2010 DoD Awards Nominations: Greatest Display of LGF Idiotarianismishness

This will arguably be our most important category, so I’m going to let the nomination process for this one play out for at least a couple of days, in the name of being fair, balanced and thorough.

Now, we know that there are certain posters at the swamp who are known for their idiocy, but that’s not what this award is about.  For this one, I’m asking everyone to cast aside any prejudices and decide the best single example (based on a link, screencap, image, etc., and perhaps a brief background description of the event, if needed).   We’ll try to show each lizard’s best play in this highlight reel (so to speak).

But what should this award be called?  Well, that’s the best part!   To add another element of drama, I’ve decided to name the award after the winner!

Okay DoDers, I may need some help with this one, so while I assemble the engineers in the Boiler Room, please add whatever you can to the comment section, and I’ll update the thread we firm up the nominations.

Dark_Falcon, for one of many examples of working “lizards” and “trolls” into fanciful Dungeons & Dragons scenarios

LudwigVanQuixote calls the women of Fox News “gutter sluts”, for using the power of their boobies to promote their evil propaganda.

b_sharp one-ups Ludwig, warning readers not to picture the sticking of “Malkin’s balls into Limbaugh’s mouth”

SpaceJesus hopes that Utah secedes, ’cause he thinks it’d be “fun” to put down a rebellion

Jamesfirecat, at the Stewart/Colbert rally (?), borrowed dad’s printer to represent LGF with a, um, “sign”.

Killgore Trout, out of food stamps and obviously starving, dines on the slug’s leftover kale.

SanFranciscoZionist, issuing her stern opposition to the use of “dhimmitude” as a real word, unwittingly insulting CJ (who arguably did more to popularize its use more than anyone).

Charles, for seeing neo-Nazi symbols in the Tennessee state flag.

Gus 802, chiding DoD for posting on Christmas eve and Christmas day, after posting 31 comments and an LGF Page over the same time span

2010 DoD Awards Voting: The Buzzsaw

The DoD award for the best flounce of the year will be called The Buzzsaw, in honor of the netizen whose departure was so earth-shattering that it resulted in the annihilation of over 45,000 comments (that, and it is symbolic of a “cutting off”).

The nominees for 2010 have been chosen, and there are so many good ones, I’ve decided to include them all in the vote.  Here they are again, with their relevant links:

Spare O’Lake
Barrett Brown
Cato the Elder
Food Lion
Bob in Breckenridge (as John in AZ)

Note:  This poll software is a 3rd party thing, so there is no way for the admin at DoD to determine who voted for who.  This also means that our LGF lurkers have nothing to fear if they want to participate in the voting themselves.  The poll is set to block repeat votes by cookie (no multiple choice, but technically multiple votes are possible), and to show the percentages (as opposed to total votes).  Voting will remain open for 24 hrs.