LGF Pages = Seekrit Threads?

OK, I’ve noticed that it has been this way for a while, but I thought I’d make sure that it wasn’t just me. So, I’m going to ask you guys/gals to help me out here.

To my knowledge, no announcement has been made, but it appears that the current visibility status of LGF (something that has changed periodically, presumably on CJ’s whim) is as follows:

  1. Front page thread comments pre-2009 (?) are not visible to unregistered readers
  2. LGF Pages’ comments are not visible to unregistered readers

To make sure that I’m not the only one affected, please follow this redirect to Ludwig’s famous “slut shaming” page and tell me if you see comments (there should be quite a few of them)*:

Some thoughts on misogyny, ‘Slut Shaming’ and the women on Fox News

Assuming it’s not just me, I’m going to go ahead and guess that 1 is by design (done out of cowardice and fear of us), but 2 is a glitch that CJ isn’t aware of.  After all, you’d think that the Grand Lizardoid would have told the minions that all these LGF Pages that they pour their hearts into are all really seekrit threads?   Otherwise, that would seem strange.

Again, if I’m wrong on this, please say so in the comments here.  CJ has been known to get clever with his IP blocking and react quickly to what gets posted here.  If it really is by design and is going to stay that way, well, I suppose we should all give them a round of applause and congratulate them on their new hall of echo chambers (literally).

*With Ludwig’s return, I just couldn’t pass up the chance to post that up again.

Update: We have received confirmation that the comments have been turned back on!

Perhaps CJ didn’t like the fact that I put that poll up there, or maybe he really just likes us….way deep down. I dunno. But it’s funny.

Update: Off again! LOL