LGF Karma Hall of Fame: “Palandine”

I probably should have posted this in the first part of the series, but hopefully it isn’t too late to add a little background…

That was something that I posted back when the comment ratings system was in its infancy, at a time when the whole idea was relatively controversial amongst the lizards.  Over three years later, I have to say that my thoughts were fairly prescient.   After all, the system certainly has created plenty of entertainment and drama, and even though there really hasn’t been any tangible use for the accumulated karma itself (that I’ve seen), we’ve witnessed lizards using the “dings” in cliques,  to deliver ultimatums to each other, and even as a sole reason for giving more updings.   We’ve seen long-time lizards banned because of it, as some form of negative reinforcement for the rest of the hive.  Come to think of it, I think the sociologists would scratch their heads, and the lab rats would snicker (’cause they can actually use the food pellets at the end of the maze).

Anyway, I’m glad CJ stuck with it, because even if I’m no longer a participating member, I can still use the results to make our points and have a good laugh.  So, moving forward with the series, featuring comments ranked higher than CJ’s all-time high of 69

Electrocution Warning to Lizard Lurkers: The karma you are about to see is at a level that is well beyond your wildest upding fantasies (given the haggard state of LGF), so try not to get any drool or spooge on your laptop, OK? Diary of Daedalus is NOT RESPONSIBLE for any injuries which may result (directly or indirectly) from viewing the following karma score.

Today’s feature is another one from early 2009, from “Palandine”:

From the thread: littlegreenfootballs.com/article/33113_Obama_Insults_Disabled_People

Status of Lizard: Blocked

All-time karma placement: 7th

From the Memory Hole

Chen looked like he was having so much fun going down into the boiler room that I decided to do some dumpster diving on my own. Guess what Clueless McDumdum – you were accusing Obama of being an anti Semite not so long ago.

Obama Campaign Throws Antisemitic Blog Down the Memory Hole

Charles Johnson
Sun Jun 8, 2008 at 12:34 pm PDT • Views: 300

After it was exposed, the Obama campaign has now pulled down that shockingly antisemitic blog post that was on their site for more than two months.

And guess what? They’re also now blocking Google’s cache from saving their pages. And they’ve also removed their pages from the Internet Archive and the Coral archives.

They’re running scared, and they’re trying to make sure that when they throw a post down the memory hole, it stays there.

But they still have an awful lot of cleaning up to do.

UPDATE at 6/8/08 12:47:55 pm:

Here’s how you can explicitly request that Google remove cached pages: Clear Google Web Cache.

via WeaselZippers – if you want to play the guilt  by association McDumdum what do you think of this Daily Kos thread?

Update: Is this his Daily Kos page? Markos (who has blamed the shooting on Palin) flushed it down the memory hole.