “Icarus” Johnson. Mark this post down because I don’t think we will have this sighting for a while!

The 2005 Charles was actually worth some money. The 2011 model is worth $64 dollars a day! Newer isn’t always better.

Chuck reviews movies

Charles  was a Jazz guitarist, then a programmer, then a blogger, than a science expert, then a political analyst and lately a conspiracy theorist. After having failed at all these tasks, he now has decided to review movies!

Maybe Charles has found his new calling!

Chuck is a jerk of all trades and a master of none!