A Year Ago…

We’re a couple days late on the anniversary, but I thought that it might be worth a thread, and allow some of our visitors to comment on their favorite excerpts from Jonathan Dee’s great article: Right-Wing Flame War!

My favorite?

He has banned readers because he has seen them commenting on other sites of which he does not approve. He is, as he reminds them, always watching. L.G.F. still has more than 34,000 registered users, but the comment threads are dominated by the same two dozen or so names. And a handful of those have been empowered by Johnson sub rosa to watch as well — to delete critical comments and, if necessary, to recommend the offenders for banishment. It is a cult of personality — not that there’s any compelling reason, really, that it or any blog should be presumed to be anything else.

I remember the dispute over the “two dozen or so names” bit. As we’ve shown, that situation has only gotten worse:

Overall, there isn’t a lot that got missed (Dee even mentioned “St. Pancake”), but there have been some notable changes to the site since that article was posted (like Sharmuta’s disappearance at the sight of it), so have at it.

…That’s What We Thought

Aw c’mon! We could hardly wait for the story about how his smug, “simple fact”  insistence that he never said and didn’t approve of the term was just an honest mistake, and that he didn’t remember saying it, didn’t remember deleting it, and didn’t remember the subsequent YEARS of other lizards taking his official christening and using it in hundreds of comments without any hint of disapproval from him.

That would’ve been a good one!

We’ll hold on to the hope, though.  In the meantime, well, I know it’s not a pancake, but in this situation I think a waffle is just as appropriate.

Oh, wait’s over, I guess. The explanation was already made in that thread, but CJ made it official by tweeting it later:

OK this is funny.  Let’s do some more fact checking, eh?

Point 1-  CJ says he has a timestamp of the deletion (?), but won’t reveal how long it was really there.  Now, based on visible timestamps, we know that it was there at least long enough to be quoted in the thread (4 min).  We also know that there were 118 comments in that thread, that the last of which showed up 4 days later, and none mentioned a missing comment or any expression of regret from Johnson.  Alternatively, there were comments in that thread that support our thesis that this is when “St. Pancake” was christened, and became the official nickname for Corrie on LGF:


Therefore, I don’t know if any reasonable person would characterize CJ’s comment as “insignificant”, given the facts about the term’s long history on the site.

In fact, The World’s Greatest Blog Search Engine™ could find no evidence of Charles’ regret for using the term, or mentioning of the comment’s deletion.  All we know is that it was stealthily [deleted] at some point, and that signs of disapproval of the nickname’s use didn’t appear until about 7 years later (2010).

Point 2-  While it is understandable that no one would remember the content of every comment that they ever posted, it would also follow that one wouldn’t remember that they didn’t say something, right?   So, why would an honest person unequivocally (and repeatedly) deny saying something?  Answer:  They didn’t say it, and knew for a fact that they didn’t.  And a dishonest person?  Answer: they did, and (thought they had) erased it.

Bottom line: If one actually didn’t remember saying something specific like that, as CJ now claims, we’d expect the comment to still be there, and/or we would have seen “I don’t remember saying that”  instead of the repeated and matter-of-fact denials (and on the issue of memory, the distinction should be made between the tens of thousands of Charles’ comments that stand, and the handful that were deemed worthy of deletion; people usually remember things they regret doing).

Point 3-  The World’s Greatest Blog Search Engine™ could find no evidence of anyone actually being banned for “constantly” using the term “St. Pancake”.  There’s a lot of comments to sift through, so it still might have happened, but we pointed out more than a few of today’s regulars who had used the term repeatedly (and some quite vivaciously) over the years, and are still in good standing.

Point 4- Waste of time?  Heh. Keep digging CJ.  This is fun.  But are you sure you really want to keep going with this in front of your old-timers, especially the ones who’ve said it?