Does @Lizardoid Know His Tweets Are Featured At HuffPo?

There’s something weird going on in the Lizardoid Twitterverse lately, as The Boiler Room has noticed that the “followers” have been increasing at a faster-than-usual rate. We had engineer No. 3 take a closer look, and sure enough, CJ is almost keeping pace with the Shrieking Harpy and R.S. McCain:

And look, he’s almost catching up to Patterico!

And then we saw this sitting in the “chest beat” file, 3 days ago:

That is quite a jump to suddenly go from 1400ish to 1600ish within a few weeks, considering that the account was opened almost 2 years ago. What happened?

Well, we couldn’t find any mention of it in the LGF comments section, but our favorite anonymous DoD commenter brought to our attention that the Lizardoid is having his tweets featured at The Huffington Post!

They show up in that neat scroll bar at the top, and have their own comment section and everything.  I even spotted one of his #nowplaying tweets on there (and as you can see, he must have blocked a few followers; he’s below 1600).

Congrats CJ!

But, naturally we wonder if he is even aware of this, ’cause The World’s Greatest Blog Search Engine™ couldn’t find where Charles had announced anything or otherwise mentioned it.  On Google, I had a real hard time finding any of these that were older than a few weeks ago, so the consensus is that it has to be a fairly recent development.  But why haven’t we heard about it?  Wouldn’t ya think that, if he’s gonna brag about the twitter followers,  he’d mention this cool new gig at HuffPo?

I mean, us LGF old timers remember him talkin’ about that site all the time.

Well…Okay.  But at least they’re not like a hate site or anything, right?

Oh, forty three forceful updings for that one….absolutely a hate site.


Um, CJ?…about those Twitter followers….

(Hat tip: The Boiler Room, blogwarriorx)

Chuck’s bad prediction

Chuck claims he’s a great political analysis in touch with the public opinion. In December of 2009, he made a prediction about the 2010 midterms. As we see thanks to the efforts of the Boiler Room Crew, it didn’t turn out the way he predicted.

The Result of the November 2nd 2010 midterms a disaster for the Democrats. They lost 6 Senators, 63 House seats, 6 Governorships and scores of state legislator seats. Clearly Charles didn’t admit he was wrong on his prediction. He was silent about the fact he was wrong.

Chuck is no political analyst nor a Nostradamus.  I’ll give him credit about one thing, he didn’t delete this comment!

(Hat Tip: The Boiler Room Crew)

Update: Here is another one of Chuck’s analysis that that is way off.

Chuck clearly doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

(Hat Tip: blogwarriorx)

Update II: On the same thread as Chuck’s bad prediction, another wise and insightful person analyzes.

This was one of Iceweasel’s victims.

This is what all the cool kids will be wearing this summer.

A commenter on an earlier thread opined about a Diary of Daedelus Store. Everyone who opines here gets our attention, and his/her opinion is no different. So let’s look at our options.  Please review these, vote for your favorites, and keep in mind that the winner(s) will likely appear on the apparel.  That means t-shirts and sweatshirts to you 1.0 lurkers.

(Click on any image to see it get really really big fast.)

Vote for your two favorites, and if your nic is Reggie, click on “Other” as many times as you want.  The final design will include “” at the bottom, presented in a very tasteful and unobtrusive manner.

[Update: This Poll will be open for one week. The DoD Apparel Shop is being set up pending results from the Poll. Anyone choosing “Other” in the Poll is axed to leave a message describing “Other,” and we may or may not have a runoff poll.

Please vote based upon what you yourself would actually purchase, whether it’s a coffee mug or cool clothing, and not solely upon your favorite images. –Briareus]