CJ’s Moment To Own Up

Two days ago, we published the Boiler Room fact-check on the “errors” in LGF’s PageView counter system. Since then, we’ve been linked to by a few other blogs, but so far the Grand Lizardoid has been eerily silent on the issue. How come?

Well, our friends on the inside discovered that Charles did in fact address it, but like the totally honest and straightforward dude we’ve come to know and mock, did so from the (presumed) safety of an unannounced [private] thread:

“Faked”? Yes, somehow, I was able to get that counter to jump up 13 spots in less than 40 sec. on an ad-infested LGF, by loading it from another browser, while talking and scrolling and clicking on the visible link at the same time.  I have toes, after all.  But which lizard should try it per CJ’s request?   Well, our old friend Gus 802 stepped up to the plate:

Gus even tweeted it!  And by the looks of it, he was angry:

Am I busted? Could a “used car salesman” have possibly pulled off such an elaborate hoax?

Well, the next day, CJ quietly went back to the private thread, and left this:

Aw shucks!  Soo…no fabrications.  No fraud.  No bullshit. …No faked video.  I guess they’ll have to wait a while longer to catch us makin’ something up  (like that line about I.E. usage, ’cause I’m curious what “almost nothing” means).

Anyway…there.  We owned up on CJ’s behalf.  Lizards, you’re welcome.

Oh, and lizards, one more thing; when we start pointing out that there may be other, um, “bugs”, try to be cool about it, OK?  You don’t want to make these smackdowns too easy for us, right?

Update:  I have acquired the screencap of the comment that CJ was responding to, from Claire:

Update: Kudos to Claire, BTW, ’cause the timestamp revealed that it wasn’t until the next day that someone decided to fact check and honestly report that CJ was mistaken.

Also, I’ve decided to include my 2nd video again, because I feel it better demonstrates how silly the notion is that I “faked” anything in the first place, and because it wasn’t added until later and I don’t know if everyone caught it:

Ludwig goes on the record

LGF comedian serves up another humorous delivery!

Ludwig deserves his own stand up comedy show in Comedy Central . LGF is not a big enough venue for his comedic skills!

(Hat Tip: Charles wants a new gig)

Ludwig’s unique humor

LudwigVanQuixote makes some very funny comments and is just a riot. Our favorite LGF poster  and gets the crowd laughing with his comments.

Ludwig really knows how to entertain the crowd. His hysterical over the top rhetoric is some of the funniest I have ever seen! He clearly must be a stand up comedian in real life, since he is a natural talent online!

Ludwig, we missed you and I am glad you are back in form!

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