Chuck accuses Beck of anti-Semitism

The Jazz Man is really off his rocker. He links to a post of leftist smear merchant Jeffrey Goldberg who claims Glenn beck is anti-Semitic.

Chuck no longer does any posts on Israel, while Beck has constantly come out in support of that nation. He has the audacity to link to Jeffery Goldberg who writes for a magazine that a raving anti-Semite writing for them. Why doesn’t Jeff take on Andrew Sullivan and others on the Left that hate Israel? It’s because he is a smear merchant and because of his Jewish ethnicity, he can be used as a cover for the Left’s Israel hatred. Goldberg also is implying because some of Beck’s Leftists targets are Jews, that he can’t after them. This is intellectually dishonest. That’s why Chuck likes Goldberg.

Chuck, give it up. No matter what you and that phony Goldberg do, Beck will not be smeared as an anti-Semite.

Chuck shows his racist colors in Rand Paul attack

Chuck loves to attack the Paul family. He has concocted a conspiracy that Ron Paul is behind some global plot to takeover the world. His paranoia extends towards his son,  Senator (R-KY) Rand Paul. Recently Rand announced he would submit his own budget. Chuck lets his racist feelings slip out in his attack on the senator.

 So in Chuck’s world, minorities need help from the government! This is a racist idea as it implies so-called non whites can’t make it without government assistance. Charles really has taken his radical Darwinist ideology to a new level. He is clearly a social Darwinist and believes only whites can make it without assistance.

No wonder he accuses every one of racism! He’s projecting his racial attitude unto others. He’s a disgusting human being and one with no moral leg to stand on.

Overnight Pop-Up

Well, I was hit with another one, so I figured I should start a collection.

I wonder how many there are?