Charles Explains The Memory Hole

Today, Andrew Breitbart retweeted our LGF Memory Hole Mosaic, which pretty much forced CJ to say something about it:

I had to laugh too, ’cause this is coming from the guy who makes a bigger deal over other sites’ pages disappearing into the memory hole than any other blogger, and who has labeled folks a “craven coward” for blocking the Wayback Machine and Google cache. In other words, this isn’t about the % of total threads or anything like that; we’re simply calling him out for being a complete hypocrite (since none of the active lizards are brave enough to do it).

Anyway, is it 47? I don’t know; I’ve never sat down and counted. But however many that we have on that page, it only represents the deleted threads/pages that we’ve been able to recover. That, of course, is an important distinction. We know there are many more missing, but we can’t exactly prove it (with screencaps), because… CJ has blocked the Wayback Machine and Google cache. Funny how that works.