Catholic Bashing at Chuck’s cult Blog

Chuck engages in catholic bashing and encourages his cult members to do the same. Many nasty things are said about the church there and he allows it.

This disgusting comment would not be allowed if it was Mecca he was calling to be liquidated. The Jazz Man is a Catholic and Christian hater hence his love for the Islamists.

Barret Brown discusses Chuck

Barret Brown who was  smeared by Killgore Trout as some foreign agent, addressees his banning from LGF and Ordinary Gentlemen. To make this clear, I don’t agree with Brown’s views. This is about once again Chuck betraying and smearing an ally.

(Hat Tip: Barret Brown)

CJ Dives Under the Hood of the Little Green Machine

It appears that our memory hole revelation, the presentation of old comment screencaps, and a couple of laughing and pointing threads have forced CJ to, um, reexamine some of the inner workings of the LGF blog engine.  As a result, the comments sections of all 37,000+ threads were completely inaccessible to the unregistered world for the better part of a day. 

Naturally, if asked, he’d claim that the blackout had nothing to do with us (he’s too invested in the “stalkers don’t matter” meme), but I don’t think even the most blindly loyal lizards can brush this off as mere coincidence.  Nevertheless, someone did ask, and here was CJ’s rather interesting response:

Never mind the fact that it was just a few years ago (sometime around mid-2007) that CJ overhauled the entire comment DB, back when there were already something like 5 million comments.  So, if we take what he’s saying here at face value, I guess in the very least he’s admitting that he did a pretty shitty job at it.  In any case, the subject was dropped pretty quickly.

Over here, we’ve learned not to automatically take pretty much anything that CJ says at face value, so we’re left to speculate that he’s desperately yanking wires and getting his hands dirty trying to figure out a way to stop us from embarrassing him further (i.e. the “small problem”).  Keep in mind that this isn’t because we’re trying to “hack” the site or anything nefarious and techy like that, but because we’re publicly humiliating CJ and the lizards with their own words.   Adding to the challenge is the fact that he’s got to feel compelled to do it in a way that gives the appearance that there isn’t anything funny going on.

Sooner or later (like as soon as they read this), however, the lizards are going to notice that this downtime didn’t result in anything that would resemble an easier to use system.   Just the opposite, in fact, since as I write this, LGF may be the only blog on the web where it is now impossible to link directly to individual reader comments at all.    Remember those urls?  Well, all of a sudden, they’re ALL dead (at least for unregistered users).  That means that the neat “recent comments”, “top 10 comments” etc. feature in the sidebar is effectively worthless to casual visitors.   And I hope that the lizards weren’t planning on posting anything especially insightful in there (like, say, a Nekama Troll Hammer or something), ’cause nobody will be able to link to it anywhere else for reference.  

Strange, eh?

If this issue really is by design, it reveals that we’ve made CJ so paranoid and insecure about his own comment section that he has essentially cut off any references to it to the rest of the world (along with the fact that the above statements are a complete joke, obviously).  If it isn’t (and the logged-in lizards can’t use the links either), then he’s basically rogered up his blog pretty good, and turned it into the site of 9 million busted links.  

Either way…pathetic.

Update: Sure enough, within hours of our post here (on the blog that is not read), the comment urls are live again.