Chuck it’s always Open

Chuck acts as if registration is a special occasion. As everyone knows, it’s now open 24/7. Yet the Jazz Man acts like registering at his dying blog is a special event.

Chuck, your registration is always open. Your just an object of mockery on the internet now.

In Search of the elusive Quixote, Part II

The last thread on Ludwig was almost like a wake. Most have given up all hope. Some wanted to leave messages on his inactive Digg page, but one suggested leaving messages on Miss S’s Digg page. Well, it doesn’t appear that any messages were left for Ludwig, but with 50 comments I thought the thread on hexavalent chromium was interesting, partially because it’s precisely the kind of Gaiasade that Ludwig would love the lead the charge with, but also because the comments weren’t exactly friendly.

I’m afraid that this is more evidence that Ludwig is on a safari in search of the Amazonian Polar Bear or the Arctic Giraffe or some other endangered species, because he wasn’t there defending her honor. 😥