Stalkers in Chuck’s head

Chuck suffered a DDOS attack today. This is not the only thing on his mind. As always, the Stalkers are never far from his thoughts.

Chuck, we are in your head!

Chuck under attack

The Jazz Man feels likes play the victim card. He likes to portray himself as some heroic crusader taking on the forces of evil. He has recently inserted himself into the wikileaks story to gain relevancy. The only thing he has gained is a DDOS attack! As usually he plays victim and gets sympathy from his cultists.

This is what happens Chuck when you step out of your league. Don’t play victim, you inserted yourself into this.

LGF Has a New Weatherman

I don’t know if an interview was required, but PhillyPretzel appears to have taken over the position:

Be careful out there, Philly.  Those of us who have been around awhile remember what happened to the old weatherman, and it wasn’t a pretty sight.