Tuesday Night Screencap

From the “how’s that working out?” file:

Yea, um…that’d be a FAIL.

Chuck supports genocide deniers

The Jazz Man always uses 6 degrees of separation. he accuses Pro-Israel or Rightwing Jews like Pam Geller of being Neo-Nazis. Well recently, the Southern Poverty Law Center recently whitewashed the Armenian genocide. This coming from an organization that supposedly goes after Nazis or racists. This denial of the Armenian genocide has exposed them as the Leftist Pro-Islamic shrills they are.

Since the SPLC denies the Armenian genocide and Chuck supports them, this leads to one conclusion. Charles Foster Johnson is an enabler of Armenian genocide deniers. Hows does it feel to have 6 degrees of separation done to you Chuck?

In Search of the elusive Quixote, Part III

Hope continues to fade for the endangered Quixote of Lud, with extreme cold weather from Great Britain to Australia, the beast may not be able to survive. There have been reports from the outer reaches of the internet however, of something resembling the Quixote here. Let me count the resemblences to the Quixote:

1. Batshit crazy – check.

2. Juvenile imagery – check.

3. Melodramatic narrative – check.

4. Comic book theme to remind him of his former idol, Chuck Johnson – check.

5. Delusional self-importance – check.

6. Vague, dillitante references to science – check.

Your Friendly Neighborhood Climate Heroes

Spider-Man made a big deal of protecting New York from the GreenGoblin. But let’s be honest: scrapping a lycra-clad gimp on a hover-board is about as gutsy as wiping a pube from the bath.

Before you leap to old Spidey’s defense, we reckon we’re free to say what we like about him. Because we’re fighting a far greater peril…

The Earth is under threat from evil forces – a deadly combination of short-term thinking and lazy habits, and an ignorance generated by twisted minds spreading doubt about the seriousness of climate science. Damn those evil-doers.

Why they should choose to do this to our one planet, god only knows. The rest of us just want it to go on, engaged in its mysterious, rhythmic flight through its little corner of the cosmos. Seen from out there, at a distance, this place must still seem such a gift.

Yet it’s being destroyed knowingly. These super-crimes are being perpetrated by the only species capable of examining life and reflecting on its wonders. Yes, the human race understands gravity, DNA and mathematics, and is taking a stab at black holes and the Big Bang – yet some of us are clearly just still dicks.

So that’s why the Global Warming Superheroes have decided to fightback. You could say we’re like the Incredible Hulk. Now there’s a hero we can relate to: a scientist turned green and angry by a near-fatal dose of gamma rays. We too have been exposed to near-fatal doses: doses of gas from idiots denying climate science. Now we can be green and angry too.

We are, however, more patient than our monosyllabic friend. We don’t throw cars around, and our suits are still intact. Luckily our nemeses’ arguments are as wobbly as a hover-board, and one hit with the simple truth is enough to knock them back to earth.

This blog will contain all the facts you need to convince yourself which side of the fight you’re on. Still, we’re happy to stand by Hulk’s timeless warning, which gains added bite when the future of an entire planet is at stake:

“Don’t make us angry. You wouldn’t like us when we’re angry…”

Check out the denier rating of James Dellingpole:

Bad Guy Scores:

Dickhead 10

Costume 4

Scientific Credibility 0

Power 3

I’m jealous. A perfect 10 in dickheadedness. I’ll have to try harder.

Could it be? Discuss.