2010 DoD Award Nominations: LGF’s Most Obnoxious Sycophant

We’ll begin the rounds of nominations for this easier category here in this thread, and add/delete nics off the list after discussion. This is a good category to start with, as many have jostled for the top spot over the past year:

  • Alouette
  • HoosierHoops
  • jamesfirecat
  • SanFranciscoZionist
  • Slumbering Behemoth
  • Windsagio
  • reine.de.tout
  • Obdicut
  • Gus 802
  • LudwigVanQuixote
  • Dark Falcon
  • Dragonfire1981 (see: Vomit Alert!)

Feel free to add any other nominees you feel are worthy in the comment section, along with rationale if you can provide it.  Also, I still haven’t come up with a clever name for the award.

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2010 DoD Awards Open

I thought it might be fun to finally use the poll feature for the blog, and have some year-end DoD “awards” (mocking the Fiskie and Fallaci, since I haven’t seen them around) for 2010.

What do you guys think? We could have categories for best regular lizard (most intelligent, honest, debate-worthy, etc.), and worst (idiotic, dishonest, pathetic, sycophantic, etc.). We could also have a category for best and worst thread and LGF page. Stuff like that. We also might want to come up with some clever names for these, and probably funny little icons.

So, I leave this here as an open thread for brainstorming, or if you just want to chime in and say that you think it’s a stupid idea altogether.

Uh Oh

Gus 802 goes on to say that he’d support a “truce”, and Dark Falcon “bears them no ill will”.

Um, guys? Gal? You might want to pay attention, and actually read and comprehend what we post over here.  For once.  ‘Cause when we warn people about CJ, we’re including you.  That’s right, you.  After all, I just posted this like, a week ago:

Never mind the fact that CC’s blogroll is a veritable who’s-who list of Those Who Are Henceforth Deemed Crazy by the Grand Lizardoid.

Truce?   Look, I know the OR reference is a year old and all that, but c’mon.   In the world of LGF, many lizards have gone from friendly to “creep” (CJ’s favorite catch all pejorative), but never the other way around.   So, be careful.  I don’t want to dig you three out of the memory hole.   Like Ludwig, we prefer to see you guys healthy.