When Did Gateway Pundit Morph Into Jim “Dim” Hoft?

I’m not sure if all of our lizard lurkers are aware, but you’ll actually find quite a few of those in the LGF archives.  In fact, The Boiler Room crew found at least thirteen of them*, along with many articles that credit contributions by Gateway Pundit.  For an example of the latter, this one is a “scoop”:

And, because we can, here are the urls for the “hat tips” (yes, these span years):


Fast forward to today, and you see this same person referred to on LGF as Jim “Dim” Hoft, and characterized as a complete idiot (or specifically, “may be the single dumbest and least scrupulous blogger on the right”).  So what happened?

Well, just recently, a lizard asked about him, and CJ had this to say:


It’s becoming more and more obvious that, whatever CJ says, one shouldn’t assume that it’s the whole truth (or even part truth). And again in this case, something doesn’t quite add up. But that’s why we’re here, right?

So, we grabbed the keys to The World’s Greatest Blog Search Engine™, started ‘er up, and we found a few comments that were posted just a few months after Gateway’s last hat tip:

Lizard symphony of sycophants sez: YAY JIM!

But just an hour later:

Uh oh.  What is the onomatope for that sound that the Transformers make?

Or, perhaps this would be more fitting:

*compare to some long-time lizard, say Kragar, who has seven (and not one since 2005)

Chuck’s hypocrisy

The Jazz Man attacks Glenn beck for supposedly inciting violence against Totalitarian Progressive  Frances Piven.

Chuck loves to call out his opponents for supposedly making death threats. Meanwhile on his own blog, resident delusional fool Reginald Perrine issued a death threat towards yours truly.

Chuck claims that us “stalkers” have made death threats to his life, without presenting any proof. Meanwhile, one of his readers issues a death threat and he is OK with the comment. Just another case of Chuck’s hypocrisy.

As we know Reggie is a delusional fool who couldn’t take out a fly with a swat. I just laugh at this threat, since I know it’s BS!

Update: Chuck once again complains of threats to him.

Chuck, you’re OK with death threats toward people you don’t like. Don’t whine when the shoe is on the other foot.

Reggie’s delusion

Resident LGF loser Reginald Perrin is really delusional. He claims that he has the enemies of Chuck boxed into a corner!

Reggie has yet to explain how catching Chuck in lies and his hypocrisy is a trap. Then again, he’s a delusional fool who lives in a  fantasy world.

What a weirdo!