St. Pancakes taste great

In honor of Chuck admitting he used the term St. Pancakes!

Chuck you finally were honest! You loved that St. Pancakes before your conversion to the Left! We are happy to have made you speak the truth!

(Hat Tip: BuddyG)

Free Comment 218822!

Having recently discovered what should go down as the most notorious [deleted] comment in LGF history, we shall begin our campaign to liberate this pithy wonder from the bowels of the memory hole, and petition CJ to release it for all time (in the name of “integrity“).  For the record, here is its address:

Or, for a link that works just as well, but because of CJ’s coding wizardry is so much more fun in the browser:

After all, like a big scratch on a classic automobile, this gaping hole mars what would otherwise be a pristine and perfectly readable thread, and hides the beginning of an era.

And to help the cause, we have shamelessly outsourced for a few modest promotional items:

(Note: we may or may not get a small commission from the “Free 218822” program for everything you buy, if you follow one of our links.)

Free 218822!!!