The doors been open. A lot. So something came crawling in, that caught Chuck’s eye.

And possibly a setup. As we will see, that was what Chuck was really worried about.

Well, Hatchling blows a sweet something into Chuck’s ear, and he decides to chance it.

So the thing about being offensive wasn’t the real concern. Anyhoo, one of his MENSAs comes up with this non-sequitur:

Well, maybe it has something to do with the fact that “kafir” (and various other spellings) is an Arabic word, that the Muslims use to describe an inferior socio-legal status, genius?

I mean, this is really rich. A Moosy complaining about a kafir calling himself kafir is like a klansman complaining about some black guy calling himself “n—–“. I mean, three metric shitloads of WTF. So, Chuck chips in with this:

It’s all about you and the stalkers, innit, Chuck, you narcissistic moron.

So anyway, all the way down at comment 250, Hatchling decides to come out to play:

Well, gosh. There’s the darlin’. So if somebody shows up with the nic “anti-muslim”, you’re gonna let him play, right? Right, Chuck? Chuck? LET LUDWIG GO, you tyrant!!!

H/T Bagua

Stuff CJ Forgot to Delete: “Zuniga Hides the Evidence”

From an anonymous DoD reader comes an early xmas present, dropped into our comment section:


You’d think that would have been the final word on that.  I mean, blocking the Wayback Machine and Google cache can’t be described as a liberal or conservative thing, right?  This would be one of those core principles a blogger possesses, one that a person can’t be duped into by way of right-wing propaganda, or by the charms of a Shrieking Harpy or Jim “Dim” Hoft.  You’re either a “craven coward”, or you stick to your anti-revisionist guns.


And the Google cache? Yep, you guessed it (I’d link, but you’d just be redirected).

But HOLD ON!  Charles did update that thread shortly after it was posted:

Oh, so Kos didn’t send the comment into the memory hole?  

I don’t think I need to say it… 

BTW- Today, that Kos comment link works just fine for me, as does their access to the wayback machine and Google cache.

Email to Chuck Pt. II

It has been 13 days since LudwigVanQuixote was given a time out. Chuck has kept him on time out and has not admitted the obvious, he’s been banned. He is not man enough to admit that he once again used someone and discarded them. This is a man without honor or any shame.

Stop covering up to your readers the fact LudwigVanQuixote has been banned. You used him and when he was no longer useful, you banned him. Man up towards your readers and admit he was banned. The fact is anyone who clashes with Iceweasel or Killgore Trout, you ban them. Be honest and admit there’s a hierarchy at LGF the posters have to abide to.

You are a backstabber who uses people and gets rid of them. That is why you are a joke on the internet.

We at the Diary of Daedalus will take up the cause of Ludwig. His cause is now ours and you will regret the day you banned him. We will use him as example of your treachery and lies.

I am publishing this message so you can’t lie that I’m making a threat.

Ludwig’s cause is ours and we will intensify our war on LGF in his name! Long live the Ludwig Liberation Front!

If you are concern about Ludwig, here is sarah lover’s email:


This was his sock.