Alouette makes Windsagio hate Jews

Besides people on LGF openly taking the Shahada, this shows you how low that blog has fallen.

Wow so one commentator on LGF makes you hate Jews? I highly doubt this since you are an Islamic supporting Leftists.

Any day now Chuck will have a Why I break with Israel post.

(Hat Tip: Metatron)

Chuck’s break with Israel becomes more clear

We have been counting down the time Chuck would break with Israel. Many pro-Israel bloggers didn’t break with him because although he’s a Leftists, they excused him on this for his support of Israel. What these fools didn’t realize was that Chuck was looking for a pretext to break with Israel, like he did the right. I theorize the break would come when supporters of Israel openly align themselves with the EDL or Vlaams Belang, 2 organization that are Pro-Israel but have been smeared as Nazis. Well Isreally Cool aka Aussie dave has discovered that Chuck was looking for an excuse to turn.

Aussie dave has learned the hard way that Chuck will turn on anyone. He saw for the last 2 years, The Jazz man turn on any Conservative cause. He was warned but defended Chuck on the grounds that he supports Israel. Well  it is becoming clear, that Charles is breaking with Israel and has his pretext. The fact that the EDL is Pro-Israel and that Zionists are now reaching out them, will be the reason Chuck does his why I broke with Israel post. It’s coming and we all knew this would happen.

Just Kidding! (or not)

While we wait for all the votes to come in for the DoD awards, I thought I’d post up a thread to hold us over with a few chuckles.

Ya see, sometimes those of us here in The Boiler Room stumble upon the strangest things:

Phew!  It looks like 4k78 didn’t have anything to worry about; CJ just kids around with that “get off my website” stuff, right?


(see our new DoD page “Get off my website!” for more classics)