Chuck continues his Pam Geller obsession

Chuck has another Pam hating thread. He continues to do what he accuses others of doing to him, criticising every move he makes. Someone finally called him out on it and he responds.

Chuck, Pam rejected you just get over it and move on.

2010 DoD Awards Voting: The Irish Rose

The DoD award for most obnoxious sycophant will henceforth be referred to as the Irish Rose (for obvious reasons), and after a round of nominations, I think we’re ready to vote on it.

For your selection, consider the the activity of these lizards both on and off LGF itself, as fawning praise and hard work done to please the Grand Lizardoid can extend beyond the walls of the cult and reach to other sites (and even public displays).  Their actions did not go unnoticed.

Note:  This poll software is a 3rd party thing, so there is no way for the admin at DoD to determine who voted for who.  This also means that our LGF lurkers have nothing to fear if they want to participate in the voting themselves.  The poll is set to block repeat votes by cookie (no multiple choice, but technically multiple votes are possible), and to show the percentages (as opposed to total votes).  Voting will remain open for 24 hrs.